Desaparecido’s Haul (May)

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  1. urbancaver says:

    I’ve started putting together my box for May already 🙂
    Should be a good one!

  2. davesway10 says:

    Mine is in the works as well, Possibly late next week.

  3. Desaparecido says:

    If you have spare Stickers lying around send them my way or spare Rares. =)

  4. mdfb79 says:

    You’re always the most difficult Ed since you live so close! I pulled some beers from the cellar and bought a few things in NJ not sold around here last weekend, including a few Wants, so your box is all ready 🙂

    I’m out of town this weekend but let me know when you are free and hopefully we can meet up for a beer and I can give you your box. If not I can always stop by and drop it off.

    Thorpe and I are getting some beers at FireWorks in Arlington this Thursday if interested in joining as well!



    • Desaparecido says:

      We’ll definitely have to catch up soon. Can’t make Thursday as I’m going to watch Avengers that day. Maybe next weekend.

  5. urbancaver says:

    my box should land today 🙂

  6. Desaparecido says:

    First box has dropped. Here’s the haul.

    2 X Central Waters Bourbon Barley WIne (2012)*
    Great Lakes BA Blackout Stout (2012)*
    Russian River Redemption (Batch 8)
    Russian River Salvation (Batch 10)
    Red Hook Treble Hook (2010)
    Thomas Hardy’s Ale (1996)***

    Great selection of wants and favorites. So excited to try the Hardy’s Ale with the couple newer one’s I have in the cellar. Thanks again Cam.

  7. davesway10 says:

    Every intention of having your package out on Monday. 🙂 Enjoy

  8. normyk says:

    I’m shipping tomorrow probably. Gotta figure out what all I’m throwing in.

    • normyk says:

      Landing tomorrow it should be. Full of tasty beers it is.

      • Desaparecido says:

        First the bad news. One beer did not make it. I want to say it was a homebrew I didn’t recognize the label. This crushes me since I’ve enjoyed all of them in the past.
        Now the good news. I won’t be missing that bottle because normyk killed it as usual with the other beers. Here they are.
        Kuhnhenn BA 4D*
        Kuhnhenn Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine*
        2011 Goose Island BCS*
        Dark Horse BB Plead the Fifth*
        De Struise Sint Amatus 12*
        Hoppin’ Frog BA Naked Evil BBW*
        New Glarus Raspberry Tart*
        That is a whole lot of wants. Nobody feel bad about duplicates of any of these beers in future boxes. Thanks again for normyk for your generosity.

        • normyk says:

          Noooooooo! I have NEVER had a beer not make it. I feel awful. Especially since I packed the box in like 10 minutes. Color me depressed.

          At least it was just a Cellar Rats Impy Stout. No. Big. Loss.

          Glad the good stuff all survived – enjoy!

          • Desaparecido says:

            No worries at all. The box looked perfectly packed. It was just some bad luck. Thanks again for all the great beer.

  9. davesway10 says:

    Package is out the door, should be arriving Friday. Enjoy

    • davesway10 says:

      Or maybe even on Thursday

      • Desaparecido says:

        Beer has dropped (figuratively). Here is the damage (figuratively).
        Troegs Nugget Nectar
        2012 Central Waters Peruvian Morning*
        2011 Brooklyn Monster Ale
        New Glarus Abt
        2010 & 2011 Two Brothers Bare Tree
        Ballast Point Victory at Sea*
        Alesmith Speedway Stout*
        Jolly Pumpkin Noel de Calabaza

        What a great set of beers. Thanks a ton for the wants and other beers. Haven’t had Bare Tree in some time and the two year vert is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

  10. Brad says:

    Package should be out the door tomorrow (technically today).

  11. Brandon says:

    bought the last beer for the box today, then spent 4 hours at the hospital due to another back issue. If I personally cant pack it tomorrow, I will have another BA pack it wednesday. Apologies, but I will make up for it.

    • Desaparecido says:

      No apologies necessary, take your time. I have plenty of beer to get me through the year. =) I just threw out my back yesterday and it was real tough to get a couple of boxes I owed to FedEx. Feel better.

  12. Desaparecido says:

    I’ve already talked to Dan and Hayden about there boxes. I’ll meet up with Dan sooner or later. I’ve been slow in my attempts to communicate with him. I know Hayden is on vacation and will hook me up when he gets back. Thanks for the clear communication everybody.

  13. jyounger30 says:


    Your box is tracking for delivery tomorrow.

