Retail1LO’s Haul (November)

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  1. Retail1LO says:

    Just a head’s up…I’ll be out of town for nearly a month (maybe more) starting the weekend of the 24th, with no means with which to receive a box afterward. Just wanted to provide everyone with a heads up. I apologize if that inconveniences anyone.

  2. davesway10 says:

    Leaving on October 24th or November 24th ?

  3. davesway10 says:

    I’ll have my box on the road to you no later than the 12th. Probably sooner. Already have 2 wants and 1 BA brew that i’m certain you’ve never had.

  4. normyk says:

    Getting started this weekend I think. If things go smoothly I’ll have it out the door next week. Or I might have to wait for a beer or two. We’ll see.

  5. mdfb79 says:

    My box will be out by 11/12, but hopefully this Saturday instead. Was able to grab 2 Wants from the cellar this weekend, both of which are barrel aged. 🙂

  6. davesway10 says:

    Mine is also on schedule for a 11/12 departure. Box will consist primarily of BA offerings.

  7. davesway10 says:

    Picked up the last bottle today, I’ll try to get this baby on the road tomorrow.

  8. davesway10 says:

    A couple of things happened today that were directly related to weather or not i was able to ship your box today.
    1. I picked up a 1/4 barrel of Founders Breakfast Stout and set out to get smashed
    2. I picked up a 1/4 barrel of Founders Breakfast Stout and set out to get smashed
    But, I managed to accomplish both feats (still happily working on the smashed part of the equation). Looks like Monday may be good day to watch the front door.

  9. normyk says:

    Packing up a box tomorrow. Wants and locals. Should hit the street Monday or Tuesday.

  10. mdfb79 says:

    Box went out first thing this morning before work. FedEx tracking no. is 980591615001249…I’d imagine it’ll be there on Thursday.



  11. normyk says:

    So. Would it be lame if I said I wasn’t going to ship until Monday?
    What if I said that I was going to Michigan and Chicago and Munster this weekend?
    Yeah, I almost packed the box tonight, but thought I’d see if anything cool fell into my hands while I’m road-tripping.

  12. Retail1LO says:

    Two boxes have hit…one from Dan, and one from Dave

    Victory at Sea – I love this beer. Truly I do.
    Charkoota Rye (smoked dopplebock lager aged in brandy barrels) That oughta be interesting.
    Brua Brothers Barrel Aged Belgian Style Quad – looks interesting
    Schlafly Reserve Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout ’11 – LOVE
    Schlafly Reserve Bourbon Barrel Barely Wine ’11 – LOVE
    Boulevard Tank 7 – Already consumed. lol Excellent

    Schmaltz He’brew 15:15
    Schmaltz He’brew Funky Jubilation
    Stillwater Autumnal
    Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious – yum!
    Pelican Mother of All Storms ’11 – awesome beer
    Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
    Bourbon County Brand Stout ’12 – always excellent.

    Thank you for the beer, gentlemen.

    • mdfb79 says:

      No problem, enjoy! I opened a 2011 MoaS last month and it was drinking fantastic. The Brooklyn BCS is from last winter as well and drinking very good right now.



      • Retail1LO says:

        Well…I’ll not get to try the Mother of All Storms. Bottle was one of several that broke when two of my cats went on a tear across the house and jumped through the staircase banister and onto the top of my TV cabinet, where they knocked 8 bottles off, all which came crashing down on the floor. There were no survivors, and the stains are so bad, even my Bissell steam cleaner couldn’t get it out. Had to put a call in to Stanley Steamer. Also lost were both Schlafly bottles, and the bottle of Golden Delicious. Not a good start to my month of the BIF. lol Well…at least I have 7 more boxes to look forward to.

  13. Retail1LO says:

    Trip cancelled, BTW. I’ll be in town through the remainder of the month.

  14. normyk says:

    Well, I’m finally shipping. Shocker, no? But the fedex, they will agreee tomorrow! 923690315000639.

    Late I may be, but wants I do ship. Nothing but in fact. I’m still debating how big to go given it’s a six bottle shipper, but it’ll all be wants and it’ll all be excellent. Frankly, if I were to receive such a box I’d be DAMN happy.

    Heads up! Wednesday, probably.


  15. urbancaver says:

    My box departs today!

  16. Retail1LO says:

    Received a box from Robert Treharne today. In addition to the Black Tuesday bottle he muled for me (thank you,sir), I’ll post the haul in a bit…I forgot exactly what it entailed. lol

    • Retail1LO says:

      Box included the following:

      The Bruery’s Cuir (awesome, will have next to 100% BA variety)
      The Bruery’s Trois Poules Francais

      Ballast Point Victory at Sea (always a favorite)

      Sierra Nevada Narwhal
      Mad River Barleywine

      A few boxes left. 🙂

  17. Retail1LO says:

    Received a box from normyk today…and thank you Mr. Kinder!

    Six bottles….straight wants.

    ’11 Midnight Sun Arctic Devil
    ’12 Three Floyds Behemoth
    Epic’s Big Bad Baptist (I fucking LOVE this beer)
    ’11 Blushing Monk (MONSTER permawant)
    Zombie Dust (god DAMN I need to get my fix on this!)
    ’11 Kuhnhenn’s Bourbon Barrel Barleywine (FUCK…YES!)

    You rule, sir. Thank you very much.

    • normyk says:

      Glad I could hit some nice wants. Wish it were an eight bottle shipper so I could have added more ZD, but sometimes you have to work with what ya got. Happy birthday anyway!
      Sorry for the late reply as well – been swamped.

  18. Retail1LO says:

    I’m in contact with Brandon….any word from ajsdad or JYounger on remaining outstanding boxes?

  19. Brandon says:

    My box landed yesterday.

    • Retail1LO says:

      Yessir it did. Nice box from Brandon. I’ll try and get a pic up later.

      Brandon’s box included some nice goodies.

      64 oz. growler of Town Hall Citra
      ’12 Surly Darkness
      Founders Bolt Cutter
      Surly Abrasive x4

      Thanks a bunch, sir!

  20. Retail1LO says:

    By the way….ajsdad….keep your box. I don’t even want it at this juncture.

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