Urbancaver’s Haul (October)

Hauls from:

Ounces total:


31 Responses to Urbancaver’s Haul (October)

  1. normyk says:

    Building a themed box. Beers pretty much purchased. Swag all purchased. First piece of swag delivered (a while ago). Remainder of box will likely be hand delivered in the next week or two depending on when I stop being ill.

  2. Retail1LO says:

    I’m not sending Cam a box this month. :-p

  3. davesway10 says:

    Beginning the process of building Cams box as well. gonna be tough

  4. urbancaver says:

    That was fast! Two boxes landed already!

    First from Retail1LO:
    4 growlers of Tired Hands!
    FarmHands, HopHands, Vampire, and Nelson Single Hop Saison!

    And one from mdfb79:
    Tart of Darkness
    Arctic Rhino
    Full Sail Berliner (can’t wait to try this!)
    Blue Point Oatmeal Stout
    Mother Funker
    and an Alpine sticker to go on my fridge 🙂

  5. mdfb79 says:

    Came to post that your box was on the way because I realized I hadn’t yet and see it has already landed. Enjoy Cam!

  6. davesway10 says:

    I was unable to get this packed in time for today but I’ll have a box on the road tomorrow. Nice Hauls so far.

  7. davesway10 says:

    Looks like the eagle has landed.

  8. urbancaver says:

    And Saturday Norm hand delivered his box!

    Timmerman’s Lambicus Limited Edition
    09 3f Oude Geuze
    Cuvee Rene
    2010 Tilquin
    Horals Mega Blend
    De Cam Oude Lambiek
    De Cam Glass
    and 2 awesome Lambic baskets!

    Thanks Norm! You KILLED it!

  9. Retail1LO says:

    Under a week to go this month, and over half your boxes left to land. Oughta be a fun week!

  10. Desaparecido says:

    Shit I owe a box! I thought this was my month off. Will get out next week.

  11. Retail1LO says:

    Stragglers. The year wearin’ on ya, gents? :-p

  12. davesway10 says:

    Lets get some boxes on Cams door step.

  13. Retail1LO says:

    No kidding. Seriously? 5 boxes still out? Booooo!

  14. Desaparecido says:

    Dropped off this morning. Most random box I’ve sent out in a while. What do you get a man who’s had everything. I dug through the cellar for some weird ones and have couple of my favorite locals.
    FedEx # 929419715001022

    • Retail1LO says:

      You didn’t even realize you owed a box until the 26th and yours is out the door. I’d say you’re ahead of the game. lol

  15. davesway10 says:

    Come on guy’s lets get Cam some beer. He puts a lot of work into these BIFs and I for 1 appreciate that. Two months to go lets Rap these delinquent boxes up and finish the year strong. Cam deserves it.

  16. urbancaver says:

    I got 2 more boxes but I haven’t had time to post the hauls! I will soon!

  17. Retail1LO says:

    Hey…get yo shit together Cam. I saw your pics on FB. ;-p

  18. urbancaver says:

    Dos Mas:

    Thanks Edgar!

    Jason… this box was HUGE!

    Thanks guys! 3 left!

  19. Retail1LO says:

    C’mon you deadbeats! We’re half way through November!!!! Get Cam his boxes!!!!!

  20. urbancaver says:

    one more:

    That only leaves 2 left!

  21. davesway10 says:

    Still 2 boxes owed to Cam and 1 to me ? This is BS fellas, lets gets some boxes on the road already.

  22. Brandon says:

    mine will be dropped off today, health issues prevented certain things. Hayden’s will be dropped off at the same time.

  23. Brandon says:

    box landed at Cam’s today.

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