January Hints and Hauls

Here is the space for posting hints and hauls for January!

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Hauls this month:

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  1. Hint #1: My target wears the same size T-shirt as me

  2. Sidebordz says:

    Hint #1: My target has been on BA longer than I have!

  3. usofar says:

    This is my first BIF so my box will likely be better than my clues.

    Hint #1: My targets want list appears to be current and I’m sure he’ll enjoy a box full of wants.

  4. usofar says:

    Hint #2: My BIF box will be making a transcontinental journey.

  5. BulbMan says:

    Hmm. I would probably qualify as cross-country from usofar…

  6. usofar says:

    The box is done it goes out tomorrow via FedEx ground.

    Hint #3: My box is going to a state that’s used to post season play in all of it’s major sports.

  7. Hint #2: My Box is going to a state i frequently visit

  8. 1noa says:

    Packing up a box today that will be hitting several wants!

    Hint #1: It’s going west of Illinois…

  9. Sidebordz says:

    Hint #2- My target wears a larger shirt than I do.

  10. Sidebordz says:

    Also, my box will ship tomorrow and should land before the New year!

  11. Rivertooth says:

    Target received this morning.

    Hint #1: Target’s city is almost directly east of one of my all time favorite breweries and i hope to be sending some of there beers in their box….

  12. My Targets Box will likely be sent tomorrow

  13. 1noa says:

    Just got back from FedEx…wanted to make sure the beers would arrive before the New Year! I think it totaled 188 oz. and came in just over 25lbs. I think that is the most I’ve sent out since joining. Now I’m thirsty, so a quick hint, then I’m grabbing a beer.

    HINT #2: This package is heading south of Chicago…

  14. usofar says:

    Box shipped today via FedEx Ground but it has to go a long way so it won’t be there until next week.

    Hint #4: According to FedEx maps it will take more days to get there than 2.5 times the number of ounces your box is shy of the upper limit.

  15. funkyaudio says:

    Hint #1 my target has been on BA longer than me.

  16. jegross2 says:

    Hint #1: My BA is not from the same state.

  17. canadianghetto says:

    I am getting close to ready to ship to my target with a box full of a few wants and some great locals! Will hopefully get everything together shortly after the new year.

    Hint #1: I visited my target’s state in March 2009

  18. 1noa says:

    My Target’s box should be arriving tomorrow!

    HINT 3: My target lives in a state where a professional sports team moved to within the last 10 years.

  19. Sidebordz says:

    Hint #3- My Box is in Fed Ex’s posession, and will stay in the same time zone as shipped from!

  20. 1noa says:

    Just a little bit further, box just made a pit-stop in Kansas…

  21. 1noa says:

    On the vehicle for delivery…

    Final Hint: this box is going to a town that is the hometown of a medal winning Olympic gymnast…


  22. Funkyaudio says:

    Hint #2 My target has the same favorite style as me.

  23. Thirstyherf says:

    i just saw all the hint on the website, lol. here is the haul

    It seems I may have received the first box in this BIF! Thanks to 1NOA for a great box! I got a call from the office after having left for the long weekend that a rather large box had been delivered. So back to the office I went! It took me a few minutes to figure out why Noa had sent me a box…then it hit me, the NOOB BIF. Here is the haul, thanks again Noa!!!

    Swag: half acre tulip (bad ass!!)

    CCB Marshall Zhukovs IS (want)
    CCB Warmer Winter Winter Warmer (want)

    FW Abacus (major want) one of my favorite beers of the year. I’ve had one left waiting for for the right time to crack it open.
    GI Fleur (love this stuff)
    Half Acre Big Hugs IS. (really excited about this one!)

    CW Mudpuppy Porter (love CW!)
    2x’s Founders Breakfast stout (always a want)
    Founders Dirty Bastard
    Two Brothers Domaine Dupage (excited about this, I’ve never had a bad beer from 2B’s)
    Metropolitan Brewing Krank Shaft Kolsch. (this will be my first beer from this brewery, woot!)

    Thanks again for the great and unexpected box!

  24. Sidebordz says:

    Hin #4- My box is set to land tomorrow….final hint….The box is headed to a place that still has an undefeated team in the NCAA mens basketball! Enjoy the Haul!

  25. Rivertooth says:

    I’ve wrapped up my targets box. A tough target to hit any wants for but a giant box of sours and imperial stouts is destined to leave the PNW on Monday.

    Hint #2:
    My target lives on the east coast in a state I’ve never had a beer from.

  26. canadianghetto says:

    My box is all packed and ready to ship. I decided to throw in a few things that were not easy to get that I had saved a couple of to age, but since that aging would go on in a 40 degree fridge it is probably best just to share them. I hit a couple of wants, and came just under the max at 195.4 oz. I hope it is cold where my target is since they have a lot of dark beers coming there way. Box will be on the way sometime next week after the new year.

    Hint #2: My target has reviewed a lot of beers that I have never had. One that they have reviewed that I actually have had is Brooklyn BCS. Unfortunately that one is one of my least favorite RIS, but it is so cheap I usually buy a 4-pack every year.

  27. BrewtifulMind says:

    My box is ready to be shipped on Monday, given that FedEx is open. If not, then I will ship Tuesday. It clocks in just a hair over the max at 201.7oz. I didn’t hit much of his favorite style, but I was able to hit 6 of his wants, 3 of which were updated recently, some locals, and a couple East-Coasters that aren’t distributed to his state. According to his profile, he loves the styles that I am shipping. Let’s just hope that he’ll be very “hoppy” with his box.

    Hint #1: My target lives in a state that was one of the original Thirteen Colonies

  28. BobCS says:

    I just received a fabulous haul today from sidebordz!

    Check it out:

    Top row:

    Shirt from Great South Bay Brewery

    Cigar City Brewing – Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout

    Cigar City Brewing – Jai Alai IPA – Cedar Aged (Humidor Series)

    Bottom row:

    Founders – Breakfast Stout

    Founders – Backwoods Bastard

    Founders – Harvest Ale

    (2x) Cigar City Brewing – Jai Alai IPA

    Stone 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black IPA

    Three Floyds Brewing Co. – Dreadnaught IPA

    Three Floyds Brewing Co. – Alpha King Pale Ale

    Dogfish Head – 120 Minute IPA

    Goose Island – Bourbon County Brand Stout

    What a phenomenal box full of wants and so perfect for me! I’ll be enjoying at least one of the IPAs on New Years for sure.

    Blake – Thank you so much!

  29. Brystmar says:

    Putting together the finishing touches on my target’s box today and tomorrow, planning to ship 201.4oz on Monday!

    Hint #1: Although my target has a younger account, he’s completed more trades & BIFs than me.

  30. DaBubs says:

    My box goes out Tuesday (FedEx closed Monday) to a BA with over 100 listed wants.

  31. Great stuff so far, can’t wait to get in on this one!!

  32. My box will also likely be sent out on Tuesday and may be slightly above the limit but i felt like adding a couple locals that did not meet the requirements.

  33. DaBubs says:

    Hint #2: My target is not alcaponejunior, but is a BA Magazine subscriber.

  34. GuisseppeFranco says:

    My box is packed and ready for shipping tomorrow afternoon.

    Hint #1 My target’s has nearly 40 people that he considers excellent traders.

  35. Aiptasia says:

    hint # 1: My target has a favorite style that is really obscure to find in bottle form.

  36. SeanWhite says:

    I am finishing up my target’s box tomorrow and shipping out very soon.

    Hint #1: My target lives in the town of one of my favorite breweries, that is not distributed in the state I currently live

  37. usofar says:

    Just checked on tracking and my box is estimated to land tomorrow. I was hoping it would get there today since the other boxes I sent last week ended up getting there 2-3 days earlier than their estimated delivery dates.

    Hit #5: One of my favorite baseball players played in his state and is currently working for the team on which he played in a coaching role. This player helped my favorite team win a championship even though he didn’t play on my favorite team.

  38. brystmar says:

    My boxes are on their way! Next hint: my target has reviewed at least one beer already in 2012.

    • urbancaver says:

      Well, I’m one of the few that *technically* applies to… Though, my two reviews were actually before midnight my time… BA just runs on GMT so it was Jan 1st on the server.

      Also, fun fact, my two Jan 1st reviews were the beers I brewed with a buddy of mine at Saugatuck Brewing special for a wedding! First commercial batch I’ve done πŸ™‚

  39. DaBubs says:

    Hint #3: My target has reviewed 4 of my Wants and 4 of my Gots on BA, and has never reviewed a cask beer.

  40. Aiptasia says:

    Hint #2: My target’s swag only comes in men’s sizes.

  41. GuisseppeFranco says:

    Package has been sent!!!

    Hint #2 My target’s city is the birthplace to one of the best guitarists ever.

  42. Rivertooth says:

    My targets package has left today on UPS ground. It’s ETA is one week from today do to it traveling from coast to coast. Transcontinental box of imperial stouts and west coast sours enroute….

    Hint # 3: According to google maps I would travel 2,873 miles from where I’m typing to where I’m shipping my box.

  43. nachojon says:

    Getting a box together here. I feel so lucky to be hitting my targets wants so hard.
    My box is headed south of me.
    My favorite baseball team has played this state’s baseball team in the playoffs in the last 3 years, but not last year.

  44. canadianghetto says:

    My target’s box is on its way! It should be at their doorsteps Thursday or Friday. Hope you enjoy my box even though I couldn’t hit very many wants.

    Hint #3: My target’s state has an NFL team that is playing in a playoff game next weekend in the wild card round.

  45. My targets box is slated to arrive in the next day or 2 and weighed in a a massive 29.7 pounds


  46. DaBubs says:

    Hint #4: My box is scheduled to arrive Friday in a city that has 10 letters in its name.

  47. nachojon says:

    Just went to pick up one of my targets wants, it’s a “run across the street and grab a sixer” beer here, but unavailable in my target’s area. Oh, and it’s delicious, a King not only in name but in quality, you only get two buddy…gotta mix it up right?

  48. apollokim says:

    My target’s wants list is full of stuff I’ve never heard of much less have access to getting. And his favorite style is one I’m not so familiar with. So…winging it. Sending the best from New England. Stopped reading his google doc of hads after a few pages because it appears he’s tried just about every beer on the freaking planet.

