February Hints and Hauls

Here is the space for posting hints and hauls for February!

Hauls this month:

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  1. matttttYCE says:

    Hey, first hint of February! Here’s my mandatory, vague hint #1: My target is northeast of me. There’s plenty that’s northeast of me, though πŸ™‚

  2. Blargimus says:

    My target has been on BA since before the Winter Olympics held in Turin, Italy. No cheating by checking on Wikipedia.

  3. DaBubs says:

    First February haul – woo:
    I Just got a very nice box from the apparently shy DrewShal9. (What? no hints or teases, Drew?). Drew did a great job knocking down a couple of wants and including a few old favorites and a few bottles that I haven’t yet tried. 156 ounces and a fun mix of beery goodness. Cheers and thanks!

    Guava Grove Saison – Cigar City Brewing (Loved this – hope this one is as sour as my first)
    Jai Alai IPA – Cedar Aged (Humidor Series) – Cigar City Brewing (Looking forward to trying this)
    Pechish Woods – Cisco Brewers (Want)

    Jack D’or – Pretty Things (Delicious)
    Sculpin India Pale Ale – Ballast Point Brewing (Want)

    Triple Bag – Long Trail Brewing Company (Never heard of it, but very interested)
    Loose Cannon (Hop3 Ale) – Heavy Seas (Never tried it, but happy to)
    Wake-n-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout – Terrapin Beer Company (Delicious – My current favorite coffee stout)

    An Offshore Ale Company pint glass.

    • AlCaponejr says:


      My target’s box is shipping today, a long way NE from me, filled with beery goodness. He’s probably ancy to receive, and soon he shall!

  4. scalene says:

    Should be buying most of my box tomorrow… Target is much closer to the Atlantic than I.

  5. LOL earlier my computer at work wouldn’t let me post a new reply, but would let me answer someone else’s reply. D’oh!

    2nd hint: good seafood from my target’s state. Probably a lot colder there than it has been here (yeah duh, it’s been in the upper sixties almost all week here, and in the middle of friggin’ feb!).

    Third hint: There’s something barrel aged that my target likes. There’s also a rather popular beer from a brewery starting with :”F” that only comes in four packs. Oh yeah, and there’s something with coffee!

  6. Oh and holy damn sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet… I just realized I forgot to pack the schwag. So my target will be getting two boxes. I’ll toss in one of these tasty ones I’m drinking now to make up for the lateness… D’oh!

  7. matttttYCE says:

    Hint #2: My target and I share some pretty similar tastes in beer. I barely even had to go out of my way to get beers to include in my target’s box.

    With that said, the contents of the box are all assembled, with swag to match 3 of the beers included as well, and will be shipped on Monday.

  8. Blargimus says:

    It appears that the 18 inches of snow we got here will delay my shipping until Monday. In the meantime, a new hint! My target and I share 13 wants. I’m guessing this one will completely give it away, assuming you do the research… and also assuming I counted correctly.

  9. ninner00 says:

    I will be shipping my box out to my target tomorrow. Should get there in a day or two.

    Hint #3: I think my target knows who he is.

  10. Blargimus says:

    Snow is plowed, and box will be shipped later today! STATS:
    13 bottles/cans, 196 total oz
    Average BA Rating: 4.05
    High BA Rating: 4.43/Low BA Rating: 3.25 (Doesn’t count against oz total. Also, might kill you.)
    Wants: 6/13
    Brewed in-state: 7/13
    Unavailable in target’s state: 13/13

  11. ninner00 says:

    Sent out the box to my target. Should be there by tomorrow.

    Last Hint: Looks like you will not see my box for a week. Boooo.

    • Ruizjoseph says:

      Nuts. I will return on the 13th and will post the haul. First time ever that I’m excited to return to work after vacation!

  12. freehafe says:

    Hint 1: My target and I have the same favorite brewery.

  13. nachojon says:

    By the way I received a follow up box to my earlier haul posted in the January hauls.

    Cuvee Three and Four from Redbud Brewing Co. Both 750s.

    It just gets more interesting!

    • chocosushi says:

      I hope you enjoy the Cuvees! Drink 3 before 4, or do a side by side. Its the same base beer with very very different results.
      The Choc Winter Stout is probably my favorite of the other singles. Its a hoppy solid stout.

  14. ninner00 says:

    And my box has just landed at [ruizjoseph] Joe Ruiz place of work. I think he is away from his office until the 13th because he is in another BIF. You all are going to have to wait a week to see what he got!

  15. BrewmasterNate says:

    My box filled with 188oz of nearly all wants hit the road today.
    I posted a few hints on BA, will forward here.
    Hint 1 – Target’s state had a team in NFL playoffs
    Hint 2 – Home to largest population of white tail deer
    Hint 3 – Target’s state has a different NFL team in the same division as the Super Bowl Champs.

  16. Blargimus says:

    According to FedEx, my target’s first box should arrive tomorrow. I ran out of packing space, so another box should be there at some point next week.

    FINAL HINT: My target figured out who he was like a week ago. Good job!

    • leeds376 says:

      Box landed yesterday and it’s full of wants and should be wants. I’ll post the entire haul when the second box lands. I can’t wait to sample the goods.

      Thanks Bargimus!!

