BStaffor’s Haul (December)

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  1. normyk says:

    Well, this may be my last box until 2014 (taking a break maybe). I aim to crush. It’ll be some damn good stuff let me tell you. Y’all been warned.

  2. davesway10 says:

    Planning on having my box on its way by the 10th

  3. mdfb79 says:

    My box will be out by next Monday, 12/10 the latest, but hopefully more like Saturday. Hoping to grab a few Wants this week after work, or this weekend.



    • mdfb79 says:

      Finished my shopping yesterday, box going out before work tomorrow morning. I’d imagine it is there by Friday. FedEx tracking number will be 980591615001263. Couple locals, couple wants, couple local wants. 🙂



  4. davesway10 says:

    Box will be hitting the road today, Merry Christmas my friend.

  5. Brian says:

    Very excited guys, it’s been a long 12 months!

  6. davesway10 says:

    on target for a Wednesday delivery.

  7. davesway10 says:

    you can track this one too, its currently in memphis 135724115000735

    • brian says:

      this one has landed! wasn’t able to open her up this morning before work but box looked intact, no damage. will post the haul tonight, come on 430!!

  8. davesway10 says:

    excellent, the “no damage” is exceptionally pleasing since this was a bit of an experimental pack for me.

    • brian says:

      here we go!

      founders backwoods bastard x2
      new glarus apple ale x2
      new glarus wisconsin belgian red (WANT)
      hardywood farmhouse pumpkin (Excited about this one!)
      clown shoes blaecorn unidragon
      weyerbacher insanity
      boulevard stingo (WANT)

      thanks david, and merry christmas! all new beers to me and so excited to crack them open

      heres a pic if interested:

  9. davesway10 says:

    No problem, I figured that hardywood pumpkin would be right up your alley and those apple ale’s are unbelievably good. Have a merry Christmas and looking forward to the remaining hauls. Its been a long year.

  10. brian says:

    second box landed! this ones from dan (mdfb79):

    bruery autumn maple (WANT)
    southern tier mokah (WANT)
    southern tier pumking (WANT)
    russian river salvation (WANT)
    alesmith grand cru (WANT)
    brooklyn black ops (not on my wants, but perma-want for sure!)
    +assorted stickers,coasters


    killed it with the wants dan! thanks so much and merry christmas!

  11. normyk says:

    Is there any time that you won’t be around to receive in the next week or two? I’m about done with the exception of a stop at the store for a little somethin somethin extra.

  12. brian says:

    i’ll be out of town the 22nd through the 26th but my neighbor can grab any boxes that land so that shouldn’t be an issue. ship whenever works best for you!

  13. jyounger30 says:

    Box delivered last night to Brian. Hope you enjoy what I picked out for ya. Cheers.

    • brian says:

      jay! blowin up the wants!

      great divide fresh hop (WANT)
      timmerman’s pumpkin lambicus (WANT)
      southern tier creme brulee (WANT)
      sierra nevada narwhal (WANT)
      terrapin wake n bake (perma-want)
      new belgium LOF brett beer (WANT)
      new belgium LOF imperial coffee chocolate stout (WANT)
      new belgium LOF peach porch lounger (WANT)
      heavy seas great pumpkin (perma-want)
      samuel adams fat jack (WANT)
      hoppin frog double pumpkin (WANT)

      knocked it out of the park! thanks and merry christmas!


  14. normyk says:

    After much slacking I’m kicking a box out the door in the morning! Fedex 923690315000646. Apparently I shipped something to Brian last year and I have no idea what. Odd.

    Anyway, some wants and a 32oz swingtop that I’m hoping will still be good when it arrives. Not a want, but one of my favorites of the style.


    • normyk says:

      Beer has been delivered!

    • brian says:

      the haul!
      pelican mother of all storms (want)
      founders frangelic mountain (want)
      deschuttes black butte XXIII (want)
      hoppin frog double pumpkin (want)
      westvleteren 8 (want)
      32oz growler (contents?)


      awesome box – can’t wait to try the MOS, and frangelic mt.
      thanks will

      • normyk says:

        And the mystery beer in the 32 is…. Jackie O’s Barking Pumpkin! Hopefully it has weathered it’s glassy confinement in decent condition.

        Also, that’s not just a Hoppin Frog Frog’s Hollow – it’s Barrel Aged! Saw you received the regular earlier and felt I had to send the BA version.


        • brian says:

          first beer from jackie o’s ever – very tasty!

          and thanks for the heads up on the hoppin frog – i had stashed the beer in the cellar since i thought it was my second bottle but now its gone straight into the fridge – gonna open it tonight after work, can’t wait

  15. Brandon says:

    looks like I have a good weather window to ship. Will hopefully have yours out the 14th of January. I apologize for my tardines. Hoefully my box will make up for itl

  16. davesway10 says:

    Any more packages to report on ? I’t would be sad to know that everyone didn’t finish this BIF.

  17. Brian says:

    Brandon, Ed, Brad, Robert have all contacted me and are supposedly shipping soonish? Haven’t received any tracking info. Not sure where Hayden stands. Cam has been silent since December -no help there

  18. Brandon says:

    my box hit UPS today, tracking number 1Z02086R0389582403

  19. Brandon says:

    shows delivery on Thursday

  20. brian says:

    ive been remiss in posting boxes. heres my last two:
    first box from ed:
    bells batch 10000 and 9000
    bruery mother funker, oude tart, trade winds
    firestone parabola

    some great beers! thanks!

    box 2 from brandon:
    bruery 4 calling birds
    firestone parabola
    GI bcbs x2 and bcbcs x1
    founders bolt cutter

    great box brandon thanks!

    to update at this point (if anyone cares 2 months after this thing was supposed to end), i’ve been in contact with robert and brad on their boxes, still, havent received anything yet. hayden supposedly shipped my box back to me, minus 2 beers he said he drain poured, which was subsequently lost by ups. he made it clear i was shit out of luck. stand up guy. and cam, best of all, has gone competely dark with no help/response whatsoever on top of sending me a great box which i kid you not had a yuengling and some of the beer i sent him. too rich. i wanna thank all who sent legit boxes, you guys are great. hopefully i’ve got 2 more boxes out there somewhere? cheers

    • mdfb79 says:

      Ugh, sorry to hear that man.

      Cam, I know this has been a pain to run, but any chance we can get an update on what the total amount of boxes not sent were and from who? Last I saw in early December some boxes were owed from Sept-Dec by various people, but not sure if those were ever delivered.

      These people should be called be called out on the BA forums if they are not pulling through and not communicating. If you have the list of people who flaked and the boxes we’re waiting on I don’t mind contacting them one last time and putting up a post on BA if they fail to come through.

  21. brian says:

    received an amazing box from brad Saturday, late, but amazing!

    the haul:
    Jackie O’s BA Skipping Stone
    Jackie O’s Cellar Cuvee 4
    Rivertown Death
    Rivertown Cincinnati Beer Week 2013 Embree’s Northern Dark
    Fat Head’s Headhunter
    Great Lakes BA Blackout
    Dark Horse Plead the 5th
    21st Amendment Lower de Boom
    Stone Enjoy by 04.01.13
    Buckeye Pumpkin Dead

    one more to go, fingers crossed!

  22. brian says:

    last box finally from Robert:

    SN Narwhal
    Lagunitas Sucks
    Founders Frangelic Mountain
    DFH Positive Contact
    Deschutes Black Butte 24

    done and done, thank god

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