    If that didn’t give it away here’s a hint-I’m going to my targets state in a few weeks to have dinner at a restaurant that sells tickets instead of taking reservations.

  49. jegross2 says:

    Hint: My target had a college from his state in a bowl game. He will be receiving one beer that has been so popular, it never accumulates dust.

  50. jegross2 says:

    I suppose I should post a new hint, since my old one was from a day ago.

    My target lives in a state that touches water. Three of the beers he is to receive can only be bought in one state. Two of those rank in the top 100.

  51. jegross2 says:

    Another hint, since I am leaving for mexico and cannot leave any others.

    My box weighs 21 pounds, and is scheduled to be delivered on the 6th. The tracking number is a jumble of the following numbers, which have randomly been scrambled:
    0 0 0 0 1 1 1 3 3 4 5 5 5 7 9

    The box contains one beer that celebrates an anniversary.

  52. Aiptasia says:

    Box has been shipped and is in Transit!

    Hint #3: The box is making a cross country trek…

  53. usofar says:

    MY box should be delivered today.

    Hint #5: Linkedin has a page that identified someone with my target’s name as a CTO and Founder of their own company.

  54. jegross2 says:

    Im in a taxi and stuck in traffic, so i thought i’d put up another hint before Mexico —

    My BIF target is from a state I reviewed 0 beers from, and it has a major league baseball team in it. That state’s team has been to the world series in the last 25 years.

    My box also contains a beer that’s good enough to eat for breakfast.

  55. Brewtifulmind says:

    My box is shipping out tonight. Work has been crazy and I was unable to ship the last couple of days. It also appears to me that I am unable to count. After taking another tally of the contents of my box, it appears to total at 223.7 oz. This is why I’m studying art and not math haha.

    Hint #2: My targets state shares the same first name as one of my favorite artist/photographer.

  56. nachojon says:

    My box is complete, just going to pack up and ship tomorrow. Your state’s baseball team (well the one that matters) just hired a new manager.

  57. brystmar says:

    Final hint: my target seems to have requested a FedEx delivery exception today for his box. That should narrow it down a little! πŸ˜‰

  58. funkyaudio says:

    My box is on Fedex vehicle for delivery out of seaford deleware.

    • tchaos says:

      oh my….I lived in Seaford as a co-op in the late ’80s. Guess your target like Surf Fishing…

  59. canadianghetto says:

    I am waiting to see some more hauls soon! My box is still in transit and I am hoping it gets to my target this weekend. One more hint, so if my target is reading he will probably figure it out…

    Hint #4: My target drank/reviewed Surly Furious on NYE.

  60. DaBubs says:

    Hint #5: I hope my target will share his haul (which should arrive tomorrow) with friends, but I expect him to be a pig about it and drink most of it himself.

  61. I admit I have not figured out who is sending to me, though I know my name was chosen off the list! So thirsty!!!

  62. nachojon says:

    If RR had three sisters then they would be what?
    According to me they are in my target’s box.

  63. GuisseppeFranco says:

    My box is scheduled to land Tuesday across the country from me…

    Hint #3 My target celebrated the new year by adding a Gueuze to his Wants.

  64. nachojon says:

    Box is at fedex and ready to go, 175.4 ounces. There’s a 750 in the box. 7 wants hit. 5 in the top 100. I think 4 in top 50. I think you will like it. I think the football team in your state changed uniforms in the past 10 years and I think they haven’t won a Super Bowl since.

  65. cbeer88 says:

    And one hell of a haul has landed from usofar!

    750ml Bruery Melange #3 (big want)
    750ml Bruery Trois Poules Francais (wasn’t on my radar but I’m drooling)
    750ml Bruery Smoking Wood (big want)
    22oz Fifty Fifty Eclipse Elijah Craig (Probably my #1 want right now)
    22oz Deschutes Abyss (want)
    22oz Alaskan Smoked Porter (want)
    22oz Alpine Nelson (want)
    22oz Bootleggers Knuckle Sandwich (great beer, had it once, looking forward to it again)
    12oz More Brown Than Black Collab (Stone/Alchemist/Ninkasi)

    FW pint glass
    Bruery keychain (I am possibly more psyched about this than the great beers. I am insanely picky about my keychain bottle openers. I don’t like bulky things on my keychain, and the teeth are so worn down on my current one that I desperately need a new one. This is perfect.)


    Crazy, crazy, crazy haul here – way above and beyond. Thank you for nailing so many (huge and rare) wants.

    Congratulations usofar – there’s nothing at all N00B about this box. Thank you!

    – cbeer88

    • 1noa says:

      Very nice, Good looking Haul!

    • usofar says:

      Wow, I wasn’t expecting this much excitement. I looked through the wants of all the available targets and I had to flip a coin between you and Bulbman. I wanted to include a Bruery Tulip glass as your swag, but I couldn’t figure out a way to pack it safely all in one box (see still a NOOB), I have the same bottle opener and figured it was good enough for me it was good enough for swag. Out of the IPAs the Nelson is about 3 weeks old and the Knuckle Sandwich is from the mid December release.

      • cbeer88 says:

        I actually really like the FW pint glass…

        You can usually fit tulips/bubble glasses into styro shippers with a small bit of surgery. Don’t be afraid to carve a bit of styro out of one of the holes. It doesn’t ruin the shipper as the next person can just use that spot to send off another oversized glass. It also still works fine for beer with a little bit of extra newspaper/bubble wrap in that spot next time.

    • urbancaver says:

      VERY nice haul!
      *This is what BIFs are all about… making a great box that your target will love*

    • Thirstyherf says:

      Very well done!! Great haul! The Bruery collab has me drooling as well, ISO!!

  66. Rivertooth says:

    Awesome box usofar!!!

  67. GuisseppeFranco says:

    Geez. I’ve never heard of half of those beers. I truly am a noob. My target is gonna probably laugh at my petty attempt to quench his thirst. 😦

  68. BulbMan says:

    That is a mighty, mighty fine haul, cbeer88.

    usofar, keep up the great work my friend – unbelievable effort!

  69. nachojon says:

    My target must not be a sports fan. One of my favorite actors was born in my target’s state. In one of my favorite movies he said…”We will be cruel to the Germans, and through our cruelty they will know who we are. And they will find the evidence of our cruelty in the disemboweled, dismembered, and disfigured bodies of their brothers we leave behind us. And the German won’t not be able to help themselves but to imagine the cruelty their brothers endured at our hands, and our boot heels, and the edge of our knives. And the German will be sickened by us, and the German will talk about us, and the German will fear us. And when the German closes their eyes at night and they’re tortured by their subconscious for the evil they have done, it will be with thoughts of us they are tortured with. Sound good?”

  70. urbancaver says:

    Looks like I have a box waiting for me! I’ll post a haul this afternoon πŸ™‚

    • brystmar says:

      Glad you’re on top of this — I got another delivery exception email from FedEx this AM and was getting concerned. Hope you like the box!

  71. slvrmon82 says:

    got a great package from Jim (FunkyAudio)

    Bruery 4 calling birds (want)
    FFF Moloko Stout (want)
    FFF Baller Stout (huge want)
    Goose Island Night Stalker
    Founders Breakfast Stout x3
    Bells Expedition Stout
    Half Acre Daisy Cutter Cans x2
    and a pack of 3 Floyds playing cards. Thanks a bunch and just in time for my 30th birthday on Sunday!!!

    Cheers, Matt

    oh, and a great terrapin shirt!!

  72. Aiptasia says:

    Just checked the delivery status of my box. It’s set to be delivered next Wednesday, 1/11/2012.

    Hint #4: My target hasn’t reviewed a beer on BA since the summer of 2011, but is online right now!

  73. CooperEllis says:

    Haul from CanadianGhetto who hit the nail on the head; I figured this out w/ the Surly Furious review hint! Of course, I just read that hint now…Excellent box of TX goodies, I believe 5 different Texas breweries.

    Jester King – Black Metal
    ’11 Abyss; Black Butte XXIII; Rahr & Sons BBA Winter Warmer ’11; GD Smoked Baltic Porter ’11; Ranger Creek Mesquite Smoked Porter ’11 (batch 005);
    Obsidian Stout; Real Ale Sisyphus ’11; Real Ale Coffee Porter; Real Ale 15th Anniversary Ale; Buried Hatchet

    Real Ale Pint, Arbita Botlle Opener & Karbach Brewing sticker.

    A couple notes – the way I opened this box, I got to the Abyss and Black Butte and was damn happy. Two of my favorite beers from what is probably my favorite commercial brewery. But the box was from Texas so I was a little disappointed that one was not Black Metal. Then the second to last bottle I opened – Black Metal. Sweet. For those wondering, yes, one of my listed favorite styles is Porter (Baltic listed as my favorite). This box was excellent and one of the few great surprises I’ve had in beer trading. Thanks, Will. I’ve only ever had the Descuttes bottles so plenty of new reviews for me to post as well.

    photo n00b BIF 4

    • CooperEllis says:

      I should point out, I thought that Black Metal was wax dipped. I do not know why I thought this. But once I had pulled out the two dipped bottles I assumed that there could not have been a Black Metal in the box. Also, Black Metal is not wax dipped – I stand, I guess, corrected? Still not sure why I thought that, though…

      • Hey man, that is great that you are happy with your box! I am glad that it came to you just fine with no problems especially considering how beat up that box was! Good think I double boxed and bubble wrapped everything. I love me some Deschutes stuff too and I was sad to see an Abyss go, but I knew it would have a good home. Wish I could’ve hit some more wants of stuff you hadn’t tried but there just isn’t much local stuff that has a high profile. You will love the Black Metal and good thing I didn’t let you down by sending a box from Texas and not including it. I wasn’t sure if you get Great Divide stuff, but I wanted to get at least one that was your favorite styles. Hope you love the stuff, and if you ever want some more great TX stuff BM me.

        • CooperEllis says:

          We do get Great Divide but that was still an excellent add to the box. It’s nice to land something that’s in my fav style that I haven’t tried (and if I’ve tried a porter I’ve reviewed it) no matter where it’s distro. Check out NickD’s distro list if you’re looking for a comprehensive list but I wouldn’t let that sway you from sending something that is distro in an area if the person has a lot of ticks and the bottle you’re thinking of sending hasn’t been.

