The results of Round 2 are in!

Only 92% of participants submitted rankings within the required window.


I’m working on an interesting new statistic to add to the rankings as well that may be even more meaningful 🙂

Matches will go out soon. Many whales matched!

2 Responses to 2.0

  1. furthurgone says:

    Is this list closed. I was out of town camping when the signups went out. I have a Eclipse Iced I’d like to add if possible.

  2. slaphappysnark says:

    To my sender–I’m going to be on vacation from May 8-22. I gave Cam my work address and will give our admin a heads-up, so the box will be fine, but I won’t be touching it until May 23 or later. So feel free to ship late, and don’t freak out when there is no instant whale porn.

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