Top This BIF

Start Date: Current
Style: Traditional (with reverse)
The BIF will use a 3 bottle shipper and thus 3 bottles
The rules are simple… you must “top” each of the bottles in your box
There are three ways to top a bottle:
Send a bottle with a higher score on BA
Send a bottle with a lower bottle count
Send a bottle with a high “wants to gots” ratio

The goal is to use each rule for each of 1 of the 3 beers you receive

Heyta – First Haul – Second Haul
beerthursdays – First Haul – Second Haul
normyk – First Haul – Second Haul
oline73 – First Haul – Second Haul
dankbeer619 – First Haul – Second Haul
johnbjaeger – First Haul Second Haul
trodersark – First Haul – Second Haul
urbancaver –First Haul – Second Haul


88 Responses to Top This BIF

  1. Urbancaver says:

    I will be shipping this week to a state I’ve visited in the past 3 months

    Hint 2:
    The box will contain 2 large format bottles, 1 from a brewery in my state and a 2nd from a brewery I will almost certainly never visit.
    The third bottle is only 12 ounce but given its reputation and draw I hope my target will forgive me 😉

  2. BeerAdvocate says:

    Hint: I’ll be sending out things that top the beers I receive in some way, shape, or form.

  3. Heyta says:

    Alright, the first box has landed. Inside were the following tasty treats:

    BIF Beers:
    ’10 Arctic Devil – 4.35 – W:G 22.3 – #/?
    Bb Plead 5th (12oz) – 4.51 – W:G 10.3 – #/6912
    Rum Barrel Oil of Aphrodite – 4.4 – W:G 10.9 – #/206

    Oil of Aphrodite
    Hand bottle of Dark app kopi?
    Cellar cuvee 5

    Lots of Jackie O’s love in there! And I had half a mind to say I knew Cam was going to ship to me since he said “he’d figure out some way to get a cellar cuvee #5 to me” and it was to a state he’d been in the last few months. Now I am off to find a target (and here I was hoping I could ship this one in January some time! )

  4. urbancaver says:

    Enjoy! I felt a bit bad about sending a 12 ounce but DAMN the BB Plead is good!
    Also, that’s a properly filled growler… just small format cause Brad TECHNICALLY didn’t allow growlers of any of the crazy things… It took some convincing to get you that!

  5. johnbjaeger says:

    Are we posting the stats for each item in the haul to keep a running tab on what the baseline for topping is by any chance? Helps us start formulating plans…

  6. Heyta says:

    Awesome man — totally awesome! If anyone can convince any brewer of anything, I suspect it’s you! Getting that Bourbon Hunahpu’s from Joey was classic, and then the Peg’s stuff, and now you have Brad in your hip pocket too!

    Nice work my man. Question: since this BIF is supposed to snake, the ends of the snake only send one box and receive one box — everyone else sends 2 and receives 2….is that how it’s intended to be? Or does the last person in the snake automatically send to you (more like a circle than a snake in that case)?

  7. Heyta says:

    Well the BB Plead the 5th will be the first bottle I taste, since I desperately need to know if I need to trade for more before it gets hard to come by 🙂

    I will top it this way:

    All three of my target’s beers will have a better W/G ratio than BB Plead the 5th. One of them will also be a small format bottle, but I doubt he will mind. None of them will have a higher w/g ratio than Arctic Devil — 20 is a hard number to beat. But all three beers are on my target’s want list.

    Avg W/G for the box I received = 14.5 (falling slowly as more people put BB Plead on their wants).
    Avg W/G for the box I will send = 12.06 (can’t really beat 14.5 and still hit wants)

    All 6 bottles in my target’s box are on his want list right now.

    I will top or tie each of the three scores with scores in my box. I will tie the 4.35 of Arctic Devil with one bottle, one bottle will beat Rum Barrel Oil’s 4.4, and the last bottle will beat 4.51 from BB Plead the 5th.

    Avg Scores of the box I received = 4.42
    Avg Scores of the box I am sending = 4.49

    As far as bottle count goes, none of them will beat Rum Oil, at least two of them beat BB Plead the 5th and Arctic Devil.