          Yeah, I originally took the outside pic in case anything was broken I’d have a ‘pre-opening’ photo for the shipping claim. Then I realized you’d shipped USPS which was what prompted my beermail.

          Thanks again for the box. I’ve gone through half of it already, ticked them all, just need to type the reviews up.

          • Yeah I checked the Distro list, but heard that GD is not that available in NY anymore. You’re reviews and hads seemed pretty comprehensive so I figured to just go for it. I have been having fun reading through your reviews of the stuff I got for you and it seems you really liked that one so it all worked out!
            Sorry you didn’t like that Mesquite Smoked Porter better. I have had it on draft and in bottle a few times and have always enjoyed the smoky bbq like flavor. That bottle I sent was older then I thought and could have led to the flavor fading and they might have some bottling issues since they are still doing it by hand I think.
            And with that Rahr winter warmer, if you have much experience in BBA stuff then this is going to just be average. They take the wussy route only age for 10 weeks and then mix the aged stuff with un-aged. Overall pretty tasty but nothing compared to the big boys of BBA stuff.
            I just had my last one of the Real Ale Coffee Porter and it is still drinking well. It has been awhile since I had it on draft. No fading of coffee in that yet. It is just not a coffee bomb like FBS or WnB. Other then that it is a solid porter that goes down smooth. Also I noticed that you think TX stuff is a little light, which I sort of agree with you but wait until you try Black Metal πŸ™‚

  74. SeanMWhite says:

    My box shipped today

    My target recently won a superlative through Beer Advocate

  75. baconsausage says:

    Moved by Urbancaver:

    Its always cool to get an unsolicited box of beer, especially when it is your birthday! Best gift since the box of condoms and the new toaster I got from an old roommate, but that is another story…. Love walking out to the porch and finding cold, ready to drink beers. Thanks Bubbles, AKA Mrbubbs, for this great box of wants! The Haul:


    BFM Spike and Jerome – awesome, great on tap, cant wait to try this
    New Glarus Cranbic and IIPA – always love some NG beer
    Central Waters Cosmic Charlie – havent had, cant wait
    Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout – another favorite
    Great Lakes Blackout Stout – another I havent had


    Half Acre Daisy Cutter – yum


    Half Acre Baume – love rye anything
    FFF Broo Doo – havent had this either


    Lindimans Cuvee Rene – want
    Jolly Pumpkin Fuego del OtoΓ±o

    And a cool Half Acre stem glass! Awesome haul Bubbles! I will make sure that Detective Jimmy McNulty has a couple of twenties for you!

  76. urbancaver says:

    Finally picked up my box from FedEx! Brystmar NAILED it!

    Firestone Walker 15
    Humider Jai Alai
    2004 Mariage Parfait *favourite style
    King Henry *big want!
    Le Terrior – love this one
    La Folie πŸ™‚
    Black Metal
    3F Oude Gueze – ❀
    Cuvee de Castleton – *Big Want
    Plead the Fifth – always love this
    Salsa! Yum
    BBQ Sauce!
    sweet beer mug
    and a new holland bottle opener!

    Whoever gets Brystmar better do him justice! This is an awesome box!

    • tchaos says:

      niiiice….i’m sure the pic will post shortly πŸ˜‰

    • brystmar says:

      I was surprised you hadn’t reviewed either New Belgium sour, and I hope that Humidor Jai Alai isn’t too far past its prime (local store’s had them sitting on the shelf for awhile).

      That is my absolute favorite salsa btw — I have family ship it up to me from TX regularly. Incredible flavor from a canned salsa, and pretty damn spicy too. Enjoy!

    • Thirstyherf says:

      Very well done! Great job and nice freakin haul dude!

  77. JeGross2 says:

    Just checking to see if my BIF package landed. Dont wanna ruin the surprise if not.

  78. tchaos says:

    Jeffery — jegross2 — is a prince among men, a man without equal…I have always said this of him. It is a very, very, *very* wise man that includes beer for Mrs. Chaos, in the form of:

    NG Belgian Red
    NG Raspberry Tart

    Those two bottles alone will deflect comments about “too much beer” for at least 4 months.

    Pics to follow, but the rest of the spectacularosity includes:

    GI Nonic glass — perfect, as I only have one, 10oz nonic in the house
    FW 15th Anniversary
    Daisy Cutter
    Thirsty Dog Siberian Night
    Big Sky Powder Hound
    New Glarus Unplugged Imperial Weizen
    Zombie Dust — thank goodness…I was down to my last 1!
    Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald — one of my faves

    I great mix of a few I’ve had (and love) and brand new items that I can wait to try…not a one I can get in my area.

    Great job, Jeffery! Thanks again, Cam, for setting it up…

    • Jegross says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! I was unable to nab the NG Dancing Man, but I think youll enjoy the Imperial Weizen just the same πŸ™‚

  79. Nachojon says:

    My target doesn’t seem to be picking up on my hints but my current city and his alias go wayyy back.

  80. Aiptasia says:

    I have no idea if any of these clues are aimed at me. Weird.

    For my target, Hint #5: I have a sneaking suspicion my target believes in wild fairytale creatures.

  81. Some amazing hauls coming in. Can’t wait to see more. Looks like there are some targets available too!

  82. GuisseppeFranco says:

    Hint #4. My target hasn’t posted in this thread yet (at least I don’t think so). I hope it isn’t because he’s depressed from all the rain his city is known for.

  83. nachojon says:

    My target’s box has reached Champaign, IL and is almost home,

  84. JeGross says:

    I see my name has disappeared from the targets list, which probably means someone has selected me as a target. Assuming that is the case and said person is reading this, just a heads up that I will not be back in Madison until Jan 20.

  85. Aiptasia says:

    My target’s box is due to land by the end of the day on Wednesday, the 11th.

    Hint #6: My target needs to dig way down to the bottom of their box to find the schwag. Dig, dig, dig!

  86. Cottzilla says:

    Hint: Seems partial to Michigan beer

  87. Rivertooth says:

    My targets box has reached the east coast and is on schedule to be dropped off Tuesday.

    Get your happy dancing shoes on!

  88. nachojon says:

    Target’s box never left the Midwest, should be delivered tomorrow.

  89. nachojon says:

    If I lived in a town with 2+ words in their name I would be expecting a box tomorrow.

  90. BrewtifulMind says:

    It appears to me that I have forgotten to put the swag in the box since I just noticed it on my dresser :/ Swag goes out tomorrow.

    Hint #3: Box #1 is expected to land over 2,000 miles East of me by the end of the day on Wednesday the 11th.

  91. Aiptasia says:

    Hint #7: My target doesn’t post much. I hope they post the haul when their box arrives!

  92. I got a box today, a really nice one. Actually I got two, one from a trade, and one obviously from this BIF. Not sure who sent it though… I will post the haul in a couple hours when I get done with work~! Whoever sent it… Thanks!

  93. Rivertooth says:

    According to UPS someone has a box waiting for them on their doorstep. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in putting it together!!!

  94. GuisseppeFranco says:

    At about 12:30pm or so, UPS delivered my target’s box. Enjoy!

  95. Sidebordz says:

    My box arrived today as well, can’t wait to get home and open it up. Will post later on tonight!

  96. OK I’m not searching the entire thread for hints, so somebody fess up, Jonathan from Chicago!! Here’s a GREAT haul that arrived today on my doorstep…

    Peace Pizzeria / Brewery Glass, perfect to fill with…
    FFF Alpha King (2 bottles, and I just finished the first one!!)
    Port Brewing Mongo IPA
    New Glarus Belgian Red (my FAV!!)
    RR Damnation 23
    RR Temptation
    RR Consecration
    Smuttynose Barleywine
    FFF Dreadnaught
    2011 Abyss!!!

    That is an AMAZING box!!! I think every beer was a want, and certainly every beer went above and beyond on deliciousness!! Packing was great and I recommend the sender for the Congressional Medal of Beer!!

    Thanks for a GREAT box man!!


  97. Mages64 says:

    Mages64 (Dan) from BA here! I just got two outstanding packages from someone in New York I believe! I’ve taken a picture and will post the haul later tonight when I’m home. Pretty much a box of beers i’ve never had but always wanted to try!!!!! Thanks to whomever sent me it and I hope you post your name:)

  98. Sidebordz says:

    Big Thanks to Dave in PA. Got a great box full of wants or should be wants!


    Swag- Saint Arnold Christmas Ale Pint Glass

    Surly Abrasive (always a want)
    Scotty Karate
    Obsidian Stout
    Wake N Bake (want)
    Supplication (want)
    Bells Cherry Stout (want)
    Brau Brothers Cream Stout
    Black Butte XXIII (want)
    Saison-Brett (want)
    WWBR wild wild brett series (should be want)

    Great box, thanks so much to whoever sent this! Can’t wait to try all these beers!

    How long until I can participate again??? Enjoy guys, looking forward to what everyone else receives!

  99. jcartamdg says:

    A package is landing this thursday to a state that has a famous auto race and a famous brewery release

  100. leeds376 says:


    I got your email on Monday but accidentally deleted with my phone and since it’s a yahoo account I can’t pull it out of the trash. Any chance you can send it to me again? Sorry about this.

  101. Aiptasia says:

    My target’s box is on the vehicle for delivery today!

    Hint #8: I’m not sure if my target is still a virgin (not important), but I think they still believe in unicorns!

    • slaphappysnark says:

      Hahaha, something about your hints was catching my eye, but I couldn’t figure out what it was, and then I realized that I still had the unicorn version of my avatar up from signing up for Cam’s Rules 2.0 bif that never went anywhere…That and my love of care bears sure do give my profile a certain character. πŸ™‚
      So, I’m guessing this is me, and if so, I’m definitely looking forward to checking out this box tonight after work.

      • Thirstyherf says:

        I’m surprised you haven’t created an avatar of a carebear riding a unicorn while holding a (insert name) bottle, lol

  102. Ok, so this box showed up yesterday, but I was at work and didn’t get home until late. The haul from Matt (Rivertooth) has literally blown me away! I go after a very specific style of beer, and he crushed it.

