March Hints and Hauls

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  1. MBrausen says:

    Woo Hoo! My Birthday so I’m working on treating someone nice!

    Hint: The person who will be receiving this package, lives in a state at historically takes in foreign people, but this time will be seeing some “foreign” beer πŸ™‚

  2. Fitzmke says:

    Looks like I’ve been picked! Here’s a link to my wants list:

  3. LostTraveler says:

    274oz! Wow!

    Yeah, It was extremely difficult to get it together with the on again, off again want list so I made some educated guesses and got some big hitters from around here and a pair of homebrews. I got some great extras recently in a trade which got me into the giving spirit so I threw a bunt of darts hoping they hit a mark or 2
    Hint: My targets city loves their cats and cars…

  4. matttttYCE says:

    Looks like I’ll be the first Haul of March. Picked up my box from FedEx hold earlier this morning. Thank you very much to Brian of Glencoe, IL for the box! Still not sure of your username or if you have even posted here. It’s nice box and a nice welcome back home from being out of town.
    – Breckenridge Vanilla Porter (Have had before, decent brew)
    – Two Brothers Resistance IPA (Sounds really good!)
    – Southern Tier Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale (Excited to try)
    – Victory HopDevil (Definitely an IPA I enjoy)
    – Summit IPA (Never had but sounds good)
    – Magic Hat #9 (Heard mixed reviews but looking forward to trying it)
    – Three Floyds Alpha King (Long time want, very excited for)
    – Three Floyds Jinx Proof Lager (Somehow hadn’t heard of it before now, but definitely excited to try)

    – Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Ale (Long time want, really looking forward to this!)

    – Great Divide Old Ruffian Barley Wine (Always enjoy this one and have been meaning to pick one up lately but haven’t, so now I don’t have to)
    – Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti (Another one I enjoy but haven’t had in a while)
    – Three Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf (Perma-want and one of my favorite DIPAs! Very much looking forward to having again!)

    Three Floyds pint glass (Such an awesome glass! Looking for drinking the Three Floyds brews out of it)

    Again, thanks Brian for the Three Floyds and IL love, and the rest of the brews! Looking forward to them all really. A nice and thoughtful box all around. Cheers!

  5. mjtiernan says:

    Got my haul! And I also have a good reason why I never saw my name on the target spreadsheet. My box came from Urbancaver!

    Central Waters Peruvian Morning (WANT)
    Zombie Dust (A Favorite)
    2010 Bell’s Eccentric Ale
    Bell’s Batch 9,000

    Deschutes Mirror Mirror (WANT)
    Ninsaki Oatis
    High Water Blind Spot

    ’09 Allagash Curieux (WANT)
    CC Marshal Zhukov

    2 Bell’s bumper stickers
    Louisville Beer Store tasting glass


    Thanks a ton Cam! Really sad to see this BIF go away but I really enjoyed them.

  6. MBrausen says:

    Hint #2: The person who will see this box, lives in a city that shares it’s name with a bridge…

    Hint #3: This person may be JUDGE-mental….

    The Person to get this, can scratch 6 off their list!

    You’ll see the package in 4-5 business days!

  7. jmagnus87 says:

    Got my haul from Jason today. Been sick for the last few days and I think this is just what will finally make me feel better.

    Weyerbacher Idiot’s Drool T-Shirt (Awesome!)
    Kate The Great Lotto Ticket – Unfortunately, not a winner 😦

    Little Guys:
    Founders Nemesis 2010 – Big Want!
    Founders KBS – Big Want!
    DFH 120 – Want!
    DFH Tweason’Ale – Haven’t tried it but it sounds great

    Bigger Guys:
    Firestone Walker XV – Big Want!
    Cigar City Guava Grove – Big Want!
    AleSmith Speedway Stout – Big Want!
    Sierra Nevada Fritz & Ken’s – Huge want! The last one I needed for the 30th anniversary series!
    Evolution Migration Series (Winter 2010 – Bourbon Barrel Dark Ale) – Never heard of it but if I had it would definitely have been a want!


