Brewery Release BIF

Signups: Now until March 1st, 3pm EST
Start Date: March 20th
Style: Shotgun
Minimum of 22 ounces of brewery only release beer *must be vetted with me*
local/wants to fill out the box
Target box value: ~$50

After signups are complete it will likely take me a week or so to get targets sent out! Hence the delay in start time

To sign up post here or send me an e-mail with what brewery release beer(s) you are considering!



63 Responses to Brewery Release BIF

  1. sholle says:

    How do I sign up for this one?

    BA: sholle

  2. urbancaver says:

    signups aren’t open right now but I’ll launch this one sometime fairly soon!

  3. Curtis McArthur says:

    Yazoo Fortuitous – 450 bottles released

  4. GuisseppeFranco says:

    I just replied to all in email, but for my whoever has me, my RB cellar is not filled out in the least. Please access my wants/gots with my BA name, GuisseppeFranco.

  5. nimbleprop says:

    I am shipping out today. My box includes an beer who’s name is onomatopoeia for the sound a seal makes. My RB/BA name is nimbleprop.

  6. funkyaudio says:

    Hitting up one more bottle shop this weekend then sending out my box on Monday heading east.

  7. KungFu Mike says:

    My box is packed up and is going to FedEx first thing in the morning. Hint: the name of the street it is being shipped to can be found in the “American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association”.

    ~KungFu Mike

  8. RB - MlhopeTC BA - donttazemebro says:

    Hint #1 – My box is staying on the east coast for this BIF. If my box were taking the interstate it would be driving about 850 miles total and would be mainly using 95. As a matter of fact it is set to arrive on Wednesday!

    Beer Hint #1 – The main brewery only release beer I sent comes from a brewery closer to my target than to me. According to their ratings my target had this beer quite awhile ago in 2008 but maybe not since then. In addition I was able to hit a few Belgian wants of my target. One of them is also normally a “brewery only” or should I say “abbey only” release, but it recently saw some widespread distribution 🙂 The rest of the box is filled with some delicious Central Florida locals!

  9. urbancaver says:

    I won’t be shipping for a few more days… waiting til I can pick up a few things next week 🙂

  10. nimbleprop says:

    My box has already shipped and only had to go a scant three days West of DC. The only hint is that my lucky release is a brewery collaboration and is onomatopoeia for the sound a seal makes.

  11. normyk says:

    Took a wee look at my target’s wants and it looks like I should be able to provide some fun for them in terms of the “filler” beers. The actual brewery release…. well, I think I know what I’m sending given the wants. It should be a fairly dark box. How I roll. Seems to be a good fit for my target as well. Bourbon aged goodness will happen! Shipping west – probably next Monday. Might be getting a little something extra this weekend.

  12. RB - MlhopeTC BA - donttazemebro says:

    Well my box has already landed! Hope everything made it safely!


  13. Mista says:

    Hint#1 I believe we have exchanged beer mails on beer advocate before it the site went down. I’ll be shipping the box on Friday

  14. GuisseppeFranco says:

    Hint #1

    My box is head about 13 hrs driving distance west of me to a town that has the lofty goal to become the #1 rated Best Small City in America by 2018.

  15. Just got my box from (I believe Normyk 🙂 ) Wow, I literally could not be more excited. My brewery release was a Bruery 100% BA Cuir, I have been wanting this beer for a long time. My “filler” beers were absolutely fantastic as well, FW13 (which fills the hole in a vertical I’ve been trying to put together), De Struise Cuvee Delphine, and a Central Waters Barrel Aged Barleywine.

    I will also be sending my box on Monday (I generally try to ship on Mondays) to somewhere south and west of Missouri. The brewery that my beer comes from is known for its cigar themed beer series.