    The Haul: http://i.imgur.com/wIfEW.jpg

    2011 Deschutes The Abyss – I have bottles from 2007 to 2010, and was planing on trading for an 11
    Black Butte XXI – Should be a want, and probably was until a few weeks ago.
    Caldera Old Growth – I like everything I’ve had from Caldera, and I’ve never had this one!
    Sierra XXX Ken and Fritz – I’ll be happy to revisit this one.
    New Belgium La Folie – WANT
    New Belgium Le Terroir – WANT
    Russian River Supplication Batch 6 – WANT
    Russian River Consecration Batch 6 – Always Want
    Russian River Temptation Batch 5 – Always Want
    Plus! Two different size New Belgium Glasses and a Pliny the YOUNGER sticker to put on my wall. I make stickers into magnets and hang them over my bar: http://i.imgur.com/9OwAr.jpg

    Like I said, completely floored. We will be cracking a majority of this stuff Saturday, and Matt, I’ll send you feedback on the bottle you were looking for.


  103. SeanMWhite says:

    My box was delivered today to the land of Hopslam. Enjoy!

  104. brystmar says:

    Wow, that’s a great box!

  105. kzoobrew says:

    Just received box from BA seanwhite

    Pretty Things Jack D’or
    Smuttynose Gravitation

    Six Point Diesel
    Heady Topper (Love this beer, will always be a want)

    Notch Session Ale
    Ithaca Flower Power
    Dominion Oak Barrel Stout
    Harpoon Triticus (possibly should have been a want)
    Wachusett Green Monsta (I hear it starts out great but falls apart at the very end πŸ˜‰ )
    Long Trail Double Bag
    Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey

    Thanks Sean, I will be enjoying something soon.

  106. BrewtifulMind says:

    My targets box has been delivered today to the land of peaches. Box was delivered to a city 4 miles outside of yours which has me confused, so I will be in direct contact with you regarding this. I figured you might have guessed you were my target so I hope the surprise isn’t spoiled!

    • BulbMan says:

      Sounds like the Bulbman has some beermail..! Nope, no problem on the delivery, finishing up a business trip now heading back to Atlanta (if I hadn’t gotten it before, the peach reference locked it up..) and will pick up the box tomorrow and promptly report on the haul! Stay tuned!

  107. slaphappy snark says:

    Fun box arrived today from John (Aiptasia, I think?)

    Sweetwater Festive Ale 2011
    2 x Wake-n-Bake 2011 (definitely in the always-want category)
    2 x Red Brick Smoked Vanilla Gorilla (want!)
    DFH Olde School
    Cocoa Beach Pale Ale
    Smuttynose S’muttonator
    CCB Jose Marti
    Flying Fish Exit 4
    Spike & JΓ©rΓ΄me’s CuvΓ©e DΓ©lirante (Collaboration Ale)
    Victory Yakima Glory
    and a cozy Intuition Ale Works hoodie!

    Thanks a bunch! Seems like a great combo of things I have wanted to try and locals I wouldn’t have know to ask for–looking forward to it!

    • Aiptasia says:

      Yea! So glad that the box arrived safe and sound. I hope you get to enjoy everything. The collaboration ale is a brew made between Spike at Terrapin brewing and Jerome at some swiss (I think?!) brewing company, and i’ve been eager to try it. Sorry the hoodie only came in Men’s sizes, but it’s 100% cotton so it should shrink a little bit on the first wash. Again, hope you enjoy the haul.

  108. huadog says:

    I picked my target because of the nice box he shipped, and I wanted to hook him up for his generosity. My box will ship on Monday or Tuesday and include 7 or 8 wants plus 1 that is a different treatment of a want. We have traded with the same people and his site honors are less than mine. More to come…

  109. asparkoflife says:


    My target is polar opposite of me in favorite style.

  110. Frozenmoses says:

    Well just got my target this morning. This is my first BIF, and actually first time I’ve ever sent beer. I’m definitely a n00b, but I’m going to do my damnedest to put together a really good box.

    Anywho, my target is about 1700 miles away from me.

  111. jcartamdg says:

    on truck for delivery to a college town. All wants i think, maybe 1 should be want. At least 2 of them are brewery releases!

  112. ruizjoseph says:

    I also got my target this morning. Also my first BIF! If I were to walk from my house to my target’s location it would only take me 28 days, and include one trip on a boat. I just started working on my box but since we are in such different distribution areas I think I can hit a few wants. I will definitely hit one of his wants as well as a barrel-treated version of this beer (although the BA version isn’t on his wants list).

  113. Cottzilla says:

    Hint #2: Favorite geometric shape is a Parabola. Is PLEADING to have BREAKFAST behind a DOUBLE CROOKED TREE with a dead Russian monk.

  114. Mikeytotheb says:

    My target is west of me and has a very large wants list many of which I can snag easily. I hope to get everything finished up this weekend and ship on Monday(as long as it’s not abholiday for FedEx). Web if it has to wait till Tuesday it will deffinitely land that week.


  115. BulbMan says:

    Awesome box landed yesterday here in the land of peaches from Chad (BrewtifulMind) on the Left Coast..! Bulbman was a little slow and didn’t get all of the hints, so it was a welcome surprise! Without further ado:

    The Bigger Ones:
    Bruery Oude Tart – Want. Wasn’t sure how I was going to get one of these! Problem solved.
    Bruery Loakal Red – Never heard of it, sounds awesome.. Can’t go wrong with these guys.
    Fifty Fifty Eclipse 2011 (white wax/Elijah Craig 18) – Wow! Want. My favorite style, awesome beer, perfect!
    Ballast Point Sculpin – Permanent Want. Wish they distributed to GA…
    RR Blind Pig – Always a favorite.
    RR Supplication – Wife loves this also. Enough said…

    The Smaller Ones:
    HOTD Fred – Want. Awesome. Awesome.
    HOTD Doggie Claws – Another Want. Another awesome. Another awesome.
    Deschutes Obsidian Stout – Love these guys, have not had this one.
    Firestone Velvet Merlin – Had this at GABF, excited to get my hands on one!
    Firestone Union Jack – Love this beer!
    Lagunitas Sucks – Love this beer too!
    Heady Topper – Vermont via California! Doesn’t matter where it comes from!
    Gandhi-Bot – Heard a lot about it, never had it, very excited!

    Another Wow! Spectacular effort Chad, these beers are right up my alley. Very, very well put together. Really appreciate everything and am looking forward to getting into it. And apparently there’s still some schwag coming in an additional box…


    • BrewtifulMind says:

      Glad you like the box, Jon! It was fun looking through your wants and finding out your favorite styles to put together a solid box that you were sure to love! This was my first BIF so I wanted to make sure that I did a good job on it! Second box should land on Saturday. Cheers!

  116. Jcartamdg is amazing and I am forever grateful

    All of these Beers are huge wants and most of them I thought I would never get the chance to try(vintages)

    Bruery- 4 Calling Birds (want, may be part of my first series)

    Bruery- Marron Acidifie (Want, a sour that will be my first)

    Bruery- 2011 Black Tuesday (Want, probably the 3rd biggest want I have/had)

    Three Floyds- 2011 Dark Lord (yellow wax) (Want, the beer that turned me onto craft)

    Cigar City- Humidor Marshal Zhukov (Want, heard amazing things)

    Cigar City- Marshal Zhukov (Want, was searching for this… thank you)

    Goose Island- 2009 Bourbon County Brand Stout (Want, Wow this blew me away)

    and a Cigar City Pint Glass ( I was thinking about buying this eventually, awesome)

    I am in awe of Jason’s generosity and amazing collection of beer, that he was able to part with.

    Thank You so much,

  117. DaveHack says:

    Holy crap…consider the bar set.

  118. mages64 says:

    Hello all! Mages64 from BA here! Finally got time to post my haul! I still don’t know whom to thank properly but I do thank you:) SO, my haul:
    The Pony Bar pint glass
    Southampton Cuvee de Fleurs 750ml
    Sixpoint Diesel 16oz
    Old Stock Reserve 2009 !! 500ml
    Main Beer Co Peeper Ale 500ml
    Weyerbacher Insanity!!! 22oz
    Homebrew Stout? 12oz
    Flying Fish Dubbel 12oz
    Main Beer Co Zoe 500ml
    Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout 12oz
    Mikkeller Black ι»’ 500ml
    Victory Dark Intrigue 750ml
    Thank you for whomever sent me this because WOW is this a great box! old stock reserve AND Mikkeller Black?!?!?!? AND dark intrique!??! too cool! Thank you so very much!! Peace,

    • GuisseppeFranco says:

      That would be mine Dan. Glad you liked everything since 99% of your WANTS were somewhat unattainable for me. So I tried to at least find some beer that matched the style of many of your WANTS. I hope you enjoy them.


    • GuisseppeFranco says:

      Oh and yes, that’s a home brewed stout. Or at least an attempt. πŸ™‚

  119. asparkoflife says:

    Hint #2

    My Target lives 824 miles West of me.

  120. Frozenmoses says:

    Completed my target’s beer today, working on swag.
    Hint #2. I’ve only visited your state once when I was 13, and it was an educational field trip.

  121. Cottzilla says:

    Hint #3: It would take me 17 hours, 30 minutes to drive to my Target’s city. The Box is complete. Everything in it is on the Wants List. Now for the swag. Should be able to ship buy Tuesday.

  122. I think I am in the running! I calculated 18 hours 4 minutes from your city to my city. Why don’t you just drive your box down here and we’ll have a party! Seems more efficient then having to wait another week to get delivered.

  123. asparkoflife says:

    Got some of my targets beers lined up. Getting most of his wants is unfortunately out of the question considering our distribution areas are similar. Hopefully I can hit some “should be wants” for him.

  124. jmagnus87 says:

    Got my target for my first BIF. I don’t have any of the beers yet but I have a pretty good list of ideas. So far my idea list is well over 200oz (well over 400oz too) so I’m gonna have to trim a little fat.

    Hint #1 – My target is in a different time zone than me.

  125. leeds376 says:

    My second BIF, loved the last NOOB bif and had to do it again. Shopping is almost finished and it’s shaping up to be a pretty good box.

    Hint #1….I have never visited the state my target lives in.

  126. Cottzilla says:

    Swag acquired, shirt is a Large and everything is packed and ready for shipping on Tuesday.

    Hint #3: The leading man in Spaceballs is a reference to the destination state.

  127. huadog says:

    My box went out today and should land on Friday according to UPS (submitted to Cam). Final stats: includes 8 wants + 1 variation of a want (193.77 ounces) + 3 pieces of swag.

