Biglobo8971’s Haul (March)

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  1. biglobo8971 says:

    Looks like its my time in the batter’s box. After a rough end to February, I am really looking forward to this. My wants aren’t super out of date, I really like all types of beer (try to stay away from rye) and especially enjoy BA stouts, and any types of IPA (especially double, triple, and belgian). So if you know of an outstanding local beer, throw it in. Cheers to all, and here’s to a great March.

  2. furthurgone says:

    Are wants only listed on BA? Its been tough with BIFs without the trade forums listing wants/gots on BA.

  3. normyk says:

    Should be kicking a box of fun stuff out the door this next week. I aim to hit at least a couple of wants and will fill the rest with a variety of fun stuff.

  4. Retail1LO says:


    Here’s the best way to find someone’s wants.

    Copy and paste the following link, and replace “Retail1LO” with the username of the BA whose wants you want to search. If you want to view their gots, replace the “W” at the end of the link with a “G”

  5. Retail1LO says:

    I’m lookin’ forward to putting Brandon’s box together. Last time I shipped to him, his growler of Mongo got damaged somewhere in between the time it got on the truck for delivery, and arriving at his pad. The only loss I’ve ever had in transit.

  6. biglobo8971 says:

    I tried that, could not see, maybe I did something wrong. I honestly dont know whats on my want list any more.

  7. furthurgone says:

    My box went out today. It’s full of some of my all time favorite beers. You should receive it Tuesday or Wednesday. Cheers!

  8. furthurgone says:

    All the beers are on your want list except one that I’m surprised you haven’t reviewed or had yet.

  9. biglobo8971 says:

    I’m excited for some Cali goodness.

  10. mdfb79 says:

    Got 2 Wants and 2 other beers I like quite a bit bought so far. Going to do some more shopping this weekend and see if I can pick up another want or 2. Should be shipping early next week.


    • mdfb79 says:

      Have a good mix of of Wants, locals, and favorite styles ready to go. Trying to see if it’s possible to track down one more Want this week and will then will ship out!

  11. Biglobo8971 says:

    so the first box arrived from Furthurgone, a great six pack of Cali goodness. On with the haul:
    Pliney the Elder (pepertual want)
    Bootlegger’s Knuckle Sandwich (perpetual love)
    2011 Parabola (love this beer)
    Bruery 100% Autumn Maple (have owned this beer 5 times, have yet to try)
    Ballast Point Sculpin (love this beer)
    and for the one I have never owned or tried….
    Kern River 5th Anniversary
    Thank you so much for kicking off this month in a great way, really appreciate this load of Cali goodness.

    • Retail1LO says:

      I just had two bottles of the Kern River 5th Anniversary. You’re in for a REAL treat. Might be my favorite IPA/DIPA. EVer. Serious business. It’s that good.

  12. normyk says:

    Been tied up with work and unsure what to ship, but I’ve got a few wants (one is a sort of want – a variant on a want) and am filling out with some other solid stuff and might be making a little growler run. Will be shipping Monday (would have today, but couldn’t make the growler run – boo work!).

    Also: that Kern River 5th is really damn tasty! Bust into that bad boy!

  13. mdfb79 says:

    Looks like box #1 arrived today! A small box #2 is heading out after work today, hopefully it will be there by Friday or Saturday.



  14. biglobo8971 says:

    day can not end quick enough.

  15. Biglobo8971 says:

    First off, thank you Dan….
    and I guess this is becoming the ticker BIF, you will see.
    the haul:
    a very cool and sleek bottle opener (cant seem to have enough of them)
    now for the beer
    RR Supplication (wife’s favorite beer, It wont touch my lips)
    Nugget Nectar, love
    The Bruery 4 Calling Birds (want, never had)
    Cellar Door Artisinal series Farmhouse Ale (never had anything from these guys)
    Brooklyn Sorachi Ace (have availalbe to me, have looked at it more than once, never pulled the trigger, glad I get to) and last but not least……
    Racer X (duckin love this beer, havent had it since it was released in bottle form, very excited GREAT BOX, cant wait to try em. Thank you very much Dan.