  17. freehafe says:

    Hint 2: My box won’t be sent til early next week, but a brewery release from my favorite brewing company Better make up for it being a little late.

    • huadog says:

      I don’t think this is me because I don’t know how you’d know that my fav is Founder’s but I would love this box because I will be trading for this beer! Enjoy the release!

  18. mjtiernan says:

    Swag should be showing up at my house today so I should be shipping tomorrow or Friday. I’m sending 6 different styles totaling 204 oz from 2 different countries and four different US states (NY, OH, DE and Cali). Was able to hit 4 Wants.

    The box is headed west and is within Fedex’s 3 day shipping window. I’ll post more hints after dropoff and as the box travels.

  19. blatantdream says:

    All packed and ready to go to my target. Shipping tomorrow FedEx 192 oz. – 11 bottles/cans – all wants.

    Some more hints (I gave some in the January Hauls):
    – My target is male.
    – He is to the west of me.
    – You can kind of get there by taking I94.
    – According to weather.com the record low temperature for tomorrow in my target’s area was -35Β°F

  20. matttttYCE says:

    As promised my target’s box was shipped on Monday. I believe the total was 193.4 oz. I think my target will enjoy said contents. Having a problem thinking of a clever hint so I’ll just go with the one I thought of earlier. Hint #3 The box was shipped to a state I’ve shipped to for a trade before.

  21. Frozenmoses says:

    Tripped over a package walking out my door to go to work this evening. Peaked inside, and definitely got my haul. Very excited to unwrap everything, but have to head to work sadly. I’ll post my haul when I get home, can’t wait to see what all is in that bad boy!

  22. matttttYCE says:

    Hint #4 As of a little while ago, my target’s box has departed a city in a state that’s popular for my favorite kind of alcoholic drink on the way to it’s destination. Could be close to arrival or it could still be a ways away.

  23. Frozenmoses says:

    Ok, just got home from work, and had the extreme pleasure of tearing open a box of awesome from BrewmasterNate.


    Dogfish Head Pint Glass
    Founders FBS
    Founders Double Trouble
    Founders Imperial Stout
    2011 BCBS (huge want)
    Hopslam (huge want)
    Central Waters Bourbon Barrell Stout (huge want)
    Bell’s Double Cream Stout
    FFF Zombie Dust (major want)
    Central Waters Catastrophe
    Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald
    FFF Alpha King
    Bell’s Java Stout (huge want)
    FFF Dreadnaught (huge want)
    Bourbon County Bramble Rye (are you fucking KIDDING ME?!?!)

    Seriously, I am humbled. Nate either hit a want or a should want with every single one of these. I haven’t been this excited since I was 6 years old opening an original NES on Xmas. He hit it out of the park (BC Bramble Rye?!?! Holy shit!) for me. I sincerely hope whoever picks Nate as a target reads this haul, because this guy deserves some serious love. I am truly appreciative of the thought and time you took to put this box together, sir. Thank you is not enough.

  24. jaschais says:

    so…..i never got around to posting a hint…but my target was….DaveHack!

  25. mjtiernan says:

    Dropped the box off this morning… 24 lbs heading west. During its 3-4 day trip it will travel almost the entire width of the Great Lakes.

    Hint #1: Someone from my target’s city started 13 games on my favorite NFL team’s offensive line this past season.

    That’s it for now. More hints as the box approaches.

  26. matttttYCE says:

    5th and final hint – As of a little earlier today someone who is located in the birthplace of the famous cartoonist and illustrator William Donahey should have a box sitting at their doorstep. Cheers!

    • matttttYCE says:

      Hoping my target’s box is safe and sound and he just hasn’t gotten around to posting here yet. I know I didn’t give much of an obvious warning hint that the box would be landing.

  27. Auror says:

    So alcaponejunior had a few shipping issues, and I’m still waiting on the schwag but he assures me it’s on the way shortly and sent a picture of it:(http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/7834/mugtest3.jpg). Looks real nice.

    So how about the haul?

    Schlafly Reserve 2008 Imperial Stout (Bourbon aged, let’s see how this one has held up).
    2x Schlafly Coffee Stout
    2x 2x IPA Southern Tier
    Southern Tier Choklat (love brownies…um I mean this beer).
    Southern Tier Krampus (had this fresh, we’ll see how it has held up)
    Goose Island Pepe Nero
    Goose Island Pere Jacques
    Founders Breakfast Stout (just sold out up here, so another bottle can’t hurt :))
    Boulevard Sixth Glass (we started getting Boulevard.a little while back in MA, but this is one of the few I haven’t bought yet and I loved the BBQ so assuming that is based on this).

    Thanks for the beers, man. Was hoping for a few more that I couldn’t get off the shelf in MA, but cheers! And the schwag looks sick.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. Distribution was something of a question, they really getting boulevard in MA now? Wow! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Sixth glass remains my favorite quad, especially in the big bottles.

      And sorry about the brain-fart on the schwag, I sent an extra brew for you to enjoy with it πŸ˜‰

  28. Fitzmke says:

    My targets city had two stops on the underground railroad.

