What Is A BIF?

Welcome to my site! If you’re new to the BIFing world or you just want to be up to date on whats going on please take a moment to fill out this form if you haven’t already:
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On the tabs above you’ll find info about all of the BIF’s I’m currently running. The rules and timelines are posted there. If you’re an experienced trader take a look and feel free to sign up for any of the BIFs that are open!

If you’re a new trader take a moment to check out Alewatcher’s Blog

BIFs are a form of indirect trade. They’re designed around a set of rules that all participants are required to adhere to. Beyond those rules the whole point of a BIF is to pay forward the good fortune you’ve had in the beer world and hook up your target as best you can! BIF’s are NOT about getting top value for your trade fodder and are NOT a competition to see who has the bigger beer balls. Of course… there are acceptions… Some BIFs are designed as competitions, etc but that is not the general trend.

In a BIF a certain number of participants enter in and are assigned a target. You could be shipping to the same person you’re receiving from but in most cases you aren’t! You put together a box following the rules and using your target’s “wants” list and favourite style as a guideline. Then you can post hints in the “hints and hauls” thread eluding to who your target is and what they might be receiving. A good portion of the fun of BIFs comes from this hinting and guessing!

In some (many) BIFs, everyone ships around the same time. This is called “shotgun” style. Other BIFs are run as a chain where the second person ships only after they’ve received their box. This is called “traditional” style. There are also several variations on these styles.

Some BIFs require more experience/access/cellar fodder and aren’t available to everyone. For example the Brewery Release BIF requires you to attend one (or several) brewery release events. Others require you to have a TON of experience. For example the Birthday BIF requires you to send a solid package EVERY MONTH for a year… These BIFs are not for new traders or even people new to BIFs typically.

The N00B BIF is designed specifically for new traders and is the best way to gain BIF experience. Check out the N00B BIF info!

When building a BIF box please try to avoid sending beers your target can easily acquire locally! Consult NickD’s Distribution List

If you have questions or comments feel free to post them here! I will do my best to answer them.

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