  16. Maybe mine didn’t come from Normyk, the origin location doesn’t match…

    Hmmm…Grownfool seems to be from the correct area 😀

  17. funkyaudio says:

    Got my haul from nimbleprop I think.
    My Brewery Release is 2010 Olde Rabbit’s Foot
    the fillers were
    Old Dominion Brewing Company GiGis Farmhouse Ale
    Old Dominion Brewing Company Dominion Millennium – Oak Aged
    Lost Rhino Brewing Company New River Pale Ale
    DuClaw Brewing Company 2010 Oak Aged Black Jack Stout
    Starr Hill Brewery Monticello Reserve Ale
    DC Brau Brewing Co The Corruption

  18. Mista says:

    Hint #2: I decided to get the package out early. It’s a two day point which means either Saturday or Monday delivery.

  19. nimbleprop says:

    Popped open a box from MlhopeTC to find the following:
    Foothills Sexual Chocolate (2012?)
    750ml Cigar City Humidor Series IPA (Jai Alai?)
    Westy 12
    De Struise 2005 Pannepot Grand Reserva
    Cigar City Brewing Jose Marti
    CCB Tocobaga Amber
    CCB Jai Alai IPA
    Terrapin Hopsecutioner
    CCB Maduro Brown

    Great BIF, thanks guys.

  20. RB - MlhopeTC BA - donttazemebro says:

    Yea that is a 2012 SC. And yes, to my understanding, that is Jai Alai aged in cedar, maybe Cam knows for sure? Regardless, I love it and hope you do too! Enjoy!

  21. normyk says:

    I got beer! From, it would appear, KungFuMike! I totally missed the obvious hint.

    So I pick up the box and look at the address – I like to guess what may be in a box so, you know, the address is a nice hint – and about died when I saw “Portsmouth, NH” on the label. I’m like, could it really be the grand dame of the beer world lurking in there?

    So I tear in and what’s on top of everything else? A Portsmouth Brewery 20th Anniversary bag (with STICKERS IN IT!). Good sign! Fingers crossed that one of those stubby bottles down in there is my fine lady Katherine. I pull out a nifty little tourist map of Portsmouth Resorts (which may help me plan my eventual trip to visit) and grab the 750 out of the box. Start big and work my way down to the stubbies I figure – extend the excitement.

    Sam Adams Infinium (which I’ve never tried and was hesitant to buy myself so I’m happy to get)
    Smuttynose Baltic Porter (perennial favorite)
    Sam Adams Longshot A Dark Night In Munich (very curious to try this)

    And then I’m down to just the two stubby bottles. My fingers are crossed one is a Kate and the other, I don’t know, anything. Hell, it could be a 50 year old homebrew lager for all I care if the other is a Kate, am I right?

    First bottle: KATE! YES! SO need to try fresh 2012!
    Second bottle (what the hell could it be?): KATE! AGAIN! OVERKILL AWESOME!

    Ze smex:

    Damn Mike! One would have been sufficient, but you go for the big double Kate. You are crazy in an awesome manner – I would tip my hat to you if I wore one. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    I like the way this BIF is progressing. There have been some really cool beers flying around. I’m going to have to bring my “A” game when I ship (as if I would bring anything less). Monday, probably. May have to growler up this weekend.

    • RB - MlhopeTC BA - donttazemebro says:

      Two Kates?!?!? That is awesome! Congrats on that! I’ve been trying just to get one of those little bastards and they’ve been eluding me quite well. I agree, this BIF is a really great one. Cam are you thinking of running it again after this run? If so sign me up!

    • KungFu Mike says:

      Right on, dude! I was psyched to be able to throw two Kates into the mix. I know the Infinium is “meh” but I figured it would be a great way to at least tick it without you having to drop the $20-something on a bottle. Baltic Porter is one of my favorites, so I hope you like it!

    • Mista says:

      Hint #3

      Looks like my package is traveling about 700 miles south east and will arrive tomorrow March 24th.

      Damn two Kates above. That is tough to follow!