  29. Crabbicuss says:

    From BA Crabbicuss:

    It took some time for me to catch my target. Hunting under Cam’s rule can be one tough Sum Bitch, but none the less, I feel I finally caught one, which lately gives me a chance to crush some on my target’s wants. Big TY to Cam, knowin’ I nagged the hell out of ya’. I have been a part of these BIF’s for several events but actually think I can finally make this Joker count (no offense BigLobo, I gave it my best shot, I wanted to crush it last time), now I have some most achievable wants.

    To my target I say:


    Hint #1: What you have to worry about is that my mother was born just outside of you state and was quickly relocated to the state you currently reside in. Your problem, all her family is still there and established over many generations. Yup, I’m Irish + Am-Indian native… your not sure… but time will tell. Last time I checked there were 12 tribes represented in your state. R U the 1 that makes the most noise, Hint 2: Nope I don’t mean A.I.M. You’ll understand that more by something you already have but I will send, based on a group whose name makes one afraid of association, the result of age’s. Hummmm… could there be some aged brews???? He (the lead singer) went on to another band whose name would reflect the story of “Catching Bear.”

    Nough Said

    Toksha Ake le Mita Cola

    Won’t be Long Now B4 your porch blows up!!!

    Should settle the ?’s

    TY Cam!!!

  30. Cottzilla says:

    A huge thanks to matttttYCE for the impressive box I was fortunate enough to receive. I attended the Cincy Winter Beer Fest last night so I wasn’t around yesterday when the box arrived or I would have posted the haul sooner.

    The Beers:
    Marron Acidifie (This brought a huge smile to my face)
    The Abyss 2011
    Black Butte XXIII
    Hop Henge Experimental IPA
    MoaS 2011 (Had this last week and was going to try to get another one. Now I’m set!)
    FW Double Jack DIPA
    FW XV Anniversary
    BCBS 2009
    Lagunitas Sucks
    W-n-B Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout

    Swag: Deschutes T- Shirt and Deschutes Tulip Snifter.

    Matt, thanks for fantastic box! I can’t wait to start opening bottles later tonight.

  31. SpillyBeers says:

    Hint #1: my target sent out an awesome box so I selected him in order to crush him with mostly wants.

  32. freehafe says:

    12 bottle shipper ready and waiting for a trip to Founders tomorrow to fill it’s last spot. Will be heading right to fedex to ship after.
    Box statistics (clearly I’m a nerdy stats grad student)
    N=12 Total oz=170
    BA Grade: Min=4 Max=4.5 Mean=4.22 Std. Deviation=.16
    Different Styles=8 Barrel aged beers=5

    Hint #3: All of the beers in this box are from Michigan breweries. None of these breweries distribute to my target’s state.

  33. Crabbicuss says:

    As my target felt the need to send an extra box I feel the need to slightly purge the 200 oz min. Plz don’t be mad Cam. Just waiting on swag and then a stoop goes BOOM!!!!

  34. Crabbicuss says:

    Should have stated the 200 oz max not min.

  35. blatantdream says:

    According to FedEx, my box should be landing tomorrow. Hope everything makes it ok. Can’t wait to hear his thoughts on its contents.

    Final Hint: My target was able to guess who he was from my awesome hints! Cheers!

  36. Fitzmke says:

    Hint #2 – my target works in the service industry

  37. freehafe says:

    Hint 4: My target’s box reached Chicago this morning. It will be touching down on Friday after a long trip heading west.

  38. SpillyBeers says:

    Hint 2: I was gonna wait to get back from vermont to ship but that woulda just been overkill. Waiting on one more beer to come out around here which should be soon. Box will contain between 7 and 10 wants.

  39. ruizjoseph says:

    I got back to work after a week of vacation (sorry for the delay) to find an awesome box from ninner00. A great mix of beers that I’ll drink right away and a few that have some staying power. Wants indicated with a “*”. Contents:

    12oz bottles:
    (2) 2010 Weyerbacher Heresy*
    2012 Thirsty Dog Siberian Night
    Ithaca Flower Power
    Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA
    Fat Head’s Head Hunter IPA
    Brew Kettle White Rajah* (MAJOR want!)
    2012 GLBC Barrel Aged Blackout Stout* (MAJOR want!)

    16oz cans:
    Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat
    Tallgrass Oasis Ale

    22oz bottles:
    2009 Weyerbacher Insanity*
    2011 Full Sail Black Gold Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (should have been a want)

    GLBC Tote bag
    GLBC bottle opener
    GLBC taster glass (I’ll be using this at 2012DLD if I get tickets!)

    Awesome haul. I’m very grateful for Brian’s generosity. The box contents were above and beyond what I had hoped would be in there – I had a lot of time to think about it as the box landed more than a week ago and I have been away. Thank you very much.
    As it says on the signup page, you’re signing up knowing you may only get two mixed sixers and a pint glass. Every haul that has been posted so far seems to be well thought out and extremely generous. I’m happy to be a part of this BIF and I appreciate Cam’s effort in setting this up.


    • ninner00 says:

      Well I am glad you dug everything. I really had a blast putting that box together. Dark and hoppy. Hope you enjoy some of the new beers that you have never had before too! And I am glad everything made it in one piece.

      • ruizjoseph says:

        Very excited to try the ones I’ve never had, which is all of them except for the flower power (but I liked that one very much so glad to have again!). Exactly how I like my beer – either dark or hoppy! Thanks again!