    As for where this package will go, my target is definitely not new to BIF’s, and I have never traded with him before. I will ship tomorrow.

    • Heyta says:

      The box is out. Scheduled to arrive early next week…we’ll see how the Christmas shipping works out. Too bad there’s no more prize for best box — I’d like you see you guys top this one!

  8. The box was from this BIF. Not doing so hot after the tasting, but I wanted to post something real quick. All of these are wants as well as topping all of the past beers. Pretty insane box, and I’ll post the extras tomorrow, but I’m already formulating my box.

    BIF Bottles:

    2009 50/50 EC Eclipse – 4.48 – W:G 8.9 – #/1800
    Adam From the Wood – 4.63 – W:G 13.6 – #/~1600
    Cantillon LP Gueuze – 4.35 – W:G 10.1 – #/?

  9. First of, let me just say again how awesome that box was. I tried to find stuff in my cellar that both were wants and could beat what was sent, but I could not. Heyta, you have sent an amazing box.

    That said..

    Box was dropped off today.
    All six bottles are wants.
    The BIF Beers were all bottled in 2009 or before. Wish there was a way to gauge wants/gots based on vintage, because all of these have been released again and I’m sure the ratio would be much higher for some of these more limited bottlings.

    Box should be to your door on Weds.

  10. johnbjaeger says:

    FYI to all the party people in the house, I am heading to the tropics for a couple weeks at the end of this week. My shipping address is office so no worries there, but in case something comes my way, please allow me a little time to ship (I already have several ideas for my box forming in the medulla oblongata, but yeah)… and I will promise to make it worth your while, etc:)

    p.s. SIX bottles?! Beerthursdays, did you just double down?

  11. Normyk says:

    normyk here (never mind the actual name).

    This BIF is just a series of amazing boxes, one after another. I’m feeling a trifle inadequate about now having just received my first pass haul – all wants, of course, and crazy ones besides. The extras alone are fantastic!
    Blaecorn Unidragon
    King Henry!!!!!!

    And the actual BIF beers? Craziness. No other word.
    2008 Abyss (damn!) 2009 4.53 – W:G 1.31 – #/?
    2009 Sexual Chocolate (snap!) 4.36 – W:G 5.61 – #/650
    2009 BA Yeti (snapdamn!) 4.34 – W:G 2.75 – #/1104

    Thank goodness I have some time to do some mad trading to get some ammunition for my package of retribution. This ain’t gonna be easy.

    In the meantime I should be shipping something out next week after the holiday. Gotta figure out who I’m shipping to and what I’m using to “top” those beers.

    And, most important, MASSIVE THANKS JASON! You done killed this one dead. I mean damn.

  12. oline73 says:

    Hey all,

    Great job on the boxes so far. I’m going to be out of town through Jan 2nd. I’ll try to load up on some more great stuff while I’m out of town to be ready to ship.



  13. urbancaver says:

    I’ve just received word that the next target has been chosen and a box is in the works. Looks like Someone should be expecting beer early next week 🙂

  14. Excited to see what NormyK sends! Hope we can run this run around and around for a while.

  15. Tell me why I had a dream about this BIF last night…

  16. Normyk says:

    Ok, I’ve got the beers selected and nestled in their shipper. Just a little extra bubble wrap needed before it’s good to go.

    Six wants – I could have maybe gone with “bigger” toppers, but I wanted to hit all wants if I could. It is a nice lineup with three corked & caged, one with a cork under it’s cap, one with wax. East coast, west coast and midwest all represented. I’m drinking one of the beers right now.

    Unsure what’s up with the Fedex holiday schedule so I’m not really sure when it will land, but I still think it will be this week. I’ll definitely post an update when I know better.

    I’m also working on gathering goodies for my shipment on the return trip. Should be pretty nice.

  17. urbancaver says:

    my sources suggest a box is landing soon!

  18. Normyk says:

    Kicked the box out the door on Wednesday and it will be out for delivery tomorrow. Didn’t want to wait for the new year, but there were what one might call “circumstances” if you get my drift. Also called an audible and one bottle got replaced.