  22. Jim says:

    My box is ready to leave on monday all wants. And is gonna be traveling east about 400 miles.

  23. seeswo says:

    My box is going out at the end of the week – waiting for a box to come in

  24. amnesia1187 says:

    Still putting together my box, hoping to get it out tomorrow. My target is all for making this difficult >_< he's in Cali and only has 2 things listed in wants. Gonna have to guesstimate ^_^

  25. bearbrew says:

    I will be shipping this week, just picked up the filler beers at the brewery this weekend.
    For the person that has me as a target, i filled out a couple of wants if you look at my
    rate beer profile infosection , and BA xraided81, link to my cellar you will get a general idea of the kind of beers i like.

  26. Deyholla says:

    My box is heading 600 miles southish and contains a “crazy” beer and some “small” beers…

  27. Box left fedex today and will be heading southwest of MO, was able to supply a couple of wants. Also a few really good STL locals.

  28. funkyaudio says:

    My box shipped today and will land in 2 days

  29. urbancaver says:

    My box has shipped 🙂
    contents… an assortment of brewery release brews…
    One 22 from Michigan
    one 12 ounce from Michigan
    one 12 ounce from Ohio
    and some other goodies!

  30. bearbrew says:

    The filler beers im sending are pretty much brewery only release, a few of t
    them have been known to appear at liqour stores around So Cal area for unautharized retail sale…
    shipping out tomorrow

  31. seeswo says:

    My box arrived safely today! Thanks Mista, great box!
    2 Surly Coffee Bender
    2 Surly Abrasive
    2 Surly Furious
    1 Surly 5
    1 Town Hall Wee Jack!
    Thanks a ton for a sweet box!

  32. normyk says:

    Box goes out this morning. Three brewery releases and some other fun stuff.
    Heading…. west-ish. Two days. Should land Friday. I feel like I’ve shipped to this state a lot. Never visited, though I may this fall. There is a fun beer event I would like to finally attend there.

  33. funkyaudio says:

    My box is on fedex truck for delivery today in the same town as the Pro Football Hall Of Fame

  34. Veldrid says:

    Just received my funkyaudio and what a box it is.
    Baller Stout
    BA Cellar Door
    750ml of Serpent Stout
    Persimmon Lambic
    2x Peruvian Morning

    Thanks a tn for the box. I can’t wait to try some of those.

    My box is heading out tomorrow to the land of “steers and queers”.

  35. Veldrid says:

    Oh damn, I overlooked the BA Stateside Saison that was in there as well. It’s the box that keeps on giving!

  36. deyholla says:

    Looks like my box arrived yesterday, it contained:

    Blue Point Brewing No Apologies DIPA
    Long Ireland DIPA
    Captain Lawrence 5 Years Later
    Southampton 15th anny beer!!!
    Southampton RIS!!!

    An awesome box! Not quite sure who it came from, but thanks a bunch!

  37. GuisseppeFranco says:

    Hey Derek, that box came from me. I went with a few great locals after looking seeing that you’ve tried almost every beer imaginable and your Wants were largely unattainable by me. I’ve had every beer sent and I like them all. I hope you do too!


  38. GuisseppeFranco says:

    I had to email Cam to figure out who my box from was from since the shipping label didn’t provide any info. Tyvm DicemanSTL for the deliciousness. Sent to me were…

    La Folie
    Hop Slam
    2nd Shift Brew Cocky IPA
    Perrenial Abraxas
    CC Nielsborium

    I’ve only had BBQ and Hop Slam and I love them both., looking forward to the others. Thanks a ton for the great beers.


  39. Amnesia87 says:

    Just packed up my box (I know… slacker… been busy >_<). It's headed out to California, and the 2 main Brewery Release Beers are from a brewery named after some local bridge dwellers.

  40. normyk says:

    Hey, somebody up ‘sota way has has beer!

  41. Mista says:

    I couldn’t wait to open it.