        • ninner00 says:

          That HeadHunter is brewery only as of now and does not get put into bottles much. Be sure to drink it quick because it is only about two weeks old! I think it has slipped into my favorite ipa spot.

    • Rivertooth says:

      Nice glad to see you get hooked up Joe. Well done ninner00

  40. mjtiernan says:

    I haven’t seen any updates since my box left Syracuse, NY on Saturday to continue its appx. 1000 mile journey west, but I’ve got to think that it’s getting close now.

    Hint #2: A river in my state is named after my target’s city.
    Hint #3: An NFL Quarterback who played 15 seasons for a team in your state also played 1 season for a team (sorta) in my state.

    These are pretty big clues for a good reason. The box is estimated to land tomorrow (Wed). Fedex has been pretty quiet on the tracking data, so I can’t say for sure.

    • doucmehu says:

      Hint #1 No idea.
      Hint #2 Hudson – pretty obvious, right?
      Hint #3: Brett Favvvraaa?

      So maybe it is my lucky day? Maybe not…

      • mjtiernan says:

        Joe from Hudson, WI….you’ve got beer!

        Should arrive today. Let me know everything got there safely.

      • mjtiernan says:


        • doucmehu says:

          My wife texted me a photo, which is a bit blurry but I can make out a Bitches Brew and some Flower Poweram getting thirsty, it looks like a very well rounded selection of styles and bottle formats! I will post the haul this evening.

    • jegross2 says:

      Brett Farve might hint at me, but im only 827 miles from Syracuse….

  41. Fitzmke says:

    Hint #3 – my box will be headed 1,700 miles east

  42. jaschais says:

    just received a box today from Curtis Smith – some great stuff in here:

    Olde Hickory – Eiraphiotes
    Olde Hickory – The Event Horizon [major want!]
    Foothills – Sexual Chocolate 2012 [want]
    Foothills/Duck-Rabbit/Olde Hickory – Olde Rabbit’s Foot [wow, this sounds amazing]
    Heavy Seas – The Greater Pumpkin [ love this beer!]
    Terrapin W-n-B Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout
    Founders Breakfast Stout
    Bell’s Hopslam

    Swag – Brawley’s Beverage Disc Golf Putter – Nice!

  43. vobr0002 says:

    I just got my box today from blatantdream. Wow! This is fantastic, all 11 beers are a want…

    DFH 120 Minute
    DFH Burton Baton
    Firestone Walker Union Jack
    Firestone Walker Double Jack
    Ballast Point Sculpin
    Avery Maharaja
    Ithica Flower Power
    Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye
    Oscar Blues Ten Fidy
    Goose Island King Henry (can’t believe I got this!!!!!)
    Surly Five (one of my favorite beers ever)
    And a Magic Hat Mardi Gras pint glass.

    I’m blown away by the box, thank you so much Denise. If you ever need anything I can get my hands on here let me know. This box was way more than I ever thought I would get. Who ever gets her make sure you take care of her.

  44. scalene says:

    Dropped box off last night, think it was just under 200 oz. 2600 miles to go. Heading near a state capital.

  45. doucmehu says:

    Received a New York haul this afternoon from Matt (mjtiernan). From left to right:
    DFH Bitches Brew (want)
    Ithaca Flower Power x2
    Brooklyn Sorachi Ace
    Rodenbach Grand Cru (want)
    GL Blackout Stout (want)
    Ithaca Alphalpha DIPA
    FW Union Jack (want)
    Horseheads Sullivan’s Stout
    Genny Bock – not sure if this was a joke?
    Three Heads Java Sutra Coffee Porter
    Swag: Ithaca T (nice score in a size S, pretty hard to find for featherweights like me) and a Flower Power sticker
    Bonus: A sweet 12 bottle shipping container!

    Overall a very nice box with a good variety and some unknown locals that look great. Thanks so much for the time and effort Matt, cheers!

    PS. What’s up with the Genny Bock?

  46. mjtiernan says:

    Hey Joe – Glad you like it. Drink those Flower Powers soon. It’s a world class beer when very fresh. No, the Genny Bock wasn’t intended as a joke. That beer has a cult-like following in parts of the Northeast and when it hits the shelves in Feb/March it is one of the first signs that spring is on its way. There was a thread on BA about it before the forums exploded. Yes, it has some adjunct characteristcs but I think you will find that it’s surprisingly smooth. I had already bumped up against the maximum ounces I’m supposed to send but I still had an extra slot in the styro shipper so I thought I would send a bit of the Northeast spring to Wisconsin. Cheers!

    • doucmehu says:

      Cool, thanks for the explanation, makes sense. I wasn’t intending to be rude, I was genuinely curious. I have seen Joeybeerbelly mention it multiple times, which made me wonder if there was a back story.

      I had the Flower Power and the Alphalpha already – very well made beers, glad I got to try them!

  47. huadog says:

    I have no clue who my sender is, but I would assume I will know by next week around this time! I’m excited! So glad this is around since the breakdown of BA. πŸ™‚

  48. SpillyBeers says:

    Final hint: My box is all packed up and will begin its 773 mile journey on Monday.