    • mdfb79 says:

      No problem, enjoy! There is another small box leaving here torrow morning…was waiting on 1 more Want and couldn’t fit ’em in the box anyway.


  16. normyk says:

    Beer should be landing tomorrow! I feel bad because I think I doubled up on one beer and didn’t send another. Not that the double isn’t great in a widely available seasonal sort of way. Or the rest. Tasty.

  17. biglobo8971 says:

    the Cellar Door was fantastic, had a great nose from a Farmhouse ale, didnt smell like grass clippings like the rest of them that I have had, had lots of carbonation, teetered on too much. Was a very enjoyable addition. Glad to have gotten the chance to try it.

    • mdfb79 says:

      Cool! Glad you liked it. Stillwater has been doing some cool things lately, and a lot of people seem to like their stuff so I’m glad you were on of them. Looks like the second box should land on Saturday.

  18. Desaparecido says:

    Getting the final pieces this weekend and will send off on Monday morning.

  19. Brandon says:

    so box #2 arrived today from Normyk, and the theme of it being new ticks stayed true, now on to the haul:
    12 oz’ers:
    Westy 12 (I have owned 2 of them and have not had it, sad and pathetic I know, will enjoy this one tonight with another BA who hasnt had it)
    Bourbon Barrell Aged Plead the 5th (thanks to Oreo, I have had this beer and friggin love it)
    2012 KBS (have had 1 bottle, mos def glad to get a 2nd one)
    2008 Pannepot Grand Riserva (never had, excited)
    Nugget Nectar X 2 (friggin love this beer, very glad to have more in the fridge)
    Columbus IPA (was able to have copious amounts of this beer last year at DLD, glad to get a bottle)
    Brewkettle White Raja (surprisingly never had, excited)
    22 oz’ers:
    Jackie O’s Bourbon Barrell Aged Middle of Nowhere Stout (never had, have never had a bad Jackie O’s, excited to try)
    Rockmill Brewery Cask Aged Tripel (never had anything from this brewery, been in a big Tripel/Quad kick lately, wont last the night)
    First off, I need to thank Normyk for switching off months with me while I concentrated healing from surgery, I would of been happy with a 6 pack of bleh for him helping him out that way. But to receive this box to boot, Cheers to you Normyk, you are an outstanding BA, and I cant thank you enough for this box.

    • normyk says:

      Glad you like the goodies – I figured I’d try and provide some quality locals and general badassery. Really wanted to go with a classy CBC growler, but it was not to be. Anyway, a little fun to help with the recovery sort of thing.

  20. Retail1LO says:

    Also sending off on Monday morning. I was working real hard to get a couple wants, but came up a bit short. However…your box still has some wants in it, as well as several beers that should be right up your alley in regards to style. Hope you dig it.

  21. Brandon says:

    the second box arrived from mdfb79. Containing a KBS (12) and a Wiliamsburg Alewerks Cafe Royale, two of my favorites. Also included was a Revolution Brewing pint glass.
    very nice, thank you very much.
    you have gone above and beyond.

    • mdfb79 says:

      No worries man, enjoy!

      Saw KBS on your Wants and wanted to get you a bottle but it got delayed over a week around here, hence the staggered shipping. Enjoy!

  22. Retail1LO says:

    Box on it’s way. Due to arrive Thursday. 🙂

  23. Desaparecido says:

    Box also arriving tomorrow. Enjoy!

  24. biglobo8971 says:

    might be one hellova Thursday. By the way boys and girls, I have been officially banned from BA, didnt give me a reason, just a bs excuse. My account shows active, I can receive messages, but I cant view them except for in email form. So if you need to get a hold of me, Cam has my number.
    Damn the BanHammer!!!

