The Unwanted Whales BIF list is posted here:

Unwanted Whales LIST


Please do not discuss which bottle(s) you have submitted or your personal rankings!


55 Responses to 1.0

  1. Soonami says:

    Interesting to see how many of some bottles were submitted, like 4 Brandy DL, 3 PVW Eclipse,

  2. ruizjoseph says:

    I asked this in the BA thread, but what is everyone insuring their packages for?

  3. Mages64 says:

    I’ll be sending to someone I’ve traded with in the past which is a few of you:) this beer does not have a cork:) and it is in the top 15 of the submitted/ranked beers:)

  4. Soonami says:

    Up to $100 is covered by FedEX and UPS, the extra you have to pay for (not sure how much extra). I would say it would be fair to put down how much it would cost to buy a replacement on the open market (eBay). If it gets lost or broken, find a glass vase on ebay for the same price as you insured and submit that listing in your insurance claim. I’m pretty sure this is insurance fraud, so I am not condoning it, but this is hypothetically what could be done.

  5. emelius says:

    I had one of the unmatched Brandy Dark Lords…it’s nigh on impossible to trade due to the existence of Brandy Vanilla…

  6. waltersrj says:

    I’m shipping across the US from my State!
    I’ve visited this state once at age 13.
    The bottle being sent is “smaller format.”
    I have as many likes as this person has messages on BA Community.

    Can we start shipping btw Cam?

  7. ruizjoseph says:

    I’ll be shipping within my own state.

  8. waltersrj says:

    As requested by Cam…let’s try a trade from the “not so unwanted whales.”

    FT: Drie Fonteinen J&J Blauw or Cantillon 50n4e
    ISO: Wooden Hell


  9. brystmar says:

    Hint #1: I’m shipping to a southern state that my sister called home until last year.
    Hint #2: My target’s first name has fewer letters in it than mine.

  10. shufon says:

    I’m shipping to a city that would take 10 days and 20 hours to walk to (according to GoogleMaps) from New York.
    I turned 19 the year the bottle being sent was bottled.
    The receiver’s BA avatar seems “insane”.

  11. misterhops says:

    Im shipping to a state where i used to live, and to a BA who joined the site the same year i did. I also graduated from college the year this beer was brewed.

  12. beerness says:

    If you’re shipping to me, if it’s not too late, please wait til next Monday at the earliest, as I have an unexpected funeral to attend this Friday in Indiana.

    I’m gonna be sending out both my beers…..one going to someone who probably roots for a football team I hate, and probably hates a bball coach I also hate…..the other is going to a state that I’ve only shipped to once before ever, and is heading to someone who wasn’t on BA when the bottle they’re receiving was bottled

  13. Heyta says:

    One of the bottles I’m sending is 6 times as old as the other. One is going to someone I shipped to once — he’s getting the younger one. The older one is going to a BA I have seen trading lots of whaley things. I dropped an extra in both — because who the hell has a 1 bottle shipper?

  14. ruizjoseph says:

    Although I’ll be attending DLD I’m reconsidering an IP trade if possible. I’m not going to have a car and rolling coolers are out, so keeping the bottle in my backpack makes me a bit nervous. I’ve been known to take a tumble or two whilst under the influence. Plus whales, even unwanted ones, are heavy.

  15. Heyta says:

    Oh yeah, and both of my packages are shipping today. Should arrive in time for the weekend. Let’s get the whales moving!

  16. ruizjoseph says:

    My target’s box has landed. I hope he heads 270degrees towards an object used to store mechanical energy.

  17. Bobbydigi says:

    I’ll be shipping my box on Monday. It will be heading east to a state I’ve visited once.

  18. woosterbill says:

    My whale has begun its westward swim from the shores of Long Island Sound to those of a Great Lake that borders my home state.

    Apologies in advance to my target for the lack of extras, but as I actually did have a one-bottle shipper I figured it would be the best choice for contents of this magnitude.

    Cheers, and thanks to Cam for organizing such a great BIF!

  19. shufon says:

    Just dropped my whale off at FedEx. Tracking hasn’t updated yet but I’m assuming it will land early next week. Thanks for the great BIF Cam!

  20. callmemickey says:

    Was pleasantly surprised to receive a package here at work from (I believe) Heyta… Received a bottle of 2000 Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze, and since we are talkin aquatic creatures, a Cigar City Sea Bass was kindly thrown in as an extra.

    Many thanks!

    My box is going out Monday to a neighbouring state and includes a beer aged in barrels 🙂

  21. Ryan Walters says:

    Are you giving recipients a tracking # once you receive it from the shipper so that we know when it arrives? Looking forward to mine! MY whale starts swimming due east on Monday. For another hint: My whale will be swimming from the Seattle Pier down the coast, through the Panama Canal (yes they let whales through), and up the east coast to a State where one of the greatest baseball players of all time hit his first of many homeruns!

  22. Gonzoillini says:

    So I am the first recipient of an unwanted whale it appears.

    Ruizjoseph sent me a 2006 Abyss + an Old Hickory Stout as an extra. Looking forward to putting together a full Abyss vertical (including Abyssident) in the near future with my local tasting group.

    Thanks for the great beers in a bomb proof box Joe.

    I’ll have my whale box out early next week, waiting for a friend to grab some beers from MI that are on my targets wants to fill out his box. I might contact them to drop my part off in person as they live / work literally 4 minutes from my office downtown.