  49. freehafe says:

    My box just landed on my target’s doorstep. I forgot to include a note with the box, so if you get a box from Sarah Freehafer, it is from me.

    • huadog says:

      Sarah, I just called the house and it appears you were my sender! I am SO excited to open this package up – I was told that there was a long sleeve t-shirt and a sticker in there with a better half!!! The rest of the box will be a surprise. I will probably be there on Sunday to get the haul and post pictures. Thank you so much – Founders is my favorite! I wish I was hope now 😦 patience is not a strong suit of mine. Thanks again Sarah, cheers!

      • freehafe says:

        Well I’m glad you like the box I sent so far. I tried to send a box that I would appreciate. Also you did tip me off about your favorite brewery. I ordered 2 brew caddys (which my friends are all jealous of by the way) after I selected you as my target. You emailed me a confirmation in which you revealed your fav. brewery. Just thought you should know how I knew your favorite brewery.

        • huadog says:

          haha that is crazy πŸ™‚ I like this story. Thanks for the box, I can’t wait to dig in. I will be in touch! I’m glad your are enjoying the Caddy’s, I obviously didn’t put the connection together! Thanks for everything… Cheers!

  50. chocosushi says:

    don’t have a clue who my sender is. Very exciting stuff.

    • jmagnus87 says:

      Same here…

    • jegross2 says:

      I’m just at the point where I’m awaiting the day I can wake up with a box of beer outside my door again — whether I knew it was coming or not.

      Speaking of which, totally in the dark as to who I am a target of, but im 30% certain they’ve given 0 (discernable) hints. Either that or I’m 100% dense :). I do not care either way. I like the excitement of random beer, and often just straight up trade for mystery boxes of beer.

    • matttttYCE says:

      I’m in the exact same boat. I thought I had a clue but now that I actually took the time to investigate some hints further I found that all the ones I thought could be me don’t apply. Guess I’ll see when a box arrives, though.

  51. leeds376 says:

    Received two real nice boxes from Blargimus (Bob) who went well above the limit but I’m not complaining….

    2011 Alaska Smoked Porter
    Deshcutes Hop Henge
    Dry Dock Hefeweizen
    and……2012 FW Sucaba…..huge huge want…

    Boulevard Double Wide and Sixth Glass Quad
    Odell IPA…Myrcenary and Mountain Standard
    Deschutes Obsidian Stout and Black Butte Porter
    Ghost Face Killah……going to split this one between a few but I’m looking forward to it.
    And a few Cans
    Ska Modus Hoperandi
    Upslope Foreign Style Stout
    New Belgium Ranger

    And real nice etched Great Divide pint glass

    Bob, thanks for an awesome box. Damn near everything is a want or should be a want!


  52. crabbicuss says:

    I am wrapping bottles today. On Tuesday my package(s?) will be making a journey I have made many times, to a city I have around 10 relatives currently living in.

    Hint: The distance to my target’s address is between 1375-1400 miles. WSW of me.
    Hint: My target’s city and state has either one more vowel or constant depending on their interpretation of the sometimes “y” rule.

    11 Wants hit, four are 22’s and two 750’s

  53. SpillyBeers says:

    24 lbs of liquid goodness is on its way to its new home. To my target: Look for a box Wednesday or Thursday. Cheers!

    Also, whomever chooses me please note that I will be on vacation until march 3rd.

  54. scalene says:

    Package delivered to the Keystone State.

    • kenatbeerswap says:

      I believe that scalene had me as a target, could not find BA name on or in the box but was sent by Brian. Here is the haul:

      Maui Brewing Big Swell IPA 12oz can
      Golden Road Brewing Point the way IPA 16oz can
      *Hair of Dog Doggie Claws 12oz bottle
      Bootlegger’s Brewery Rustic Rye 22oz
      Bootlegger’s Knuckle Sandwich DIPA 22oz
      Kern River Just Outstanding IPA 22oz
      Kern River Class V Stout 22oz
      Ballast Point Imperial Porter Victory at Sea 22oz
      *The Bruery Oude Tart 750ml
      Ale Smith Speedway Stout 750ml

      Swag: Bottlegger’s Brewery Pint glass and Sticker

      Thanks goes out to Brian for the box. Have not had most of these and look forward to trying them. Leaving tomorrow morning for Disney for a week so will have to wait till I get back for pictures.

  55. huadog says:

    Sorry for my delay, life got in the way! My box from freehafe (Sarah) was delivered Friday, and I didn’t get to town to open it until Monday (TORTURE)! Sarah did an incredible job on the box and I was thrilled digging through it. Here is the haul:

    Leelanau Good Harbor Golden Ale (haven’t heard of this but excited to try it!)
    Founders Curmudgeon’s Better Half (WANT!)

    Bourbon Barrel Aged Plead The 5th (Past & Always want)
    Kuhnhenn Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine (WANT!)
    Arcadia Bourbon Barrel Aged Shipwreck Porter (should be want)
    Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout (should be want)
    Founders Imperial Stout (Past & Always want)
    Bell’s Hopslam (glad to try this again this year)
    Bell’s Two Hearted (great beer)
    Founders All Day IPA
    Founders Centennial IPA
    Founders Double Trouble

    Founders Men’s Retro 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt
    Founders Sticker (I was told there was one but maybe my Dad stole it)


  56. jsilva says:

    42lbs is going to a city that is considered one of the best places to live according to money.com . The average age of residents here is over 40years old. It is near a major city that i plan to visit in the somewhat near future to watch a ball game.