    1. Target has been on BA less time than me
    2. Has lower Level of Beerdom
    3. Has more beer reviews

    more hints to come…

  128. ruizjoseph says:

    I’m working on assembling the box for my target. So far I’ve hit five wants, with three of those in the top 100, plus one other beer that isn’t a want but should be (also in top 100). One of the wants is a brewery release only. Two of the wants are in waxed bottles.
    Hint #2: In researching what my target likes/dislikes I ran across a post lamenting the lack of a certain stout in their market – one is now in the box.

  129. Frozenmoses says:

    Packing my target’s box now. It’s safe to say I am well over the 200 oz max, guess I got a little too carried away. Hope youre thirsty! I’ll be shipping tomorrow.

  130. nachojon says:

    YEaAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH BUDDY! I am stoked to be off the target list and officially a target.

  131. jmagnus87 says:

    Picked up the swag today and a couple bottles. Should be ready to ship by thrusday if everything goes according to plan.

    Hint #2 – Your state gets a lot of tourists at all times of the year.

    • Aiptasia says:

      Things are sounding good. Lots of tourists in our state! πŸ™‚

    • GuisseppeFranco says:

      Since I’m pretty sure FrozenMoses isn’t sending to me…

      NY, particularly NYC gets a ton of tourists every year.

  132. ruizjoseph says:

    Hint #3 (because #2 wasn’t very good – this is my first, so working on it): My target has zero reviews on BA, and has been a BA member for less than one year.

    • Rivertooth says:

      Could be me!!! Not sure how the boat thing from hint #1 would work for me. Unless you take a ferry……..

  133. Cottzilla says:

    ETA for delivery is 1/19 according to FedEx, Eh. (Hint #4)

  134. leeds376 says:

    Hint #2…..Mapquest is telling me it would take just under 40 hours to drive to the most popular beer store in my target’s home town.

  135. Frozenmoses says:

    Dropped off my box at FedEx today. Last hint: my target has a wicked cool staircase by their address.

  136. GuisseppeFranco says:

    Well, I’m out.

    • Frozenmoses says:

      No staircases by your address?

      • GuisseppeFranco says:

        Well there’s staircases to the house next door to me but I think I submitted my work address to Cam for the BIF. I’m wondering what you’re seeing that’s so cool looking. That’s if I’m your target and all.

  137. tmoney2591 says:

    Got my box from Apollokim tonight after work. The haul:

    Berkshire Holidale
    Pretty Things Baby Tree
    High and Mighty Fumata Bianca
    High and Mighty Fumata Nera (can’t wait to try these together!)
    Wachusett Larry (always nice)
    CBC Audacity of Hops
    NEBCo Imperial Stout Trooper (oh yeah!)
    Wormtown Sweet Tats
    Mayflower Porter
    Alchemist Heady Topper (finally!)

    and an Alchemist koozy

    Thanks a bunch, Kim! Damn fine box! Can’t wait ’til I get myself a target: Kim’s made it so that I have to drown whomever I get in fine brews…

    • apollokim says:

      You are welcome. When I signed up (after a few beers) I didn’t realize I picked a target. When Cam emailed me your info I thought you were the most impossible guy to have. It appears you have tried just about every beer on the planet, I haven’t even heard of most of your wants and your favorite style is one I know little about. Put together a box of goodness from New England. Hope you enjoy it.
      BTW, the Stout Trooper is last year’s. Was hoping to find one from this year before my ship date by no luck.

  138. Cottzilla says:

    All target that were claimed in the last 2weeks be advised, my box is out for delivery!

    Hint #5 Hope it makes it in good shape since, according to this BA handle, he may live in a bad part of town.

    • It’s me! It’s me! I was not expecting to get my box this fast so way to go! I don’t live in the ghetto, but I am technically Canadian but I live in TX. That’s pretty much my life story. My wife and baby are at home, so they will be able to bring the box in safely before any hoodlums get at it. I can’t wait to get in it and post my joyous haul later today! eh!

  139. leeds376 says:

    Box is all packed up and ready to ship tomorrow. 227oz (sorry for going over…lol) are headed to a warmer climate due west.

  140. ruizjoseph says:

    My shipment couldn’t fit in the largest box I had, so I sent two boxes – one 21 lbs and a two bottle styro shipper at 6 lbs. I was able to hit 6 wants, three of which are top 100 and also one other top 100 beer that should be a want. Hint #4: I hope inclement weather in my target’s area doesn’t delay the shipment.

    • ruizjoseph says:

      Also, 198 oz were shipped.

      • Rivertooth says:

        Winner winner chicken dinner. Don’t worry about the weather nothing sticks around for too long in the PNW, it’ll back to the usual rain by the weekend. I’m getting excited now!!!!!

  141. SeanWhite says:

    hmmm, I live in Boston, its been cold, but not much snow yet. Looking at the weather report – we could be in for snow this weekend though. This could be me……

  142. Cottzilla says:

    My box has been delivered. I hope my target likes the contents.

  143. huadog says:

    Vince Vaughn gives tour by land, sea and soon, air! If you can’t blow it out while you’re on vacation where can you blow it out??

  144. jmagnus87 says:

    Around 212oz are being packed up right now. I probably won’t be able to ship until Saturday. I had to scramble today to find the last bottle I was looking for because it seems all the stores in my town sold out at some point this week. Oh well, a trip to my nearest metro meant I came back with a box for me too. I’ll post my next hint a little later tonight after I finish packing everything up.

  145. Came home to a huge box from my new best friend Cottzilla. The box was impeccably packed and I appreciated the use of rubber bands on all of the bubble wrap. Once you go rubber bands you can’t go back! First we get to the swag which is a nice Troegs shirt and bottle cap opener. Some cool stickers from Bells and Nugget Nectar round out the swag section nicely. Below is the unparalleled amazing beer haul:


    FW Parabola 2011 (top 10 want, can’t wait to drink this one.)
    Stone Vertical Epic 10.10.10 (want, trying to put together a set to enjoy after 12.12.12)
    FFF Dark Lord 2011 (WANT, when I got to this bottle I knew that this box was going to be the epic of epics)
    Hoppin’ Frog D.O.R.I.S. The Destroyer Double Imperial Stout (want, would love to try their whole lineup)

    500 ml:
    North Coast Old Rasputin XIV (big want, I love old raspy as it was my first RIS that stood out to me and would love to taste the BBA version)

    Founders KBS (Massive #2 want, I tried so hard to trade for this and it just didn’t happen so I am glad to finally have a bottle to call my own)
    Founders Breakfast stout (always a want, I love this beer so much and it kickstarted my trading obsession)
    Founders Backwoods Bastard (Always want, I stupidly shared my last bottle so this one is mine!)
    Founders Imperial Stout (Want, not sure on the year but will surely be delicious)
    Goose Island BCBS 2011 (Big Want, I could only get one bottle of this years in a trade and have been holding off trying it because it was my only one, now I can freely try a fresh bottle)
    Listermann Cincinnatus 2011 (Only one in box not a want, but I love BBA stouts and the wax job on this one is cool!)

    You smacked this out of the park dude and I am so excited about everything in my box. Someone hook a brother up for being an awesome Beer Advocate!

  146. huadog says:

    Box is out for delivery today to the 2nd City for a guy who is very active on here and is pretty sure that I am his sender. Domo arigato (cause he can do the robot).

    • 1noa says:

      Heyoooooooooo! I’ve never been so excited to leave work and get back home, Although I can’t say that I am not excited every day I leave work to head home…can’t wait! (insert me doing the robot at my desk)

    • 1noa says:

      Looks like the snow storm delayed the shipment, will post when it comes in!

  147. JeGross says:

    Great box arrived today from Michael Burke out of Ohio. Not sure your BA name, so fess up! Four of us had a pretty big tasting last night, so a restocking of beer was in order. Box hit many wants(*’d) that are unobtainable for me here.

    The Brew Kettle White Rajah* x2 (12 oz) — #1 IPA want! And I’ll get to try twice!
    Pannepot Reserva* 2008 (11.2 oz) — never had this, but im told it’s great.
    Flying Mouflan* (22 oz)
    Alesmith X* (750 ML)
    Alesmith Grand Cru Ale* (750 ML)
    Alesmith Horny Devil Ale* (750 ML)
    Great lakes Blackout Stout (12 oz) — Always a want
    Black Sun Stout (22 oz) — never had this FFF brew
    Mt. Caramel Winter Ale (12 oz)
    -Great lakes snifter — I ALWAYS need more snifters!
    -Great Lakes pint glass

    Thanks for the awesome box guy! Total ounces: 179.25. Thats a lot of drinking that needs to be done.

  148. vobr002 says:

    Just shipping mine today, 184oz to the East…

  149. ruizjoseph says:

    My boxes are scheduled to be delivered on January 25th and although it is currently cold at my target’s location, it is unlikely to freeze next week based on the current weather projection.

    • Rivertooth says:

      After dealing with over a foot and a half of snow followed by two days of freezing rain (ugh) I readily embrace the good old PNW standby of rain followed by more rain. I am getting thirsty though…….

  150. Aipasia says:

    So very, very thirsty. Supplies running low…. I may be forced to drink an O’douls lurking the back of the fridge since 1999.

  151. jmagnus87 says:

    Due to a crappy work schedule, I haven’t been able to ship my package yet. But it is sitting here all packed and ready to go. I’m hoping monday or tuesday. Hopefully this short story will help my target hold on a little longer.

    One day while riding my DARK HORSE down to BOURBON COUNTY with my BROTHER THEO and my cousin BIG EDDY, I saw a MONK drinking his 6TH GLASS of a TERRIBLE stout for BREAKFAST. He took one look at us, yelled out “Happy NOEL, it’s my favorite time of year”, dove headfirst into an empty BOURBON BARREL and proceeded to roll away, never to be seen again. “What an odd sight that was”, I thought to myself. I decided to make up a quick hot TODDY to settle my nerves before we continued on our way.

  152. jmagnus87 says:

    Shipped today via UPS. My target should be able to enjoy my beers by thursday night.

    Hint #4 My target is over 750 miles away from me and lives near one of the major beer regions in their state according to RateBeer

  153. vobr0002 says:

    My target should be expecting a box on Thursday. Hopefully I’m not just blowing SMOKE up your ass

  154. Aipasia says:

    My beer box senses are tingling….