  25. biglobo8971 says:

    Just received email confirmation that a box from Bstaffor. Will update once it’s opened.
    Much thanks.

  26. Brandon says:

    here is the haul from Bstaffor:
    small bottles:
    Cuvee Delphine Truth Can Set you Free
    large bottles:
    Caldera Hopportunity Knocks
    Ruckus Brewing Co Hoptimus Prime
    Pliney (1/03/12)
    thanks Brian for the box, have not had the Caldera, the Ruckus, or the Cuvee Delphine. Much appreciate.

    • brian says:

      you’re very welcome. there should be a russian river in there too, did it arrive ok? the hoptimus prime and cuvee are both excellent, two of my favorites. the caldera was a dark horse, i bought a bottle for myself and haven’t had it yet so hope it’s good. cheers

  27. Brandon says:

    Desperacido’s box has arrived. And the ticker theme is coninuing, for the haul:
    little guys:
    Stillwater Artisinal A Saison Darkly (2nd beer I get to try from this brewery)
    a mini KBS vert (10/11/12) (nicely done, will get to enjoy them side by side)
    Big uns:
    The Brewers Reserve Presents Green Peppercorn Tipel (stoked for this one, never had anything from these guys and this one looks very interesting)
    Bruery Autmn Maple 100% Brett (love this beer)
    and one of my faves. BBQ
    Edgar, thank you very much. Very excited for this box, esp the Green Peppercorn Tripel. An outstanding box fo sho.
    Now if I’m not mistaken, there should be one more today, come on Hayden, get your shit together.

    • Desaparecido says:

      Anytime. The Green peppercorn Triple is from Brewers Art a local brewery in Baltimore. Well worth a visit if you’re in Baltimore. The BBQ should be a bit aged. Don’t remember the year/batch I sent. The Saison Darkly was mighty tasty so I wanted to pass it along. Have a great birthday month.

  28. Retail1LO says:

    You should have a box arriving from me shortly. 🙂

    • Brandon says:

      yep, landed, the haul:
      big uns:
      Coast Hop Art, have had several, like a lot
      BBQ (starting to have a collection, can never have enough BBQ)
      3Floyd’s Dreadnaught (love this beer)
      Clown Shoes Blaecorn Unidragon (never had, very excited)
      Goose Island Pierre Jacques 2010 (might have to go get the 2011 thats still on the shelf to compare)
      Dogfishhead 75 Minute IPA (never had, was about to start looking for one, now I dont have to)
      lil uns:
      a 4 pack of Nuggett Nectar
      and a 2 pack of KBS (dont know year, not stamped for it to be 2012, help Hayden?)
      great box Hayden, really appreciate it. Some fun stuff and I get to knock off a couple of new ticks. Cheersya, did you decide not to rish the growler again? Sissy.

      • Retail1LO says:

        Those KBS both have a year on them. 🙂 They’re last year’s. Also, regarding the growler…I had someone else in Texas hunting down a growler of Live Oak Heffeweizen. :-p I DESPERATELY wanted that fucker to be available so I could get it to you in conjunction with the rest of this box, but it wasn’t to be. However, it doesn’t mean it won’t eventually get there, tick whore. LOL I know you’re an IPA fan, and the Nugget Nectar was fresh as hell, so I sent a good does of that. Drink that 75 Minute IPA asap, it’s awesome fresh as well. I also know you love the FFF IPA’s, so I was glad to get that to you as well. Overall it was a fun box to put together. I’m pretty sure I violated the ounce restrictions, but, I don’t give a fuck. :-p LOL

  29. jyounger30 says:

    Your box is still on UPS truck for delivery today on time. Get ‘er done brown!!!

    Hope you enjoy everything Brandon!!!