  19. Dankbeers619 says:

    I just wanted to throw a friendly reminder out to all that are left….
    If you ship to me PLEASE use UPS, FEDEX will return the box back to you….I believe I have been flagged by FEDEX…Sorry for any trouble this might cause to the BIF or persons involved.

    Great hauls so far, this is going to be a tough second round, well first for me when I receive the box..:D

  20. Normyk says:

    Out for delivery! I’ll have to post how what beats what after the haul is up.

  21. oline73 says:

    The box has landed! I’ll post the haul in a bit, I have to run out real quick. Just wanted to let everyone know.

  22. oline73 says:

    I’m back. I got a great box full of wants. The extras were

    BA Plead the 5th
    Baller Stout
    Dantalion Dark Wild Ale

    Ridiculous already. The top this beers are

    Ithaca LeBleu – 4.18 – W:G 5.58 – #/2100
    Upland Persimmon Lambic – 4.2 – W:G 2.9 – #/300ish
    Oude Tart – 4.26 – W:G 1.9 – #/10000~

    Thanks so much and I look forward to sending my retaliation box.

    • normyk says:

      Yay! I’m glad the box arrived intact and you’re happy with your haul.

      Ok, lets see if this still works like it did when I drunkenly came up with it.
      Oude Tart beats Sexual Chocolate on score.
      Persimmon Lambic is a smaller release than Abyss.
      LeBleu beats BA Yeti on want:got ratio (though I’m sure it doesn’t actually beat 09 BA Yeti – that’s got to be a much higher want:got than BA indicates).

      enjoy and cheers!

  23. johnbjaeger says:

    Annnnnnd I’m back in the states. HIT ME!

  24. oline73 says:

    The box is on its way. Heading west to someone that I didn’t just send to in another BIF.

  25. oline73 says:

    Just looked it up and it looks like the box has landed!

    • Dankbeers619 says:

      Box did land..! Thank you very much for all the great offerings…! I will post beers and W/G ratios in a few. I’m just leaving work but all bottles arrived safe and sound.

      • Dankbeers619 says:

        Without further hesitation on my part here are the beers and ratings for what I received. Thank you again to Steve (Oline73) for the great selection of offerings. I have never had any of these except two; Mokah and the Boulevard..!! I will be loading my box of goodies for the next contestant and look forward to the challenge put to me…muahahaha..:)

        BIF Beers:
        Fifty Fifty 2011 EC 12 yr. – 4.74 – W:G: 3.43 (588/171) BC: ~ 4000
        Boulevard Saison-Brett Smokestack Series 2011 – 4.45 – W:G 1.336 (334/250) BC: ?
        Jackie O’s Cherry Wood Ya Honey ?! – 4.43 – W:G: 1.0 (13/13) BC: ? Limited

        Victory Dark Intrigue
        Oude Gueuze Tilquin
        Southern Tier Mokah

        Now the only question is who to ship to next….Package will be leaving San Diego on Monday the 23rd.

  26. Dankbeers619 says:

    Package is on its way to the next person…Should be arriving on Friday by end of day so check your homes…
    The box has 2 wants and 1 should want on the BIF side. One of the three beers is constantly in the top 10. Out of those three, you can only get it fresh if you live in my state.

    All BIF beers are my favorite and have a W/G ratio higher than a 4.8…..
    Good Luck and Cheers

    • Dankbeers619 says:

      I just received word that the package has landed on someone’s door step….

    • johnbjaeger says:

      BOOM shaka-laka. Awesome box dropped from Dankbeers. True to his name, It included my favorite DIPA, my FAVORITE fruit-based lambic (if I could drink only one thing for the rest of my life, Fou’foune would be a finalist) and something that, yes, should have been a want. In fact, I had a BA SexyChoc in my possession for a bit, but gave it to someone else in BIF because it was basically his biggest want. Karma has boomeranged this beer back to me! Also, hella job on the extras…have had and loved all but the 15 and can’t wait to try it. Nice work, Dank. I will drink the Pliny in a matter of hours. Will get the box together this weekend for shipment early next week. Going to take an…interesting approach:)

      BIF Beers
      BA Sexual Chocolate: rAvg 4.31, W:G 5.95, BC:??
      2011 Cantillon Fou’foune: rAvg 4.41, W:G 5.24, BC:??
      Pliny the Elder (presumably fresh): rAvg 4.59, W:G 4.81, BC:??