    You absolutely nailed it with this box Jason. If you ever want to trade in the future let me know because I definitely owe you an arm and a leg for all this goodness. Not a single one of these beers can be found anywhere around here because, believe me, I’ve tried! Whoever gets Jason needs to hook him up big time. He is by far the most generous trader I’ve dealt with yet. Thanks again!

  8. BulbMan says:

    OK, after being one of the initial targets in January (thanks again, BrewtifulMind/Chad!), it’s time for the Bulbman to repay the favor as we get toward closing this thing out…

    Hint #1: The digits in my target’s zip code add up to more than 7 and less than 25

  9. cbeer88 says:

    I too have been called upon to help complete this BIF.

    Hint #1: My target lives in a state with a very popular growler only beer.

    Right about the 200oz limit (may have tipped the scales a wee bit…). I think there were about 7 wants and a couple of local favs.

    And not a hint, but the good news is you won’t have to wait very long. Your box is already in the hands of Fedex!

    • MBrausen says:

      This could be me, but unless Cam is jumping the gun to end this, my out-going package hasn’t touched down yet. Love some Town Hall πŸ™‚

  10. scalene says:

    hmmm… looks like I’m a potential candidate for cbeer88 and BulbMan… Anticipation!

  11. LostTraveler says:

    Hope you are talking about Marshalls Wharf’s growlers….

  12. freehafe says:

    I have no clue who my sender is at this point, but I’m just excited to be a part of this BIF.

  13. BulbMan says:

    Hint #2 for Bulbman’s target:

    Number of letters in destination city is +/- (5) letters vs. number of letters in destination state, but is not the same number of letters.

    Targeting today/tomorrow for shipment. More clues to follow.

    • Blargimus says:

      19 and +/- 2… could be me?

    • BulbMan says:

      Hint #3 for Bulbman’s target:

      2 of the 5 digits in my target’s zip are found in my zip, and those two digits appear in my target’s zip once each, and in my zip twice each. Second digit in both of our zip codes is the same.

      267 oz. including 8 wants and a desirable object, were launched this afternoon via UPS. ETA sometime next week. So if you’re within two days of metro ATL via UPS, you’re out.

  14. BulbMan says:

    I only have one 3 in my zip…

  15. cbeer88 says:

    Somebody has a box on the vehicle for delivery in a town where it’s 69 degrees with Thunderstorms today.

  16. Fitzmke says:

    Just dug into a awesome box from cbeer88!

    Lost abbey serpents stout(big want!)
    Lost abbey gift of the magi(want)
    Lost abbey red barn ale(want)
    The bruery saison de lente(want)
    Ipswich oatmeal stout
    Sixpoint resin(want)
    Troegs nugget nectar(big want!)
    Mayflower oatmeal stout
    Mayflower spring ale(not familiar with this brewery but can’t wait to dig in)
    Drie fonteien Oude geuze(want)
    1809 Berliner (want)
    Chimay goblet

    Cbeer really put a smile on my face with this one. Great box and I can’t wait to get into these beers! Thanks a ton

    • cbeer88 says:


      Mayflower Spring Hop is sort of a lighter version of Nugget Nectar. Amber IPA of sorts… Very nice beer.

  17. BulbMan says:

    Hint #4 for Bulbman’s target:

    Total number of letters plus total number of vowels in destination state is less than 16.

  18. BulbMan says:

    Friday’s hint #5 for Bulbman’s target:

    Target has at least one common number that is found in both his/her zip and area codes. Might be two common numbers. Could even be more than two. But it’s at least one.

  19. LostTraveler says:

    I wish my target would announce they rec’d it. it landed a week ago, hope mine is already out and they arent waiting for my target to post they rec’d it.

  20. Blatantdream says:

    Received an awesome box today from mbrausen:


    Surly Abrasive Ale
    Surly Cynic
    Surly Furious


    Deschutes Abyss 2011

    Surly Smoked Lager

    Steel Toe Brewing Size 7 IPA

    Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout

    Firestone Velvet Merlin

    Dark Horse Fore Smoked Stout

    Dark Horse Black Ale

    2 Bell’s Hopslam

    Swag: 2 Central Waters Pint Glasses.