    Cheers! Jay

  30. Brandon says:

    Oh my, Jay, brown got it done. First with the haul:
    Cigar City snifter (had one, gave it away, sooooooo happy to have one back)
    stickers (always loves me some stickers)
    Duvel key chain (can never have enough)
    copy of Southern Brew News (I’m southern, so it touched home)
    Big uns:
    Sweetwater Happy Ending 2012 (never had, cant wait)
    SW Years of Heady Beers Aley Yeah 15 (fuck yeah, very excited)
    Jail House Brewery Hop Riot (never had, cant wait)
    Jail House Breakfest Stout (X 2)
    Cigar City Hunahpu 2012 (fudge, will stop seeking this beer out, oh my god thanks)
    Lil uns:
    KBS 2010 (thank you, hate to say it, will add to my vertical)
    Terrapintn WnB (love)
    Terrapin MooHoo (love)
    Red Brick Vanilla Gorilla and Hop Lanta (hoppier than a bullfrog with a stubbed toe, just quoting the bottle) had the VG, not the HL
    CC Cubano Style Espresso (cant wait to try)
    Oh my god Jay, perfect box, great schwag, great beer, you killed it. Will share some of these tomorrow at a tasting. Cant thank you enough, oh yeah, I can, when I send my box to you.

  31. biglobo8971 says:

    Cam’s box landed yesterday. Due to the wife’s birthday, wasnt able to post the haul. Will post later today.

  32. Brandon says:

    the haul from Urbancaver:
    Big uns’:
    Cigar City Guava Grove
    Blue Pint Rasta Rye (god I hate rye, you would think someone who has slept at my house would know this)
    Alpine Captain Stout (never had)
    Alpine Nelson (love this beer)
    Squam Brewing Imperial Loon Stout (never had anything from this brewery, will love to try)
    lil uns’:
    White Raja (lost to the Fedex gods)
    Concordia Ales BA Shipwreck Porter
    thanks Cam, sorry for the damages, will share several with you at DLD.

  33. Brandon says:

    not sure of the last two boxes……

  34. Brandon says:

    another box landed today, yep another ticker box.
    Abbania Brewing Co Jakima RYE IPA (never had, might have to have a sip of this one)
    Boulevard Dark Truth Stout (have access, buy this beer often, never seen in 22oz)
    Jackie O’s Brandy Barrelled Dark Apparition (owned twice, never had, cant wait)
    can of Great Crescent Brewery Coconut Porter (never heard, much less had)
    Listermann Brewing Enter the Beagle IPA (never had, interesting)
    Voodoo Brewing Big Black Voodoo Daddy (love this beer)
    Triple Digit Brewing Aftermath Scottish Ale (never heard, much less had)
    thank you Brian, really appreciate. Never had many of these, cant wait.

    • Brandon says:

      also was a Mikkeller Black Buffallo and a can of 21st Amendment Monk’s Blood. Just found while taking out the trash. Thanks again.

    • Retail1LO says:

      According to the last link, your remaining box is FORTY FOUR POUNDS! LOL Can’t wait to see THAT one.

  35. Brandon says:

    here’s your 44 lb box
    Big bottles:
    750 Hill Farmstead Edward growler
    Breckenridge Brewery Christmas Ale 2008 #62 of 1400
    3 Floyd’s Alpha Klaus
    Cricket Hill Brewing Nocturne Dark Lager
    Abita 25th Anniversary Vanilla Double Dog
    Haandlakk Haand Bryggariet in Wine Barrells
    Moaten Flemish Red signed (not familiar, maybe Mike can inform)
    small bottles:
    Kentucky Bourban Barrell Ale
    New South White Ale
    Westbrook White Thai
    Heady Topper
    Flat Rock Inclined Pale Ale
    thanks Mike, appreciate the box. Several I havent had, a couple I love to get. So now boys and girls, March is closed.
    thank you and cheersya to ya all.

    • Mikesgroove says:

      Glad you liked it, the moaten bottle is signed by the owner when she came to Greenville a few months ago. It was on my mantle, but thought you might like it, and it tastes pretty good too.

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