      Backwoods Bastard
      Victory at Sea Imperial Porter
      Weyerbacher 15 Smoked RIS

  27. johnbjaeger says:

    Finally got the last bottle… Box is packed and getting dropped off tomorrow.

  28. johnbjaeger says:

    FYI: Friday, 02/10/2012, By End of Day

    • Trodersark says:

      Just got home to see a box waiting at my doorstep! Gotta run but I’ll post the haul quickly. Numbers will have to wait.

      BIG beers:
      2010 mother of all storms 4.45 – W:G: 3.2 BC: ~?
      New Glarus raspberry tart 4.34 – W:G: 2.8 BC: unlimited
      Upright Brewing Sole Composition Four (bottle 1/60!!!!!)
      HoTD Adam
      New Glarus Back 40 Bock

      Thanks for an awesome box! Numbers will come soon! Cheers!

      • Trodersark says:

        Quick change, the Adam is an Adam from the Wood, I missed it while I was in a rush. Thanks again!

        • johnbjaeger says:

          So for the record – the MOAS was a top on rating, the AftW was my top on W:G (10+ to 1) and the Sole Comp was my top on bottle count. Enjoy!

  29. Trodersark says:

    Just FYI, I’m waiting on a box to come in tomorrow, that should give me my last bottle and I’ll send off this coming Monday. Wouldn’t want the brews spending any wasted moments in a hot warehouse somewhere in LA overnight.


  30. johnbjaeger says:

    Where did everyone go?

  31. urbancaver says:

    Just got a little note that I missed a box today! Must be from this BIF!
    More to come as soon as I get over to FedEx!!

  32. urbancaver says:


    The Contents:
    Bottleworks XII – 4.29 – W:G 8.5 – BC ?
    Fou Foune – 4.41 – W:G 5.24, BC:??
    King Henry – 4.61 – W:G 2.2 – BC: ?

    09 Cuvee de Tomee
    Oude Tart
    Marshall Zhukovs

    Thanks man!
    The return trek starts!
    I’ll be shipping tomorrow
    The 3 BIF bottles are:
    a BB Stout with a high W:G ration than KH and a higher score than BWXII and FF
    a BB Stout with a higher score than both BWXII and FF and a lower bottle count than FF and KH
    and a BB Stout with a lower bottle count than all 3 and a higher W:G Ratio than all 3

    The extras include a Bourbon Barrel Aged sour with a low W:G ratio but a high score and a low bottle count and 2 other bottles that elude me at the moment!

  33. Tro DerSarkissian says:

    Just got to open the BOXX!!

    BIF beers:

    BCBS Coffee 2011 – 4.53 – W:G 3.01 – BC: ?
    BA Plead the 5th – 4.48 – W:G 5.02 – BC: ?
    Jackie O’s Bourbon Dark Apparition – 4.23 – W:G 8.47 – BC: 384


    Williamsburg Alewerks Cafe Royale
    Hoppin’ Frog BORIS
    Upland Gilgamesh

    Thanks Cam! Box will go out on monday.

    • Dankbeers619 says:

      Has this BIF started making the reverse yet..? If so I want to let everyone know I will be on travel for work from 3/19-4/6… I hope this doesnt delay the BIF….

      Kyle Weir

  34. johnbjaeger says:

    Landed yesterday afternoon! Will post haul this evening!

    • johnbjaeger says:

      Or this morning…

      Cascade Vlad the Imp Aler – 4.15 – W:G 3.21 – BC:?
      Parabola – 4.47 – W:G 0.91 – BC:?
      The Bruery Marrón Acidifié – 4.07 – W:G 0.32 – BC:?

      Fantome Chocolat
      Lost Abbey Infernal Ale
      Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout

      Woot, I’ve had all of those BIFFERs and you hit a few of my favorite things! Thanks, dude. Already drank the Marrón Acidifié and looking forward to trying that Fantome in a big way.