    Mike: You rock! Exactly what I was hoping; everything I can not get locally. Love them all. πŸ™‚

  21. BulbMan says:

    Saturday’s hint #6 for Bulbman’s target:

    Package has made it to the delivery state, and is set to be delivered on Monday to a guy with at least two occurrences of the digit (0) in his mailing address.

  22. Blargimus says:

    Arrived home today to find a massive box in the lobby. Almost threw out my back picking it up, jeez! My suspicions were confirmed – Bulbman has done a MIGHTY impressive job with this one. I don’t have my camera with me, but I’ll post the monster haul tomorrow. Thanks a ton, Bulbman!

    • Blargimus says:

      12 oz:
      2x Terrapin Moo Hoo*
      Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster*
      2x Terrapin Wake n’ Bake (2010 AND 2011!)*
      Duck-Rabbit Baltic Porter
      2x Cigar City Jai Alai*
      Red Brick Wee Heavy
      Red Brick Old Stock Ale
      Founders Porter*

      22 oz:
      Sweetwater 15
      Southern Tier Unearthly IIPA*
      Southern Tier Choklat*
      Jailhouse Community Service
      Troegs Flying Mouflan*

      750 ml:
      Bruery/Cigar City Dos Costas Oeste – Lemonwood Aged

      Cigar City Snifter!

      Bulbman hit 8 wants, and ended up sending a whopping 267 oz of beer! I can say without a doubt that I’m looking forward to every one of these. I guess he already got his box, but if not I’d ask for someone to blow up his porch.

      I’m sad to see this BIF go the way of the dodo. It was even more fun than I was expecting, and I hope something like it continues. Thanks again, Bulbman, and thanks again, Cam!

    • BulbMan says:

      Cheers! Enjoy.

  23. Beerverage says:

    LostTravler’s box was awesome. Sorry it took so long to post, thought I did already.

  24. SpillyBeers says:

    My sender must not like the whole hints part because surely I would’ve seen something by now.

  25. SpillyBeers says:

    To my sender:
    I got an email from cam implying i shouldve received my box but i have not. If I was sopossed to receive my box can you please contact me or cam to get this straightened out. Thanks

    If it is still on its way, please disregard this

  26. urbancaver says:

    according to my records still waiting are:
    losttraveler (just went on the list)
    netdigger2 (once the package for spillybeers lands…. eta tomorrow)
    spillybeers (on its way)
    freehafe (checking on status)
    boystownbrewing (soon…)
    scalene (shipped)
    jsilva (shipping this week… will confirm status)

    am I missing anyone?

  27. CooperEllis says:

    My Target…Has posted in this thread.

    My Target….Wears a BeerAdvocate Medium, aka XL

    My Target…Has not posted in the BIF thread on BA

    My Target…will not be landing many ‘wants’, but the one want I can certainly hit should hopefully make up for that.

    • MBrausen says:

      Hoping this is me! I had some hard wants and I believe I was the last person on the list to give my shirt size.

  28. CooperEllis says:

    There are 1445 miles between my targets home town and the home town of a brewery that will be represented by 4 bottles and 77.2oz of beer.

    • MBrausen says:

      Hmm…. After reading this, checking your location in NY, I see that it is 1444 miles between myself in Bloomington MN and Portsmouth NH… They make some nice quality beer there from what I have heard…. πŸ™‚

  29. SpillyBeers says:

    Received a box today from netdigger2

    Here’s the haul,
    Terrapin wake and bake(couldn’t really find this around my area this year)
    Ipswich oatmeal stout (look forward to trying this)
    Clownshoes vampire slayer (been meaning to pick this one up)
    Westbrook ipa
    Westbrook white thai
    Westbrook vanilla tree dubbel
    Rj rockers black perle
    Terrapin double feature
    Lakefront big easy imperial maibock
    Red brick smoked vanilla gorilla

    And a sweet cigar city cap.
    Thanks for the box. Mostly beers I haven’t tried before.

  30. kzoobrew says:

    Better late than never for some hints I suppose.