  57. jmagnus87 says:

    Best places to live? Pretty sure I’m out of the running on that one…

  58. crabbicuss says:

    Two boxes have begun their journey. They should arrive on Friday just in time for the weekend!!! I checked my target’s 7 day forcast and seems like those lil fellas should be just fine in the travels. I will be tracking on Friday to see when they land. Should be a nice score and I hope my target enjoys the goodies.

  59. SpillyBeers says:

    My box has landed!!!

  60. jegross2 says:

    Haha. Well that explains why I didnt know who my target was. *patiently awaits to be picked again”

  61. Fitzmke says:

    my targets box is on its way. The 25lb’er contains:
    1 flanders red(22oz)
    1 barleywine(12oz)
    1 triple(750)
    2 imp stouts(750’s)
    1 coffee porter(120z)
    2 saison/wild(750 and 12oz)
    1 quad(12oz)
    and a mug from the one of the targets favorite breweries. Box should land on friday.

  62. BrewmasterNate says:

    Arrvived home today to find an absolutely outstanding box from SpillyBeers.
    He went out of his way to comprise a box of nearly ALL wants (and my wants are NOT the easiest)
    Let’s get started:

    Big Bottles:
    Williamsburg Cafe Royale (Huge Want)
    FiftyFifty Eclipse (Elijah Craig 12yr) (HUGE Want)
    Victory at Sea (Want)
    Alpine Captain Stout

    Medium Sizers:
    Surly Abrasive (Want)
    Maine Lunch (Want)

    Little Guys
    Nugget Nectar (2x) (Huge Want, havent had new batch!)
    Russian River Consecration (Always want!)
    Terrapin Wake n Bake (Want)
    Bells Batch 9k (Want)

    Nugget Nectar Pint Glass

    Damn! It looks like I hit the lottery here. Whoever picks Spilly, please make sure to hook this man up for the delicious box of nearly all wants that just hit my doorstep.

    Spilly, thanks a million for going above and beyond. This is why I love the Noob BIF!

    • SpillyBeers says:

      Glad you liked everything good sir! You deserved it for sending out an awesome box yourself. Cheers and enjoy all the tasty treats!

  63. ninner00 says:

    Out of nowhere there was a strange rumble in my office that grew and grew. Everyone ran to the windows to see what was. And then there was nothing. I got up to see what it was myself and all I saw was the UPS truck pulling away. I knew then that my 42lbs of beer had landed from jsilva.
    I am still at work so I will post later tonight what I have unearthed from these two mammoth boxes.

    • ruizjoseph says:

      42 pounds! Glad to see you getting hooked up. I’m amazed that this BIF started out so strong and has continued to chug along with fantastic haul after haul.

    • jsilva says:

      Haha i like the theatrical animation and hopefully everything made it safely.

  64. ninner00 says:

    Wow, just wow. Words can not express how blown away I am by John. Here where its at:
    Duck Rabbit Baltic Portal
    Thunderstruck Coffee Porter
    Founders Nemesis ’09
    Founders Nemesis ’10
    Founders kbs ’11
    Hair of the Dog Rose ’04 !!
    Hair of the Dog Fred ’04 !!

    Surly Abrasive
    Surly Coffee Bender
    Heady Topper X2


    22’s and other
    Hill Farmstead Earl
    Hill Farmstead Damon #617/864
    The Bruery Coton
    New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red
    Founders Better Half
    Boulevard BBQ
    Westy 12 ’08 whaaaa?
    Westy 8 ’08 !!

    Smuttynose Pint Glass
    Founders Pin
    Hop Stoopid Stickers
    Lagunitas Coaster

    BOOM some porn for you all!

    I have to say that John killed it, buried it, dug it back up again, made sure he killed it and then buried it again. Just unreal. The person who gets John as a target needs to hook him up big time!
    Thanks again buddy.

  65. crabbicuss says:

    56 #’s in the fashion of a Double Barrel are hangin’ out in Hutchins TX and waiting to cross the border to serve up a traditional “two piece” finish to my target’s residence tomorrow. Not gonna be a drive by but when you scope the Fed Ex guy, bring your “dolly” and prepare to clear your sinuses. Hops will be most present, make room in the fridge and cellar.

  66. matttttYCE says:

    Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that either my sender hasn’t posted any hints here or I just completely fail at the hints thing, though I thought I was a little better at picking up on them than that haha.

    • Jegross2 says:

      Talk to cam if 3 weeks passed. Had similar issue and had to be put back on the targets list

      • matttttYCE says:

        It’s been a little over a week and a half since I was selected, I believe. My sender might not have even shipped yet. I’m hoping they have and just didn’t get around to posting hints or I just didn’t pick up on the ones they posted.

    • Cottzilla says:

      I hope whoever picked you, sends a box at least equal to the one you sent me. Once again, THANKS for the awesome beers!

  67. crabbicuss says:

    Two boxes have been delivered and apparently are “sitting at the front door.” Not sure how the neighborhood is but hopefully Choco is on his way home or already there. Those bad boys want inside.