      My box will go out Monday morning and I’m going to get funky.

  35. johnbjaeger says:

    Box hath landed.

  36. Dankbeers619 says:

    I just got home from my trip today after being gone for 3 weeks. I have the BiF box sitting at my house. I will post bottles and numbers when I get settled in….give me 2-3 hours.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in the box.!!!

  37. Dankbeers619 says:

    I am extremely excited about this haul..!! Two big wants and one should be want!! Even two of the three extras I have never had…Thank you very much johnbjaeger for your generosity.!! Now comes the fun of paying it forward and trying to top these beers…Since it is THE SECOND ROUND, I’m going to try and make this difficult for the next target….Oline73

    BIF beers:
    2011 Eclipse 50/50 Buffalo Trace (#239) – 3.81 – W:G 0.94 – BC: 900
    2010 Surly Darkness – 4.39 – W:G 4.00 – BC: ~14,000
    2007 3Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage– 4.47 – W:G 4.86 – BC:?

    2012 Founders KBS
    2010 Founders Nemesis
    Voodoo Brewing Black Magick

    • johnbjaeger says:

      Every bottle in that box tops the Top This beers I received in one of the categories. Just trying to go out with a bang. Also, meant to send you a different, more highly rated, Eclipse, but go confused. At $30 per bottle, you think they’d be able to spring for better fuckin labels. Hope you enjoy!

      • Dankbeers619 says:

        You def exceeded my expectations on the box and have made it one tuff challenge.!!
        I thought in the first round there was a beer w/ a 20 pt average on wants to gots.. Maybe I’m wrong( I really hope I am, as that’s a high number to beat)…
        Look for the box to hit the next target by Friday at the latest…
        Thank you all and Cam for staying involved w/ this BIF even through all the BA meltdown..hahaha

  38. Steve says:

    Great box landed today! Here’s the haul.

    Stone Collaboration TBA
    Port High Tide
    Bruery Oui Oui

    Hoppin Frog BA Naked Evil
    Bruery BA Cuir
    Midnight Sun Arctic Devil!!!!!

    Thanks so much for everything. I am going to try to ship this out tomorrow.

  39. Steve says:

    Also, I would be up for another round if anyone else would be game. Having a great time with this one!

    • Dankbeers619 says:

      I would also love to do another round..!! This was a great BIF to be involved w/.

      Glad everything made it to you safe… I was able to grab a few Arctic Devils while on my work trip to Seattle..

      Enjoy the great beers..:0)

  40. Steve says:

    The box is back on the road!

  41. normyk says:

    Box has landed!
    Gonna make this short and sweet – tired (drove to Jackie O’s and back after work – needed to growler up for DLD) and if I don’t post it now I won’t until Monday.
    Central Waters BBBW
    Bruery White Oak (wheatwine = win!)
    Big Black Voodoo Daddy

    Jackie O’s Bourbon Berry Grove (possibly my favorite Jackie O’s)
    BA Yeti (always exciting)
    Sucaba (or whatever they heck they’re calling Abacus these days)

    Awesome box fulla fun! Thanks Steve!

    Box heads out again Monday or Tuesday. I’ve been shifting beers in and out of the lineup for it for quite a while now. Should be a really nice box.

  42. normyk says:

    Putting finishing touches on box. Not as utterly epic as I’d like, but will be a box that should not disappoint. Still SUPER hard to decide what to include.

    • normyk says:

      Ok, box hit the road this morning. Last minute audible was necessary. Lolita, while nice, was dragging the rest of the box down. Never mind it’s a want – everything in box is a want. Needed to slip in something a little more cherry. This box? Payback. Revenge may be too strong a word, but I received some badass and I’m sending badass in kind.

      Brace y’all’s self. Friday. Payback. It’s comin. Heh.

  43. Holy crap! I almost forgot about this BIF, and I haven’t been around too much for the last month. But I just got CRUSHED by NormyK. Everything in this box is a huge want, and it’s all sour. It’s my favorite stuff.

