Unwanted Whales BIF

Okay… so the title is a BIT misleading but here is the idea for this BIF:

last year I ran the hype train BIF. People submitted one or 2 highly hyped recent releases, ranked the full list of possible beers, and then only traded away their bottle(s) if they were receiving something they ranked higher. It was a huge success so I’m running a similar version this year!

The rules:
You can submit up to 2 beers. Any format is fine
These 2 beers must be tan whales, white whales, grey whales, pink whales… whatever… not normal stuff.

Not qualified:
Dark Lord
2012 Kate

vintage Canitillon
BA Dark Lord or Hunahpu’s
vintage Kate
Black Note

*whether something is qualified or not will be a judgement call on my behalf. Please don’t take offense if I say something is not qualified… I want to maintain a certain level of beer for this BIF.

Once the submissions are in, a fuill list will be put out. You rank the entire list (your submissions included).


I have a nifty old spreadsheet that will crank out matches (similar to the Math BIF)

And then people will ship.

The greatest thing about this BIF is that if you submit say… Blabaer. You will only have to ship it out if something you ranked higher than Blabaer is being shipped to you!

Submission are open starting NOW until April 13th at MIDNIGHT

Shipping will be ~ first week of May
(yes, for those of you going to DLD… the targets will go out in time to arrange in person trades if you and your target both happen to be attending)

You must be an experienced trader to participate. If there is some question of qualification I may follow up with questions/reference checking.

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