  155. JeGross2 says:

    I’m behind on my hints, but after a solid round I’m back in the foree.

    HINT: My next target has similar tastes as I, but I have more reviews.

  156. leeds376 says:

    My box should be landing on Wednesday. Hopefully it doesn’t engulf the house in a black hole.

  157. ruizjoseph says:

    My boxes had a brief layover in Kansas and continued their westward journey. The recipient should be ready for mostly stouts, two highly rated IIPAs, and a porter (standard and barrel-aged).

  158. Mikeytotheb says:

    Wow! Glad to see someone already picked me up! Can’t wait for my box!

  159. vobr0002 says:

    Hint #3 – my Target is about 1500 miles from me.

  160. 1noa says:

    OH MY!!!! I may have passed out while opening my box…so I am now here to show the amazing and generous haul I just received from huadog! Russ, you are the man! I really appreciate it.

    n00b BIF

    Here we go…

    The Bruery – Oude Tart (WANT!)
    The Bruery – Autumn Maple (Should be WANT!)
    Alesmith – Speedway Stout (WANT!)

    ***22 oz***
    Deschutes – The Abyss (WANT!)
    Alaskan – Barleywine Ale (WANT!)
    Coronado Brewing – Barrel Aged Barleywine (WANT!)
    Ballast Point – Black Marlin Porter (WANT!)

    Russian River – Pliny the Elder (WANT!)

    Russian River – Supplication (WANT!)

    and not to mention the great swag
    -Alpine Beer Company Pint Glass
    -The Brew Caddy – I (Hops) Beer shirt
    -The Bruery Bottle Opener Keychain

    Thank you much Russ! can’t wait to crack a few of these and enjoy the awesomeness. Whoever gets huadog, make sure to HOOK HIM UP!

    Cheers and Skoal,


    • huadog says:

      You’re welcome Noa, glad you enjoyed the box and that it finally made it to your house. The Autumn Maple is the 100% Brett version by the way, not the regular. Cheers!

      • 1noa says:

        Nice! I definitely did not catch that it was the 100% Brett version when I was going through the box, awesome!

  161. nachojon says:

    I haven’t the slightest idea who picked me. I am just getting over the flu and excited to get back on the wagon.

  162. doucmehu says:

    I lost the tracking number, so boy-oh-boy I hope it has arrived by now (shipped 1/18)!

    Hint #2: My target’s hometown is more clever than you, and a lot warmer than mine.

  163. Jegross2 says:

    Hint #2: My target will be HOPing with joy when the box arrives.

  164. Frozenmoses says:

    My box is scheduled to land tomorrow in a place only 4 degrees colder than Houston, but a quite a distance north of me.

  165. jmagnus87 says:

    Hint #5 The city closest to you with a population of over 1 million people is Philadelphia, PA

  166. Ruizjoseph says:

    Fedex says box #1 will be delivered today! Only two bottles in this box but hopefully the remainder will follow tomorrow.

    • ruizjoseph says:

      Fedex now says both boxes delivered tomorrow. My target’s street address has a direction (north/south/east/west) in it, which I neglected to include on the shipping label.

      • Rivertooth says:

        Gave it to them this morning so they have it now!! πŸ™‚

        • ruizjoseph says:

          Nuts. I saw the exception right away and tried to get to them before they contacted my target. Sad trombone for the lack of surprise.

          • Rivertooth says:

            I was already focusing in on you. (See above). I’m super stoked anyways love me some mid west beers. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

          • Ruizjoseph says:

            I figured you were into me but you never know until the box arrives (or FedEx calls). If the two boxes arrive safe I’m happy regardless of the anticlimactic arrival. Gently shake the smaller box – the non-beer noise you hear wasn’t my idea but is a good one nonetheless. Cheers!

  167. SeanWhite says:

    I am so confused. I cant figure out who/when/what box of beer I am getting. But I am thirsty

    • usofar says:

      I feel you. I’m in the same boat, some of the hints apply, but for each person dropping hints there’s always one that makes me think okay guess that’s not me then.

    • brystmar says:

      Same here. Totally clueless who’s shipping to me, but anxious to see what arrives!

  168. GuisseppeFranco says:

    Ahh wtf!?!?! 😦

  169. doucmehu says:

    Hint #3: If my target is lurking, he is not making his presence known

  170. jmagnus87 says:

    My package is sleeping in a state East of me tonight, but still on track for delivery Thursday. Thursday should be a great day for my target, a huge box of beer and a low temperature of 64 degrees.

  171. Auror says:

    Just shipped to my target. First time BIF! I hope my target likes BBQ (you’ll know when you see the box..and maybe again when you open it).

    Target Hint #1- If movies tell me anything, my target probably likes Poker.

    Beer Hint #1- I bet my target was at the HEAD or TOP of the class.

  172. vobr002 says:

    Hint #4: My box has arrived in its state of delivery as of 10:50am. Its only 50 miles away from its destination. A baseball slugger from my favorite team left for his local team in 2003. And was still an A.L. All Star last year…

    • seanwhite says:

      I am guessing David Ortiz, and this would be me, based on the previous hints. I am pumped to get a box tomorrow. Hopefully they sign Ortiz and they Smoke the Yankees.

  173. jegross2 says:

    Next hint:

    I hope my target isnt FURIOUS about one beer that might be out of date because it’s a one off, but said user certainly isnt “TROLL”ing around here. All is not for NAUGHT, however. Hopefully my target goes BALLISTIC when he or she opens his or her package. A lot of the beers inside are high in alcohol content, so I hope my target does not get SLAMMED. It is almost 10:50 PM in the time zone due west of me. If my target’s package, which shipped out today, arrives early in the AM, hopefully he or she can enjoy a cup of joe to stay awake.

    • jegross2 says:

      One more hint: My package has three hearts between two bottles. That sounds gross, but it’ll make sense later.

  174. jegross2 says:

    Oops forgot my target hint. My target has more Beer Karma than I

  175. Auror says:

    Since my target’s box will arrive on Thursday, I thought I’d do another post before bed (and because it’s my first box I’m anxious)..

    Volume- 198.9 oz of beer.
    Average BA rAvg- 4.2
    Formats- 7 bottles, 3 cans.
    Mostly locals, but got 5 (+ second of one) Wants.

    Hint #2: The last name of my target is one of the largest beer distributors in my area.

  176. leeds376 says:

    My box has been checked at two separate FedEx locations very near my target’s hometown already this morning. I’m hoping it gets delivered today, FedEx is saying delivery is on time which is today.

    • leeds376 says:

      Box is now on truck for delivery.

      • usofar says:

        My senses are tingling, but the due west hint has me thinking this may be North of me. Have meetings tonight until 8 so hopefully they’ll leave it with the complex management otherwise I’ll get it tomorrow. Assuming it’s coming to me…

  177. Frozenmoses says:

    Fedex says my box is on truck for delivery. Hope the Bronx fedex branch has their shit together!

  178. GuisseppeFranco says:

    Well if we’re gonna leave it up to them, then I’m really fucked. Lol.

  179. DaveHack says:

    Got my haul today!! Can’t find anything to identify who sent it…althought it is from Indianapolis. Someone please come forward..

    Sanctification (permanent, mega want)
    Lindemans Gueuze CuvΓ©e RenΓ© (want)
    Double Dragonfly Imperial IPA (should be want)
    Fleur (want)
    Lips Of Faith – Vrienden (want)
    Dreadnaught IPA (Always a want)
    Saison – Brett (want)
    Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree IPA (want)

    Mad Anthony pint glass

    You nailed it!!! Can’t wait to jump back into this BIF!

    BIF Haul

  180. Rivertooth says:

    Two packages have arrived safe and sound from Joe (Ruizjoesph) will post the haul shortly. Excitement is overflowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. nachojon says:

    Just received my haul from chocosushi…interesting box, not a single beer I have ever heard of.

    Kreb’s Beer Co. Louie’s Ultimate Pale Ale
    16oz Cans-
    Coop Ale Works Horny Toad Cerveza
    Coop Native Amber,
    Tallgrass Kold
    Tallgrass Velvet Rooster
    12oz Bottles-
    Marshall Brewing Co. Old Pavilion Pilsner
    (2) Krebs Winter Stout
    12oz Cans-
    (2) Tallgrass Halycon Wheat

    Guess I have some new beers to try out. Thanks chocosushi!

  182. BrewtifulMind says:

    I arrived home late last night to a box from Joe (doucmehu) in Wisconsin. This thing was filled to the brim with a shitload of top wants! I’m gonna have to give it credit as the best box I have received so far! I’ll post the hauls and pics when I get home tonight.

  183. brystmar says:

    A mysterious box just arrived on my doorstep courtesy of Ken from Camp Hill, PA. A note inside says this is box 1 of 2, so I’ll wait until the second one arrives before posting the haul. Looks great so far!

  184. GuisseppeFranco says:

    My box arrived today and it seems that it’s been repacked by FedEx at some point. Bottles were loose in a huge box. I don’t think anything was broken or was missing but maybe FrozenMoses will be able to say so for sure. Either way, what I did get was amazing. Not a single beer have I ever tried. A ton of Texas stuff and others that just aren’t distributed in NYC. Thank you soo much FM. You did an awesome job!!!

    picks of the haul http://www.flickr.com/photos/75183641@N03/

    Boulevard Saison-Brett http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/423/36333
    Boulevard Tank 7 http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/423/50570
    Boulevard Double-Wide http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/423/39639
    Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/423/43670
    Jester King Black Metal http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/24018/64626
    Jester King Wytchmake Rye IPA http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/24018/62940
    Ranger Creek La Bestia Aimable http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/23672/64259
    Deschutes The Abyss http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/63/34420
    Deschutes Black Butte Porter http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/63/198
    Real Ale Brewing Sisyphus http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/458/7588
    Clown Shoes Blaecorn Unidragon http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/22951/73427
    Rahr & Sons Angry Goat http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/9969/74071
    Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout 2x http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/16759/47026
    Stubbs & Salt Lick BBQ Sauces
    St. Arnold Glass (not pictured)

    Somebody please pick FrozenMoses when he becomes available as a target and do him right.