    Thanks to Joe for the great beer and to Cam for running a really fascinating BIF. Probably will not be in round 2, but looking forward to the rankings.


  23. jbeatty says:

    Dropped my package off, and it’s headed westwards on Monday! I wouldn’t be surprised if my recipient already knows what’s coming 🙂

  24. Vitese says:

    My box is heading 2,326 miles to the east to a state who’s 4 major sports teams had a .331 average winning percentage the year the beer I am shipping was bottled.

  25. Ryan Walters says:

    My whale is being dropped in the Pacific Ocean this evening to start his long migration to the East Coast. He should arrive by frday or saturday at his new residence along with a friend (so he won’t be lonely). The friend is a want of the receiving BA. Cheers!

  26. stawn says:

    UPS shows my target’s box was in Kansas yesterday. One state away from it’s destination. Should be arriving soon!

    • MizzouGuy says:

      It was in Kansas, on its way to Missouri and into my home. Awesome, AWESOME box. Looks like I moved up many spots, 10 plus spots (telling the number would take the mystery away)

      Anyways here is the Haul:
      Barrel Aged Ken Schmidt / Maui / Stone Kona Coffee Macadamia Coconut Porter (Target)
      Cuir 100% Bourbon Barrel Aged (AWESOME)
      Struise Cuvee Delphine (Want)

      Thanks so much!!!


  27. Amnesia87 says:

    Just dropped my box of a few minutes ago.

    It’s headed about a thousand miles East. Based on the other Hints and Hauls, I believe this person may have matched on both bottles (though that’s only a guess).

  28. fear025 says:

    I received my haul today from Misterhops!
    Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze 2004 (Whale)
    Marshal Zhukov’s (Want!)
    The Brew Kettle White Rajah IPA

    Thank you very much, especially for the extras! Marshal Zhukov’s is one of my favorite beers from Cigar City, I think it ages better and I generally enjoy it more than Hunahpu’s.

    Also, I’m looking forward to drinking that White Rajah IPA!

    I dropped off my target’s box over the weekend. It’s travelling west, and should arrive on Friday. 🙂

    Thanks again to Cam for running this thing!

  29. waltersrj (Ryan Walters) says:

    Lets get some more hints up! When is mine coming lol? I’m DYING to open it lol!
    For my target: Your box will arrive at your east coast house on Saturday! What a great way to kickstart the weekend!
    It’d take 1 day and 22 hours of straight driving from Seattle to your city!

  30. seeswo says:

    I was so hoping that mine was going to a DLD attendee, but no dice. Instead, mine is heading west as soon as I find a box to put it in, to a city that is just south of where I just attended an education conference, and has a substantially better beer scene than the city I was in, even though they are so close. Must be that border.

  31. jbeatty says:

    My package was set to land today, but alas there was a delivery exception :Customer not available or business closed. They’ll try again tomorrow, hopefully my recipient is around.

  32. Amnesia87 says:

    My package was apparently delivered today, but I haven’t seen any posts by my target.

  33. Nishino says:

    Received my well packaged beer today. 🙂
    2011 BCBS
    2011 Lolita
    All stuff I’ve really been wanting. Thank you!

  34. zestar says:

    My box should be landing tomorrow. It’s going to someone who appears to have been more than generous on his end.

  35. Bobby91w says:

    Got my package a couple days ago. Received a well packaged Black Note.

  36. stawn says:

    …and I just got served from an awesome BA in Ohio!
    Rare BCBS (target)
    Madam Rose
    Rivertown Lambic
    Thank you so much! And thanks to Cam for running this!

  37. jbeatty says:

    My box landed today from zestar- inside was Port Brewing Synergy (the whale) and an extra Speedway Stout, which is always great. I never would have thought to even seek this out had it not been for this BIF, and I’m totally psyched to try it out.

    Thanks zestar for the sweet brew and thanks Cam for putting this together!

  38. Beerness says:

    I sent out two boxes today, two different directions. I wanted to give hints related to NC State players that were drafted yesterday, but neither of your local teams drafted one….pfft…your loss. So instead I’ll keep the NFL draft theme, and relate it to draft picks by the Carolina Panthers. One box is heading to the city where my favorite pick came from, but I’m not sure what position he’ll play. The other box is heading to the state where Carolina’s BIGGEST draft pick came from.

  39. waltersrj (Ryan Walters) says:

    STRANDED WHALE!!! There is a whale (and a friend) waiting on the doorstep of a Raleigh, North Carolina home! Go immediately home and put one in your cellar and the other in your body! 🙂 Hope you like them!

  40. Beerness says:

    Thank you sir…can’t wait to try the Flaming Fury!

  41. seeswo says:

    My box was shipped out today and the incoming box arrived! Crianza and an 06 Oerbier Reserva! Thank you mystery shipper!

    • callmemickey says:

      That would be me … my name should have been on the shipping label somewhere (I think)!

      Hope you enjoy!

  42. beerness says:

    Alright….both my whales have landed….last week actually….heard from one guy….haven’t heard from another. So let me know if any whales have been sighted in Texas.

  43. beerness says:

    Shipping whales is stressful….would the Rate-beerian in Texas please confirm the arrival of the whale…hopefully with a picture. It’s been almost a week since delivery was confirmed by Fedex.

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