    A box should arrive on the left coast tomorrow. Box is full of Michigan beers focusing on the hops and bigger roasted malt beers. A couple may be barrel ages but all of them are delicious.


    • scalene says:

      Nice box, thanks!

      Got a Two Hearted pint glass and a Bell’s tasting notebook…

      Oh yeah, there was beer too!

      Founders: Curmudgeon’s Better Half, KBS, Imperial Stout, Porter, Breakfast Stout, All Day IPA, Double Trouble
      Dark Horse: Plead the Fifth, Crooked Tree, Double Crooked Tree
      Shorts: ControveriAle, Raising Apollo, Huma Lupalicious

      Unfortunately a bottle of Expedition Stout was a casualty, but on the plus side, the box and packaging didn’t reveal any hints of damage, so the only real problem it caused was making the opening a bit more messy

      The box definitely hit the types of beers I like and a couple of them were consumed today. Thanks again!

  31. jsilva says:

    My sender lives west of me and hasnt posted in the thread yet. He has never visited my state but hopes to one day. He likes long walks on the bea……………….. wait I dont think im supposed to give reverse hints out am I ?

  32. crabbicuss says:

    Still have my fingers crossed for a box.

  33. freehafe says:

    Awesome haul from Bob (BobCS) arrived as a surprise today. Was expecting a small package from Fedex and was excited to see the delivery man come up the driveway with a monster box as well.

    – AleSmith Wee Heavy (want)
    – Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela (want, I love pumpkin beers and while I can get this in town, I’m stoked to get this beer. I keep saying I need to try this, but always forget to buy it or buy something else. Now I’m out of excuses to not try this.)

    – Firestone Β§ucaba (huge want)
    – Hoppin’ Frog Barrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. Oatmeal Imperial Stout (want)
    – Southern Tier oak aged unearthly Imperial India Pale Ale (should be want)
    – Southern Tier gemini Imperial Blended Ale (should be want)

    – Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (huge want)

    – Surly Coffee Bender (want)
    – Surly Furious (want)

    – Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2009 (want)
    – 2x Ithaca Flower Power IPA (big want, one of my favorite IPAs)
    – 2x TrΓΆegs Nugget Nectar (want)
    – 2x Oskar Blues Old Chub (want)

    – Excelsior! Tulip Glass (huge want, I love brewery glassware)

    Thanks Bob for an awesome box, for hitting so many wants, and putting a lot of thought into what to send. This is what is so great about BIFs.


    • BobCS says:

      I’m so glad it arrived safely and that you like what I sent! I meant to leave hints, but I headed out on a business trip right after sending the box, and unfortunately I can’t access this site with my work laptop AND didn’t remember that until I was just getting ready to post.


  34. CooperEllis says:

    Box is been delayed until I return from a trip to help my brother move. Should be on the FedEx truck on Monday and delivered no later than Thursday. All locals that are along my trip – should have no fewer than 5 states represented.

  35. crabbicuss says:

    I received a nice surprise Thursday night. Came home to an awesome box from baconsausage. I was super stoked when I saw the return address was VT. This box was all wants and bacon hit some biggies. The haul:

    Big Boys:

    750 Mini-Growler (flip top) Hill Farmstead Edward (WOW I am speechless)
    750 Mini-Growler (flip top) Hill Farmstead Double Galaxy (SERIOUSLY?)

    22 oz Lawson’s Finest Big Hapi (BIG WANT)
    22 oz Lawson’s Finest Permagrin (ANOTHER BIG WANT)
    22 oz Drakes Denoginizer (BIG WANT, had the Aroma Coma and loved it)

    375 ml Maine Brewing Lunch (HUGE WANT)

    16’s and 12’s:

    (2) 16 oz Heady Toppers (MASSIVE WANT and I got 2!!!)
    16 oz Surly Abrassive (Perma WANT)
    12 oz Drakes IPA (WANT)

    One Bad Ass tumbler glass from The Alchemist Brewery

    A huge thanks to baconsausage for this fantastic box. Massive wants were hit and everything is super fresh. I never thought I’d be able to get my hands on some of these brews. Due to bacon’s huge generosity I have been gifted the opportunity for some out of this world beer sampling.