  185. Rivertooth says:

    Just received a box full of wants from Ruizjoseph absolutely killed me with an awesome box of mid west goodies:

    Beer porn: http://www.flickr.com/photos/75164375@N05/



    FFF Dark Lord 2011!!!!! (one of my top wants that I’ve never had!)
    FFF Behemoth (another huge want)
    FFF Dreadnaught (perma want)


    Bourbon County Stout 2011 (WHAT?? huge want!!)
    Hop Slam x2 (perma want)
    Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout (just recently got to try this and loved it.)
    Big Eddy RIS (another mid west gem that I love!!)
    Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout ( One of my all time favorites perma want!!)
    Gonzo Imperial Porter (love this beer, want!!)
    Barrel Aged Gonzo Imperial Porter (Shut the front door. Never had WANT)
    Bell’s Expedition Stout (Want!!)
    Dragon’s Milk (never had super excited!)
    Two Brother’s North Wind Imperial Stout (again never had but excited to try!)

    Sick FFF anniversary T-shirt and a handful of FFF coasters.

    Joe you absolutely killed it buddy. I’m blown away by the boxes you put together. If you ever need anything from the PNW do not hesitate to ask as I would love to return the favor to you.


    • Ruizjoseph says:

      There also was a FFF button inside of a small ziploc in the big box. The behemoth is 2011 (white wax). Glad you like the box! I was probably as excited to send it as you were to receive it! First BIF and it won’t be my last.

  186. GuisseppeFranco says:

    I tried posting once and it didn’t show so sorry for the double post if it happens…

    Just got my box from FrozenMoses. Was a bit concerned on arrival since it seems that FedEx had to repack the box at some point. All of the beers were swimming in this huge box but I don’t think any were broke or lost at some point.

    picks of the haul http://www.flickr.com/photos/75183641@N03/

    Boulevard Saison-Brett
    Boulevard Tank 7
    Boulevard Double-Wide
    Boulevard BBQ
    Jester King Black Metal
    Jester King Witchmaker
    Deschutes The Abyss
    Deschutes Black Butte Porter
    Real Ale Sysyphus
    Rahr & Sons Angry Goat
    Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout 2x
    Stubbs and Salt Lick BBQ sauces
    St. Arnold’s glass (not pictured)

    Huge thanks to FM for gathering up this goodness. I’ve tried none of it before so that makes it that much better. Someone please hook him up when they pick him as their target. He definitely deserves it.

    • Frozenmoses says:

      Did the Karbach pint glass make it by chance? I got the exception notice yesterday and was worried that maybe something didn’t make it, and now I have a feeling I may have been right.

      Other than that, I’m really glad the beer and sauce made it safe and sound. I really hope you enjoy everything!

      • GuisseppeFranco says:

        No Karbach. Just the St. Arnold. Oh well. At least all the beer made it. :-D. Thanks again. I’m gonna share a few at the Southampton release on Saturday.

        • Frozenmoses says:

          Well I guess losing a glass is better than losing a beer. I have your address now (muahahahaha) so I’ll make it up to you sometime in the near future. As I’m sure you could tell by my packing job, I’m still very much a n00b at trading. Anywho, enjoy the brews my friend!

          • GuisseppeFranco says:

            May the glass RIP. it died a martyr for the beer. Im very much a N00B beer packer myself. Any trades I conduct I’m as interested in the packing method as I am the beer. You did a good job from what I could gather. FedEx probably just manhandled the damn thing.

            Oh and I also have your address now too. So don’t be surprised to see a nice package from the Bronx arrive done day. πŸ˜‰

          • Frozenmoses says:

            Oh, and one you didn’t list but you have in the first pic is Ranger Creek La Bestia Amiable. I know it doesn’t fit your favorite styles, but it’s a Belgian style dark ale, and with a year on it, is phenomenal in my opinion. Let that one sit for a bit, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  187. Jegross2 says:

    My target’s package is set to arrive Jan 27. My target has almost as many forum posts as I do beer reviews, and has at least one founders beers in his or her gots

  188. jmagnus87 says:

    As of right now, my package is in a major city in your state, 138 miles away from your house. My box actually went past you, and now has to turn around and go north. It may be because there is a major airport in said city. When you get your package, you’ll understand why they call me “The Real McCoy”

  189. BrewtifulMind says:

    I received a beast of a box last night from Joe (doucmehu) that just blew me away. Everything in there was a BIG want, or should be want. I just want to thank Joe for putting the time together to craft this box for me, I can tell that a lot of thought definitely went into it, just nailed all of my favorite styles. Definitely the best box I have received. You killed it, man!! Don’t mind my exclamation points, it’s just how I felt as I was opening the box. Here’s the goods: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48093905@N02/6763987709/in/photostream

    The Little Guys:
    Cantillon RosΓ© De Gambrinus-Seriously?!! HUGE WANT!! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Cantillon!! So pumped for this!
    Founders Imperial Stout-WANT!
    Founders KBS-Again. Seriously!?? MAJOR WANT!! Stoked!
    Central Waters Brewer’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout-Never had anything from here, but it sounds great. Probably a should be want!
    Bell’s Expedition Stout-WANT!
    New Glarus Barleywine-Been dipping my toes in the Barleywine lately, can’t wait to try this!
    Odell Myrcenary Double IPA-WANT!
    Surly Furious-HUGE WANT!! I couldn’t wait to drink this one so I had this last night for the first time and I can easily say it’s my new favorite IPA.
    Surly Abrasive-ANOTHER HUGE WANT!! Can’t wait to try!

    The Big Guys:
    Three Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf-Always a want! Love this brew!
    New Glarus Raspberry Tart-MAJOR WANT!! Can’t wait for this one!
    Surly Five-ANOTHER GIANT WANT! Never thought I would get a chance to try this one!

    Really cool glass from New Glarus, can’t wait to use it!
    Cool Schmaltz’s Alt Coaster
    Summit Brewing Co. Coaster

    I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to Joe. You went above and beyond and had my jaw dropped the whole time as I made my way through the box. This guy means business, so whoever gets him as a target, PLEASE HOOK HIM UP!! Thanks again, man!

    • doucmehu says:

      Glad you are looking forward to the contents, you deserved a solid box after yours. I have had almost everything I sent and greatly enjoyed all. As a DIPA fan, I think you are really going to like the NG Barleywine, it is extremely hopped up for a BW. Drink it fresh.

    • Rivertooth says:

      That central waters is a gem of a little beer. Nice haul.
      Well done Doucmehu! Great box.

  190. usofar says:

    Got home from a long day of meetings to find an awesome box from leeds376! I’ve got a whole lot of new beer to try including several wants and should be wants! You nailed my favorite styles and went way overboard on ounces of great great beer! Thank you very much!

    On to the details:
    Little ones

    750 ML
    Schlafly Reserve 2008 Imperial Stout – Should be want!
    Cigar City Marshal Zhukov’s – Huge Want!
    Cigar City Improv – excited to try this!

    22 oz
    Southern Tier Iniquity – Should be want!
    Troegs Flying Mouflan – Should be want!

    12 oz

    Troegs Java Head – Should be want, love this beer!
    Troegs Scratch 55 – Should be want. Heard great things about this series!
    Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald – great beer!
    Southern Tier Old Man – This one is new to me, can’t want to try it!
    Victory Storm King – Love this beer
    Goose Island 2011 BCS – Huge Want
    Bell’s 2007 Expedition Stout – Huge Want
    Terrapin Wake n Bake – Huge Want
    Alewerks Washington’s Porter – Can’t wait to try this.

    Thanks again for all this great beer! I’m like a kid in a candy store right now!

    • usofar says:

      Woops it’s late and I’m really tired. Totally forgot to mention the swag!

      Awesome pint glass and bottle opener from Troegs!

      Thank you so much!

      • leeds376 says:

        You’re welcome. I was in the last NOOB bif and enjoyed it so much I had to get in again. I’m just glad the pint glass made it there safely, I was worried about it. The Storm King was a last minute toss in and it was only after I shipped the box that I realized Victory distributes to California. Sorry about that.

  191. Auror says:

    My box should hit today, it’s on the truck for delivery.

    Hint #3 The truck started in another state than the city it’s delivering to.though.

  192. Mikeytotheb says:

    Wow! Brian from Brookline MA knocked this one out of the park! All of these are wants or should have been wants.

    Heady Topper x2
    Pretty things Jack D’or
    Cambridge Brewing The Audacity of Hops
    Clown Shoes Blaecorn Unidragon
    Mystic Brew Co. Saison (aged in sauvignon Blanc Barrels. )
    Boulevard BBQ
    Pretty Things Our Finest Regards
    Maine Beer Co. Zoe
    Ten Fidy

    This was another fantastic noob BIF. Very excited for all of these beers!!!

    • Mikeytotheb says:

      Ooops and a Weihenstephan glass!

    • Auror says:

      Glad you liked it. Always good to know you did a good job on the first try. Wish I could have found fresher Zoe, but it’s still drinking great. Heady Topper was canned 8 days ago, enjoy.

  193. Jegross2 says:

    New day, new hint. My target is east of me, and does not have access to beers from Bells brewery.

  194. jmagnus87 says:

    My target’s box has been on a truck and according to UPS “out for delivery” since 5am. Hope it arrives soon!

  195. jmagnus87 says:

    And now it has arrived. UPS said it was left at your front door. Hopefully you find it soon!

  196. vobr002 says:

    hint 5: Its been on a vehichle for delivery all day…Im Furious its not there yet..

  197. Aiptasia says:

    Package from Jmagnus 87 was waiting in my living room when I arrived home from work. DW signed for it safe and sound. What a haul, you outdid yourself sir on some of my favorite big belgians. I was really hoping I was your target based on the hints and this haul. Wow! Will post beer porn pic when my DD is finished her homework on my laptop. Typng this initial haul report from my google tv:


    Two beer/ bottle coozies from Picks liquors, carbondale, Illinois (love the provinance)
    One all metal keychain bottle popper “moosehead Beer”
    One bar of Schlafley Oatmeal Stout Beer soap (smells amazing)
    Schlafley brewing 20th anniversary Pint glass

    Beer Haul 12 oz:
    One by Dark Horse Brewing (anything by Dark Horse WANT!)
    FBS ( Always Want)
    Goose Island 2007 Burbon County Stout (homerun WANT!)
    Leinenkugels Big Eddy Russian Imperial stout
    Smokestack Series Sixth Glass quad (BIG WANT)

    Bombers plus:
    Unibroue Terrible (love it)
    Schlafley 20 Hop Toddy vol. 2 (can’t wait to try)
    Big Sky Buckin’ Monk Tripel (DW Favorite Style)
    Affligem Noel (Always WANT)
    Schlafley Reserve 2010 Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout (omg yum)
    North coast brewing Brother Thelonius Abbey ale

    Seriously good haul. Most appreciate the big nod to my favorite Belgian style.