    • chocosushi says:

      Hahaha thanks for the thought, its Nichols Hills,
      & it ain’t a bad hood!
      But want inside they did, & I am
      very surprised my Porch didn’t Explode!!!!!
      Great feeling to be home from picking up your
      first annual six pack of Bigfoot and see two giant
      boxes sittin’ menacing on your porch.
      Here is the reproducing beer fountain I procured:

      ~Uinta Labyrinth Black Ale (WANT)
      ~Bitches Brew (HUGER WANT)

      ~Lips of Faith Biere de Garde (always want. one of my favorite LoF)
      ~He’Brew Origin Pomegranate Ale (Long awaited want. Very excited to share w/ the lady)
      ~Stone Imperial Russian Stout (YES)
      ~Goose Island Sofie (Gah this has been a want for so long thank you! Another date night ale!)
      ~Firestone Walker Sucaba (SERIOUSLY??!!! Should be want. Never had FW, and this is a fan-freakin-tastic way to start.)
      ~Southern Tier Krampus (WANT. Probably will drink tonight to celebrate.)

      ~Burton Baton (wantwantwant)
      ~Olde School (If this wasn’t a want it should be.)
      ~120 Minute (drank my last one weeks ago glad to have one to age now!!!!)
      ~SN Juniper Black Ale (want/didn’t get to try it when beer camp was out. Will be glad to age this one with ya, homegirl)
      ~Troegs Scratch IIPA (SO STOKED. Brewery only release. Should be want)
      ~Dominion Millenium Ale (never heard of this, but looks delish. Barleywine w/ Honey)
      ~Bells Cherry Stout (want? I can’t remember. Looks great)
      ~Bells Hopslam (Long awaited want. Included with a note saying it needs more time)
      ~Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout (Want!)
      ~Lagunitas Imperial RED Ale (Always love Lagunitas!)
      ~Pyramid Outburst x2 (I think We actually get this in Oklahoma, but always later than everyone else. I have not seen it since the Label Art changed so maybe they did pull out? Love this beer either way)
      ~Flying Dog Wildeman Farmhouse IPA (Never even heard of this!!! We get flying dog, but not Raging Bitch & some of the other Specialties. This made me really happy.)
      ~Founders Double Trouble (want!!!)

      Back In Black (HUGE WANT)
      Bitter American (HUGER WANT)
      Allies Won the War (HUGERRRRRR WANNTNNTNT)
      Resin (Dang, didn’t think I’d ever get to try Sixpoint. Glad to try it! The can is awesome!)
      DC Brau The Corruption IPA (this looks legit)

      Horn Dog ’08 Barrel Vintage bottled Late 2011 for an Event on 2/20/12 (I was simply stunned when I saw this. Horn Dog is one of my favorite Barleywine & to see this just brought such a huge smile to my face. This is being treasured for awhile.)

      Flying Dog Goblet (baller)
      Flying Dog Canis Major Becker (Simply sexy)
      Tastykakes Jelly (x3) & Butterscotch (x3) (I love this extra so much! Have had the kakes once, and they weren’t these! Thanks Anne!!!!)
      Flying Dog The Fear Pumpkin Ale Shirt (One bad motherfucker)

      Well the moral of this swagalicious haul is that Crabbicuss really
      knows how to make your stoop go BOOM BOOM BOOM til the
      day that you die. A fantastic haul that was supremely packaged and carefully
      noted. Wants out the yin yang, & lots of simply good beers that I wouldn’t even think to put on my wants. Saying to hook her up would be an understatement, this box stunned me & I’m still riding the high of happyness with all of the bottles lined in a row.
      Kudos x 666
      & Lets be friends :]

  68. crabbicuss says:

    Just a quick note… I met with the Flying Dog Chief of Sales today and it appears I misunderstood the bottling date on that ’08 Horndog. It was bottled in ’08 in 7 oz’s so you don’t have a re-carb’d barrel spill, you have the actual ’08 bottle. My apologies for the confusion, but that joker was bottled in ’08 not for the event I was at last Monday. I will say it drinks somewhat soft but has nice complexity with semi aggressive layers. Enjoy my friend.

    • chocosushi says:

      Oh well that makes me that much more happy!
      I have an ’09 in the cellar right now, maybe i’ll do a side/side.
      You really out did yourself! I loved every single bit of the box. Me and my
      lady were actually just talking about how we hadn’t seen Pyramid since
      the label change, so thank you!
      I kept getting amazed again & again & again.
      Really I can’t express the gravity of your box. Just incredible.

  69. crabbicuss says:

    Here’s to your Hoppiness and enjoy my friend. Please do tell on on the Sucaba as I have yet to try it. If you choose to age it, well done. I will get back to you next year and perhaps we can do a inter-continental side by side. Drink up my friend you have some fresh hops to conquer.

  70. Fitzmke says:

    My target should have received his box Friday. Haven’t seen him post on here yet. Hopefully he’ll post the haul.