    Thanks a ton Tucker, you are the man!!!

  36. CooperEllis says:

    I believe I’m come up one state short – surprisingly my own! I’ve got Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut all shipping tomorrow morning.

    Swag is coming in this box. If it doesn’t make it, let me know and I’ll send a supplemental…. It’s a total ‘hat tip’ to Cam. And no, it’s not a hat.

    Box hints:

    At least three offerings are in non bomber format. The rest are in bomber format. At least one from each of the states. The same brewery is represented in frequently (half of the box comes from 2 breweries, the rest of the box has no duplication). One inclusion could not have been made without this trip and another was totally accidentally stumbled upon as a result of this trip.

  37. urbancaver says:

    3 boxes are in the air (or rather.. on the highway…)
    2 more are being packed up and will be out soon!

    Still waiting:
    losttraveler (en route)
    MBrausen (en route)
    jsilva (en route)


  38. MBrausen says:

    Hoping I see this soon! I keep getting excited to go to work! This can’t last forever! πŸ™‚

  39. LostTraveler says:

    Can’t wait….

  40. LostTraveler says:

    Im like a puppy every time I hear a big truck drive by I think its Fedex for me. Then get sad when I see Fedex drive by but not stop.

  41. I’m shipping to a someone who’s wants are all locals to him so I’m just going to send a nice box of stuff! His town has one of my favorite liquor stores in the world!
    11 bottles all 750s or 22s.(i think i’m breaking a rule here… )
    1 of my fav pieces of beer shwag.
    Will arrive next week:)

  42. MBrausen says:

    Hmmm… 2 weeks since Cam told me mine was coming… UPS already came today…. Come on FedEX!!! Crossing my fingers πŸ™‚

  43. CooperEllis says:

    Well, I realized AFTER THIS ARRIVED that I hadn’t indicated my BA handle anywhere….

    so, what up. MBrausen – your BOX has Landed!

    • MBrausen says:

      Not a problem! Your hints allowed me to do some digging and figure it out!

      AWESOME BOX! Considering how many beers I have had from the East coast, and that I have had some of these breweries, you managed to get me NO REPEATS of beers I have had before! So I will get to try everything for the first time. This is going to be great!

      Here’s some beer porn laying on my messy desk at work:

      12oz cans:
      2x Gaudhi-bot DIPA

      Portsmouth Belgium Style Abbey
      Portsmouth Black Cat Stout
      Portsmouth Grand Cru (Awesome!)
      Clown Shoes Lubrication Black Ale (I love Clown Shoes! Excited to see how this follows up Hoppy Feet 1.5!)
      Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp belgian ipa
      Divine Brown coffee brown ale
      Cadillac Mountain Stout (Excited to try this, never heard of it before!)
      Maine Beer Co. IPA (Had Peeper Ale and liked it a lot!

      Portsmouth Kate the Great (AWESOME!)

      2 crazy looking Weihenstephan imperial pint glasses.

      Awesome box man! This is really good looking stuff! I can’t wait to try it all! Thanks! Joh!John!

      • CooperEllis says:

        Glad I hit some ‘not hads’. I was going off of your reviews (of which there aren’t many) and tried to find styles you liked but beers you hadn’t reviewed.

        The Kate is 11.2oz
        The Lunch (I believe March 22nd bottling) is a 500ml bottle from MBCo
        The Grand Cru and Black Cat Stout are both recent bottlings as well, as evidenced by the 20th Anniversary label on the bottles.

        Hat Tip Cam: So those two Weihenstephan glasses were something I’d been eyeing for a while. My local had them and when Cam came to town we bought a bunch of bottles and took a few of the glasses as well (their beer guy routinely tells me to take glassware, it’s not ‘for sale’ just stuff they have received from distro and give to customers). Anyway, I wanted to ship you a Portsmouth snifter but those damn things are so fragile. Yours was the 2nd one I’ve had break in transit from the Brewery to my house. So instead you got a pair of swervey World Cup pilsners and got shorted two more Gandhi-bots – which I consumed after packing your box.

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