    Cheers! Jay Young

    • Desaparecido says:

      I want to say this box weighed about a ton. Here is the list that broke my back.
      Hoppin’ Frog BA Naked Evil BBW*
      Terrapin 2012 Special Anniversary Ale
      Port Brewing Hop 15
      Jail House Brewing Mugshot IPA
      Jail House Brewing Hard Time Barleywine Style Ale

      Terrapin Easy Rider
      Terrapin Hopzilla
      Bells Two Hearted Ale
      Founders Double Trouble
      BFM Spike & Jerome
      Lost Abbey Deliverance Ale*

      That’s a ton of beer. Lot’s of stuff I’ve never tried and never pulled the trigger on buying. Thanks again for the beer.

    • Desaparecido says:

      And a ton of stickers and a Terrapin glass. Man I need to really take my time entering in this information. I just get so excited to share. =)

      • jyounger30 says:

        Glad you liked everything! You had a challenging wants list for me, so I tried to grab a few odd beers. Cheers! Jay

  14. Desaparecido says:

    Box has been delivered.
    Alesmith Decadence
    Alesmith Old Numbskull
    Firestone Wookey Jack
    Ballast Point Victory at Sea*

    Russian River Tulip*

    Thanks a ton Rob. The Beatification was a very welcome surprise. Haven’t had the Decadence or Wookey Jack, I’m excited to try them.

  15. Brandon says:

    my box shows a delivery of Wed. Will keep tabs on it.

    • Desaparecido says:

      Box has landed and it couldn’t have been heavier. First the bad news, no stickers =.(. Just kidding. This box was stellar. Here are the beers.

      64oz (Growlers)
      Minneapolis Town Hall IPA
      Minneapolis Town Hall Hefe
      Three Floyds 2012 Dark Lord* (keeps the vertical going)
      2 X Furious Cans*
      Founders 2012 KBS
      2 X Odell’s Myrcenary*
      Kuhnhenn BA 4D*
      Sierra Nevada 2006-2010 Celebration Ale

      What a cool package to get. I’ve always wanted to put some Celebration down to age and never have. The growlers are awesome and I can’t wait to dig into them. Put one in the fridge so that I can polish it off before the US vs. Brazil game tonight. Thanks a ton Brandon, I owe you for this great package.

  16. biglobo8971 says:

    shows delivered, let me know when you jump in to it. Sorry for the tardiness, but I through in a specific beer in the box because I felt bad for it.

  17. urbancaver says:

    Looks like we’re waiting on:
    and retail

    is that correct?

    • Desaparecido says:

      MDF and Retail have made contact. Both are on it this week. Thanks for keeping up on the BIF.

      • mdfb79 says:

        Yup, box has been ready for a few weeks, just let me know when yuo want me to drop it off or when you want to meet up Ed. 🙂


  18. Desaparecido says:

    mdfb79 has sent me a list of the beers in his box and will deliver tomorrow. It’s my fault we haven’t been able to meet up and share a beer.
    Batch 6 RR Temptation
    2011 Deschutes Abyss
    2012 Central Water’s Peruvian Morning
    Ballast Point Victory at Sea
    Cricket Reserve #17: Bourbon BA RIS
    Port Mongo
    Peak XV BA Imperial Porter
    Thanks again a ton Dan. I could drink Abyss, Temptation and Victory at Sea all day long. See you at the Funky Buddha/Cigar City event tomorrow.

  19. davesway10 says:

    Still have 2 to go ?

  20. Desaparecido says:

    Retail is on it as far as his beer box. Haven’t heard from Ajsdad yet.

  21. Desaparecido says:

    Ajsdad should hit this weekend as well. I’m out of town, but will update on Sunday. Have a great weekend everybody.

  22. Desaparecido says:

    Received my haul from Hayden (Retail). Here is the 100 pound box I received.
    2 X Great Lakes Blackout Stout
    Brooklyn 2005-2008 Monster Stout
    Terrapin Wake n’Bake
    Firestone Abacus
    Fireston Sucaba
    Schlafly 2005 & 2007 Imperial Stout
    The Bruery White Oak
    512 Brewing Whiskey BA Double Pecan Porter*

    Thanks for all the beer Hayden, it’s much appreciated. Leaves one box to go and it should land by Saturday.

  23. Desaparecido says:

    Received box from AJsdad but didn’t get a chance to write them down before coming in to work today. I’ll post tonight.

  24. Brad says:

    Just checking back in to see if you enjoyed everything.

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