Mikesgroove’s Haul (June)


THAGR81US will be receiving on his behalf (only from those who have already received from Mike)

14 Responses to Mikesgroove’s Haul (June)

  1. mdfb79 says:

    Box will be going out tomorrow Calton. Not many Wants but some favorite breweries and a lot of favorite styles!



  2. Brandon says:

    mine will be going out next Monday. A lot going on with work and other stuff.

  3. Calton says:

    I’ve received two boxes already… Sorry for my delay on posting up here. Was going to wait until all 4 got here and take a photo and submit the contents at all once. I will let you guys know when all has landed safe and sound. Cheers!

  4. Brandon says:

    i’m one of the two that needs to ship. Will do soon.

  5. Calton says:

    Still sitting on the two boxes I received earlier… Also just a heads up, if you are shipping to me next week (July 16-20) I will be out of town for work that entire week. Cheers all!

  6. brandon says:

    fedex says you get mine tomorrow. 302185415026557

  7. Calton says:

    Once Brandon’s box lands that will leave one. By my calculations JYounger30 is the one it should be…

  8. biglobo8971 says:

    box says landed.

    • Calton says:

      Just saw that via tracking. I get off work in 2 hours and will check then. Will report back. Cheers!

  9. Calton says:

    Box from Brandon landed safe and sound… A box full of sours helps the medicine go down! I will update the contents when I get back home as I am traveling this weekend and all of next week. Cheers!

  10. Calton says:

    JYounger’s box has been attempted to be delivered twice now but apparently my driver is scared to leave it on my doorstep… I left him a note signing over all responsibility to what happens to the box after drop-off. We shall see if he leaves it today or not…

  11. Calton says:

    Sorry about my delay on posting up the hauls from this as I have been busy with Cam’s Science LIF lately… Here were the total hauls from each of the four individuals who sent to me:

    Wild Heaven Craft Beers shaker pint, Fantome de Noel, Fantome Printemps, Fantome BBB Dark White, Lost Abbey Judgement Day, Sweetwater Happy Ending ’12, Trappist Achel, De Dolle Oerbier Special Reserva 2010, and Jail House Breakout Stout

    Maine Beer Company Peeper Ale, Jolly Pumpkin Fuego del Otono, Fantome de Noel, DuClaw X-1 Imperial Chocolate Porter, Stillwater Stateside Saison, Uinta Birthday Suit, and Hanssens Oude Gueuze

    New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red, Russian River Damnation 23, Russian River Sanctification, Russian River Consecration, Russian River Temptation, and New Glarus Raspberry Tart

    Central Waters Peruvian Morning, De Struise St. Amatus 12, Russian River Beatification, Stone VE 10.10.10, The Bruery GFAR, and Lost Abbey Serpent’s Stout

    Thanks again guys for shedding some light on a crappy situation that took place and hopefully I will be able to join you guys in full force next year. Cheers all and thanks again!

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