Birthday BIF

Signups: CLOSED
Start Date: January 2012-December 2012
Style: Marathon
72 ounces minimum, 144 maximum
Send 1 box by the 20th each month except your own month and 6th months after your month (5 months on, 1 off)
Wants, Favourite Style, Good Beer…

*For experienced folks only*

January – JYounger30 (july off)
February – MDFB79 (August off)
March – Biglobo8971 (February off)
April – furthurgone (October off)
May – Desaparecido (November off)
June – Mikesgroove (December off)
July – ajsdad06 (January off)
August – Normyk (September off)
September – Davesway10 (March off)
October – Urbancaver (April off)
November – Retail1LO (June Off)
December – BStaffor (May off)


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