    • jmagnus87 says:

      The North Coast should have been a want too. I got as many of your wants as I could and even raided my cellar for a few, the GI 2007 and the Affligem, which I think I’ve been cellaring since 09. The Schlafly Hop Toddy sold out in my town in less than 24 hours so I hope you like that too. If you ever want some more Schlafly or Boulevard in the future let me know and we can set something up because I would love some good Florida beers. Cheers!

  198. seanwhite says:

    Just in time for the weekend! I had 4x as many meetings this week as beers, and its been a helluva week. I got home to find a great box from vobr002 from Minnesota! I FURIOUSLY opened this box, using the ABRASIVE side of a knife, and opened it to pure beer OASIS including several wants and others that should have been. There was one casualty which I am heart broken about, as it was an O’dells Mountain Standard Double Black IPA.


    22 oz
    Alaskan Smoked Porter 2010 – Huge want (Loved it at Savor 2010!
    Surly Smoke – WOW. Big time want, and can’t wait to try it.

    16 oz Cans
    Surly Abrasive – Never had anything from Surly, but ill surely love it, and have wanted them all!
    Surly Furious – Heard amazing stuff about Surly and cant wait to open these! big props.
    Tall Grass Oasis Ale – Never heard of Tall Grass but interested to try these. Love canned hops.
    Tall Grass IPA – Can’t wait.

    12 oz
    Deschutes Inversion IPA – Always a huge favorite and perma-want. Don’t get Deschutes in Mass.
    Deschutes Red Chair NWPW – Never tried this but have been wanting too.
    Fulton Sweet Child of Vine – Looks like a great local.
    Summit Black Ale – Excited to try this one.
    O’dells Myrcenary Imp. Ipa – a HUGE want, I might open this one tonight.
    O’dells Mountain Standard Double Black ale – Big want, and big sadness, this one fell victim to FedEx. Ill drink my sorrows.

    Thanks again for the great haul!

    • vobr0002 says:

      There was a surly pint glass wrapped up on top of the box too. Hopefully it made it. Sorry about the mountain standard. I just have no luck with Black IIPAs, the ones I entered into the state fair home brew contest broke too. Fml

      • seanwhite says:

        Yes, I drank the Myrcenary out of the Surly pint glass tonight. I was too worried about the beer and forgot the pint glass. No worries on the mountain standard, my hands smell like black ipa, so thats a win.

  199. Frozenmoses says:

    Seriously, this whole ordeal is full of generosity. This is what advocacy is all about. I’m really glad to be a part of this and would gladly share many beers with anyone participating in this. Cheers to everyone! Special thanks to Cam for hosting this for us!

  200. Blargimus says:

    This is my fifth trade and first BIF, and I was just assigned a target today! I look forward to putting together a killer box, because he did the same.

    First hint: Of my target’s wants, only 3.5% were brewed in my state. This is a fancy way of saying that he’s definitely getting those wants…

  201. Jegross2 says:

    Last hint. My target should get her box today

  202. ninner00 says:

    This is my first BIF but have traded before. I got my target yesterday and have already picked up a few for the box. Really excited about this.

    First hint: My target is not a female.

  203. apollokim says:

    Ordered a ton of stuff online this week and have had numerous boxes from UPS, FedEx and/or USPS delivered every day. At around 4 this afternoon yet another delivery arrived and I had the guy put it in the coat closet because I didn’t have time to unpack, wash and find a place for whatever it was. Wasn’t until an hour or so later after hanging up a bunch of guests coats did I realized the box had that kind of beat up, over taped look that only a beer box can have. Of course I ignored the line at the door, the bar printer spitting out tickets and the ringing phone. Tore that sucker open. Holy cow! Thank you, Jegross2, mighty fine collection of beers that are mostly aren’t available here and totally hit my favorite styles. Just looked at my wants, he nailed quite a few. In my excitement of now having these beers I clicked on “remove selected” until I realized these are great beers and I’ll probably want more!

    Three Floyds Dreadnaught
    Three Floyds Broo Doo
    New Glarus Hop Hearty Ale
    New Glarus Thumb Print IIPA-not sure if it’s this, beers are still at work, I am at home looking at a photo on my phone
    New Glarus Thumbprint Barley Wine-see above
    Shorts Cup A Joe
    Bell’s Hopslam
    Bell’s Two Hearted
    Surly Furious
    Central Waters Brewer’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout
    Ale Asylum Ballistic IPA
    Founders Breakfast Stout
    Oskar Blues Ten Fidy
    Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat glass
    and a few other things that I think were packing materials but made me laugh. Thanks a ton, Jeff. Didn’t pick up on the hints at all. I’m blaming it on the flu.

    • Jegross2 says:

      Glad it arrived safely! Id love to hear how you enjoy the new stuff. Im a huge Russian imperial and iipa fan so I tried I go with what I like that was outside your network. Thought some of the packaging would be entertaining. I think I tossed and ismuth or onion newspaper in there.

    • Jegross2 says:

      Also I was sure today’s hint would give it away haha

  204. apollokim says:

    Swag or just stuff tossed in?

    http://tinyurl.com/7hu9nsq I’ve gotten boxes with rice and pasta to conceal the sloshing sound but never the packet of Kraft powdered cheese. Was I supposed to shake the box upside down to get all the little elbow macaroni and boil it up? I did shake, did not boil. Was covered in news print.

    Tasting notes, interesting.

    http://tinyurl.com/88xpq72 “Could a fooled me. Thought this was a kriek.”

    http://tinyurl.com/7yc9ok3 95 crossed out furiously. 96 with a square. 97 with a triple circle and an arrow. So you are saying this beer gets more amazing as it warms?

    ESPN magazine. Pretty sure this was packing material.

    • Jegross2 says:

      Oh I thought I also included a Wisconsin magazine. Sorry! Yeah I definitely use old tasting notes as packing stuff sometimes lol

      • apollokim says:

        Oh no! I threw away what was probably an incredibly insightful magazine about Wisconsin? Might have to go dumpster diving tomorrow. I am the queen of bubble wrap, use way too much. Was impressed with your packing skills.

    • Jegross2 says:

      And yeah. Melange got even better as is warmed and it was great slightly cold

    • Jegross2 says:

      Throwing in the cheese packet was my roommates idea. He thought it would be funny since there was plenty of macaroni the box

      • Jegross2 says:

        Er clarification: I was putting enough Mac in all the boxes that you could make plenty of Mac an cheese

      • apollokim says:

        Not only did I laugh but the whole Apollo crew laughed. Not so much at your inclusion of the cheese packet but at me for clearing off the prep table, unloading yet another box of beer and taking photos. By the time the fourth employee asked something like, “I get the beer, but what’s up with the macaroni and cheese?” I was over explaining about the sloshing and their little chuckles that meant, “Oh, Kim and her wacky beer thing again.”

        • Jegross2 says:

          This makes it all worthwhile. Im glad everyone got a laugh. If you ever need midwest beer, give me a holla. Ill make sure to send TWO newspapers if we matchup again

  205. Chocosushi says:

    My target is soon to be receiving a second
    Box of goods to make up for the NOOBishness
    Of the first this sent.

    this should make up for it!

  206. brystmar says:

    Got the second box from my shadowy BIF beneficiary who hails from Camp Hill, PA. To my surprise, this one had a few more bottles in addition to the swag! “kenatbeerswap”, please come forward and accept my thanks! The full haul: (* = want)

    Guava Grove (always love these)
    Dark Intrigue (looks tasty!)

    Expedition Stout*
    Two Hearted x2*
    Weyerbacher Sierra
    Lagunitas Sucks
    Java Head*
    Troegs / Stone Cherry Chocolate Stout
    Weyerbacher Romeo

    Troegs Java Head pint glass
    Troegs t-shirt


    Great box, Ken! Hit plenty of wants, and sent me loads of new stuff to try as well. Got some friends coming in town next week to help me power through everything, sure to be a big hit. Cheers!

    • I’m glad everything arrived safely. Sorry I didn’t get more hints out, my computer has a meltdown somewhere and I have not had time to fix it yet so computer access has been limited. Hope I hit some stuff you haven’t had before. Enjoy the brews.


  207. blatantdream says:

    My first BIF and hope to do right by my target.

    Some first hints:
    I have been a BA member longer than my target.
    My target lives in a state that my development support team for our Document/Workflow and Enterprise Content Management system is also located.
    Google maps tell me that it would take about 22 to 23 hours to drive to my target’s location.

  208. Blargimus says:

    I have eight of the twelve planned bottles for my target. Should have the rest by the end of the week.

    Second hint: I would have to drive through at least seven states to get to my target’s state, counting Colorado and my destination.

  209. ruizjoseph says:

    Also not likely me unless you take a roundabout way from CO to IL.

  210. ninner00 says:

    I am almost done with getting my bottles for my target. I hope to get them out before the end of this week.

    Second hint: My targets state name has an “O” in it and does not border my state.

    • Jegross2 says:

      I could qualify if it werent for the fact that my box arrived just before you likely got your target. 😦

    • ruizjoseph says:

      Could be me – IllinOis doesn’t border your state. I hope there are some Ohio beers with “O’s” on their labels!

  211. huadog says:

    Appears that I still have not yet been picked up by anyone. I know my wants are really difficult and as great as it would be to land any, I am mostly just interested in beer that you like and would be happy to receive. I also use untappd so here is a list of my uniques, I’m always happy to try something new.


  212. Blargimus says:

    My target will soon be smoking in Alaska, hiding from a mercenary in his double-wide trailer with a member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

    It will be a weird day.

  213. Well I’ve got a target and someone will soon be getting a box. I’m going to start the hints tomorrow so it’ll be at the top of the page. Box will be shipped this week!

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