  71. blatantdream says:

    Kind of quiet on the hints front around here… On a side note, you can finally view your Profile and Wants List again on Beer Advocate! πŸ™‚

  72. Jegross2 says:

    Package has sort of arrived. I’m out of town at the moment but apparently fed ex has twice attempted delivery and twice refused to leave the package with my roommate! I’m having the fed ex hold it at their shipping depot so hopefully I can post the haul on Monday or Tuesday! Very excited. No clue who sent that baby . Anyone wanna confess in the interim πŸ™‚

  73. matttttYCE says:

    Much like Jegross2, it would seem my package has sort of arrived also. My apologies and thanks to whichever BA it was that sent me the box! FedEx tried to deliver Friday when I wasn’t around and the box was delivery confirmation so they didn’t leave it and the door tag fell off and under something. Found it yesterday and now it’s being sent to a friend’s work because I’ll be out of town for work this coming week. So, the haul and everything will have to wait until I get back. Again, sorry for the delay in posting. I’ll let you know when my friend has the box in his possession and it’s safe and sound. Cheers!

    • matttttYCE says:

      Well I was mistaken and the package I got was a surprise from a friend. And since I’m out of town I wanted to make sure the package was kept safe so it’s being held at a FedEx location for when I’m back home. Really looking forward to the box!

  74. SpillyBeers says:

    It appears like I have been picked. To my sender, with BA wants/gots being down I just wanted leave a link to my wants list. Thanks!


  75. jmagnus87 says:

    Either my sender has not posted anything yet or I’m just not understanding any of his/her hints. I’m getting thirsty here, help!

  76. DrewShal9 says:

    Received my box from fitzmke on Friday night and this is what was sent :
    Swag- a New Glarus glass, which I love!

    750s- jester king black metal, jk black metal farmhouse stout, jk Wunderkind, Boulevard long strange triple, new belgium la folie

    12 oz- real ale Sisyphus ’11, real ale coffee porter

  77. DrewShal9 says:

    Didn’t get to finish the rest of the haul from fitzmke ….
    12 oz- Boulevard tank 7, blvd sixth glass, deschutes red chair

    Thanks Kelly!

  78. Slvrmon82 says:

    sent mine the other day, it is traveling 950 miles Northwest of me. It contains 157oz of delicious beer and includes 7 wants! Cheers and enjoy!

    cheers, Matt (Slvrmon82)

  79. Blargimus says:

    I’m sad to see this BIF is being discontinued, but I’m happy that I appear to have been picked! To make it easier for my targeter, I put my ranked wants on a google docs spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AolQppFTLklMdHRXVnlJUXczZWlGcUhKa3p5b1ZnNVE

    And to Cam: Many thanks for putting this all together!

  80. jegross2 says:

    Sad to see this BIF end…hopefully it will kick up soon. I’ll have my haul posted tomorrow night. FedEx promises me that I can (finally) pick up my beer tomorrow evening from the distribution center!

  81. losttraveler says:

    Mine is all set to go tomorrow-
    Hint: I lived down around this place for a while and the only thing that comes to mind is WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!- hope that doesnt give too much away.

  82. jegross2 says:

    It took several attempted deliveries, but this was a box worth waiting for — courtesy of slvrmon82! Filled with tons of wants. Troegs is a brewery that I have been dying to try more of and this box knocked off a lot of Troeg beers I have been pining to try.

    The haul:


    First off the swag — some killer swag here.
    Dogfish head snifter (MAJOR want — the biggest piece of glassware want right now!!)
    A “Johnny Cask” DFH T-Shirt

    Then the beer:
    1 DHF Noble Rot (never heard of this one, but looks tasty!) [750 ml]
    1 GLBC Barrel Aged Black Out Stout (ALWAYS a want)! [12 oz]
    1 RR Temptation Batch #6 (WANT) [355 ml caged bottle]
    1 NEBCO Wet Willy Scotch Ale (huge want, dying to try NEBCO) [12 oz]
    1 CCB Or (major want) [12 oz]
    1 Troegs Troegenator Dopplebock (Want) [12 oz]
    1 Troegs The mad elf from 2008 (want) [12 oz]
    1 Troegs Java Head (always a want) [12 oz]
    1 Troegs Dream weaver wheat beer (want) [12 oz]
    1 Troegs Hopback Amber Ale (the cousin of nugget nectar? looks tasty! SHOULD be a want) [12 oz]
    1 Allagash White [12 oz can]
    1 21st Amendment Brewery Allies Win The War! (never heard of this brewery, but excited to try!)

    I hope some one likewise hits a ton of slvrmon82’s wants! Thank you so much for all the generosity!

    Box stats:
    157-158 oz
    rAvg: 4.01
    Score average: 89.5

  83. LostTraveler says:

    All sent and out- 274oz of various beers. 1% of the sales of 4 beers went to the planet to “Do whats right”. Some other beers are a little out of season, but still a “treat”. Going almost exactly 1000 miles.

  84. funkyaudio says:

    Got my haul today from Christopher (ThirstyHerf)


    Funkwerks Saison
    Coop Ale Works Territorial Reserve Oak Aged Imperial Stout
    Boulevard Brewing Co. Chocolate Ale
    Boulevard Brewing Co. Saison – Brett 2011


    Marshall Brewing Company El CuCuy

    16oz Can

    Coop Ale Works Horny Toad Cerveza
    Coop Ale Works Native Amber


    Marshall Brewing Company Hat

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