    BIF Beers:
    CANTILLON Saint Lamvinus
    Captain Lawrence Rosso E Marrone Batch 3
    Upland Cherry Lambic

    SURLY 5!
    Jackie O’s Funky South Paw
    3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage 2007.

    Crushed it!

    Urbancaver. I just need an address for my last target, and I’ll have this box out Monday. I put beers aside when I got his box, so shit is ready!

    NormyK, thanks a ton man! Anything you ever need, just let me know.

    Also, can’t believe this box is still holding up alive.

  44. Heyta says:

    Got my box from BeerThursdays late last week, sorry I didn’t post sooner! Here’s the haul:

    BIF Beers:
    Cuvee Des Champions (nice!)
    Oude Tart
    Upland Gilgamesh

    Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywine
    Victory Otto In Oak
    Bruery Melange #3

    Thanks again! Looking forward to close out this BIF ASAP! Cam be on the lookout next week for a box.

  45. urbancaver says:

    The final haul has landed!

    BIF Beers:
    Matt (2010)
    Birth of Tragedy
    2008 LP Geuze

    Ba Ruffian
    Imperial Biscotti!
    Marble reserve

    A great end to a great BIF!

    Thanks everyone 🙂

    Btw… check out the box… still holding strong:

  46. urbancaver says:

    The box has amazingly contained a ridiculous number of beers over the last 6 and a half months:

    2x 3Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage 2007
    50/50 EC Eclipse 2009
    50/50 Eclipse Buffalo Trace 2011
    Abyss 2008
    Adam From the Wood
    2x Arctic Devil 2010
    Ba Ruffian
    BA Sexual Chocolate
    BA Yeti 2009
    BA Yeti 2011
    3x Bb Plead 5th
    BCBS Coffee 2011
    Big Black Voodoo Daddy
    Birth of Tragedy
    Blaecorn Unidragon
    Bottleworks XII
    Boulevard Saison-Brett 2011
    Bruery BA Cuir
    Bruery Marrón Acidifié
    Bruery Melange #3
    3x Bruery Oude Tart
    Bruery Oui Oui
    Bruery White Oak
    2x Cantillon Fou Foune 2011
    CANTILLON Saint Lamvinus
    Captain Lawrence Rosso E Marrone Batch 3
    Cascade Vlad the Imp Aler
    Cellar cuvee 5
    3x Central Waters BBBW
    Cuvee de Tomee 2009
    Cuvee Des Champions
    Dantalion Dark Wild Ale
    Dark app kopi
    Dechutes Black Butte 23
    Dry Dock Bligh’s Barleywine
    Fantome Chocolat
    FFF Baller Stout
    Fifty Fifty 2011 EC 12 yr
    Founders Backwoods Bastard
    Founders KBS 2012
    Founders Nemesis 2010
    2x Hoppin Frog BA Naked Evil
    Hoppin’ Frog BORIS
    HoTD Adam
    Imperial Biscotti
    Ithaca LeBleu
    Jackie O’s Oil of Aphrodite
    Jackie O’s Rum Barrel Oil of Aphrodite
    Jackie O’s Bourbon Berry Grove
    Jackie O’s Bourbon Dark Apparition
    Jackie O’s Cherry Wood Ya Honey
    Jackie O’s Funky South Paw
    2x King Henry
    Lost Abbey Infernal Ale
    2x LP Geuze 2008
    Marble reserve
    Marshall Zhukovs
    Matt (2010)
    mother of all storms 2010
    New Glarus Back 40 Bock
    New Glarus raspberry tart
    2x Parabola
    Pliny the Elder
    Port High Tide
    Sexual Chocolate 2009
    Southern Tier Mokah
    Stone Collaboration TBA
    SURLY 5
    Surly Darkness 2010
    Tilquin Oude Gueuze
    Upland Cherry Lambic
    2x Upland Gilgamesh
    Upland Persimmon Lambic
    Upright Brewing Sole Composition Four (bottle 1/60!!!!!)
    Victory at Sea Imperial Porter
    Victory Dark Intrigue
    Victory Otto In Oak
    Voodoo Brewing Black Magick
    Weyerbacher 15 Smoked RIS
    Williamsburg Alewerks Cafe Royale

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