    World Wide Stout ’08
    Great Lakes BA Blackout Stout
    Jackie-O Dark Apparition – Vanilla Bean Rum Barrel
    Dark Horse BB Plead the Fifth
    Dog Fish Head Old School Barley Wine ’10
    Founders KBS ’12

    Big thanks to normyk assuming its from you!

    • normyk says:

      Yep, that’s from me! Enjoy! The BAPt5 is one of the best bourbon stouts I’ve had, BA Blackout is excellent and that JO’s is pretty damn tasty, too.

  42. seeswo says:

    My box is going out Monday. Sorry for the delay. It is going South to a state that gets distributed one of my favorite CA IPAs that we just got access to in Ohio.

  43. wedgie9 says:

    My box will also be going out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

  44. josh kohl says:

    Shipped May 30th to Grownfool, enjoy

    • grownfool says:

      Arrived today. Lots of Jester King in this box.

      Farmhouse Black Metal (want)
      Black Metal (drank my last one, happy to have another)
      Noble King (should have been on my wants)
      Thrash Metal
      2012 La Folie (haven’t had this year’s yet)
      Tank 7
      La Muerta

  45. urbancaver says:

    Got my box today from… bearbrew!

    Black Tuesday (2011)
    and Chez Monieux

    are both brewery releases
    also, Nelson x2 (My favourite!), Duet, and a Bruery taster glass 🙂


  46. RB - MlhopeTC BA - donttazemebro says:

    Just got a killer box from Burica2020! Lots of wants!

    Arcadia Ales Imperial Stout
    Heady Topper (perpetual want)
    Founder’s Double Trouble (want)
    Old Rasputin
    Double Crooked Tree (want)
    Great Lakes Burning River (want)
    Short’s Controversiale (want)
    Sculpin (want)
    Double Jack (want)
    and then!
    Gilgamesh! (I honestly don’t know if it was on my wants, but it should have been!)

    Very awesome box, thanks a lot! And thanks to Cam for a great BIF!

  47. wedgie9 says:

    Got my box a couple weeks ago from Wisconsin. Wild One was the brewery only, with an assortment of small bottles local to Wisco. The bottle caps appear to be wrapped in tennis racquet grip tape instead of the standard electric tape. Very cool. Looks like we have a couple homebrews as well.

    My box was delivered this afternoon in Illinois.

  48. bearbrew says:

    Just got my box last night courtesy of Amnesia87, thanks!

    Freetail La Muerte
    Freetail Old Bat Rastard
    Squatters Outer Darkness
    Jester King Thrash Metal
    Saint Arnold Endeavour IPA2
    Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer
    Bluegrass Brewing Bourbon Barrel Stout
    Southern Star Le Mort Vivant
    You did an excellent job of guessing the kind of beers i like, i didnt have many wants.
    My first BIF looking forward to doing more of these

  49. josh kohl says:

    Got my box and it was great
    2x Bells Oberon
    Stone Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
    BA Boris
    Ballast Point Imperial Porter
    and my favorite
    Weyerbacher Rapture

  50. atxdelivery says:


  51. Amnesia87 says:

    Just got my box courtesy of Seeswo:

    New Glarus Barley Wine
    Central Waters BB Barley Wine
    Central Waters BB Stout
    Great Crescent Coconut Porter
    Heady Topper (Always a welcome thing to have. Definitely my personal favorite IPA/DIPA)

    Jacki O’s Chunga’s Old Bruin 2011 – Very interested to try this, not sure if I’ve ever actually had a Bruin before.
    Cigar City Hunahpu’s 2012 – Stoked to get this, it’s the only one of the single day release stouts I’ve had that I actually felt lived up to the hype.

    Overall a great box and a great first BIF experience. I look forward to my next one.

    Also happy to see bearbrew liked his box. Anytime I ship to Cali, I’m never sure if the stuff in my box is already available there (they just get too much beer… totally not fair ^_^).

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