furthurgone’s Haul (April)

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  1. normyk says:

    Getting started on my box this week. Probably won’t go out until next week given how far it’s to travel (I try not to ship over a weekend), but it should be solid and tasty. Some real treats should go out given just a brief look at wants. Prepare thyself!

    • normyk says:

      I realized that I might have a shot at something cool this weekend so I held off on shipping – just in case. The box will head out Monday, hopefully with something extra fun in it.

  2. davesway10 says:

    Gathering supplies, will have a box out no later than the 16th.

  3. furthurgone says:

    I can’t wait to start getting my birthday boxes. I’ve been excited about this since we started this marathon. Thanks in advance for all the great beers I’m going to recieve.



  4. furthurgone says:

    Just a heads up. I’m going to be away from home the weekend of 4/13-4/15. Someone will be coming by my house to feed my animals So boxes should be ok if they land in that time frame.



  5. Desaparecido says:

    Box is packed up and will be dropped off tomorrow morning.

  6. urbancaver says:

    Woohoo! I get a month off 🙂

  7. mdfb79 says:

    Finishing up your box this weekend and sending it out first thing in the morning on Monday 4/16. Got a few Wants and trying to hit 1 or 2 more this weekend!

  8. furthurgone says:

    First haul today. Just in time for my birthday tomorrow! I think it’s from Desaparecido because of his post earlier.

    Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet 2011 Below Decks
    Allagash odyssey
    Williamsburg Alewerks Bourbon Barrel Porter
    Founders Imperial Stout
    Founders 2010 Nemesis
    The Abyss 2011

    Great Box! Some favorites and new beers to try.

    Thanks a lot Edgar.

    • Desaparecido says:

      Glad I could hit five wants. Figured the other had to be something local. Enjoy the brews and Happy Birthday. I finally got a box in first. What do I win? =)

  9. davesway10 says:

    Package is on its way, enjoy my friend

  10. normyk says:

    Box is packed and goes out in the morning!

  11. biglobo8971 says:

    I’m not going to let the bad taste in my mouth from my month affecting this months box. Will try to put together a good one this weekend, if not, it might have to wait until after I get back from DLD, will mos def be some tasties in there.

  12. Retail1LO says:

    20+ lbs. of happy fuckin’ birthday set to land in Cali on Friday. At LEAST 7 barrel aged beers in the box.

  13. Retail1LO says:

    BTW….boy is it quiet in here. :-p Must be some devious things afoot.

  14. Retail1LO says:

    Box due to land tomorrow. Can’t wait for you to get it.

  15. furthurgone says:

    Dan, I got one box. I think there were supposed to be 2? Do you have a tracking number. I want to wait to post the haul until I find out.

    • mdfb79 says:

      Hey, I sent 2 boxes, a 3 bottle shipper and a 6 bottle shipper…very weird because they went out at the same exact time from the same location. Anyway here is the tracking number via FedEx: 980591615000990

      Looks like it should land today!



  16. furthurgone says:

    I was out of town camping on the Kern River and came home to 2 and a half boxes. Lots of great beer, a lot of wants and new beers I’ve really been wanting to try. Can’t wait!

    First Haul from Davesway10, I think.
    16 oz can

    Great River Brewery HOP A Potamus – Just got back from camping. Love canned beer.

    12 oz bottle

    Terrapin Wake-N-Bake – one of my favorites
    Founder’s KBS
    2 x Founder’s Imperial Stout
    2 x Founder’s Backwoods Bastard ( I really enjoy all Founder’s I’ve had so far, most are on my perma-want list)
    Dark Horse Plead the 5th – want
    Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree – want
    Dieu Du Ciel! Peche Mortel – one of my favorites

    750 ml bottle

    Jester King Wytchmaker – want

    Thanks Dave, I’m excited to try the IPAs you sent and for being half a country away from Founder’s, I should be able to have their beers on a regular basis.

    Haul 2 from Hayden (Retail1LO)

    You said pain was on the way and you were not kidding. I love bourbon! I got a ton of beers with bourbon. Win!

    12oz bottles

    Founder’s Backwoods Bastard – want
    Founder’s KBS – want
    Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywine 2012 – want
    Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout 2011 – want
    New Glarus Barleywine – want or should be want
    Dogfish Head World Wide Stout 2010 – I’ve got several bottles and I really should try one…
    Weyerbacher insanity – want
    J.W. Lees Harvest Calvados 2008 – want always been curious about these

    750ml bottles

    Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA – wanted to try this
    Boulevard Smokestack Bourbon Barrel Quad – want

    Thanks a lot Hayden. I was worried when it showed that it was delivered and I didn’t have it on my doorstep. I can’t wait to return the favor.


    I also got half of my haul from MDFB79, for some reason they split the two boxes from him into seperate days. Hopefully I can post tomorrow.

    A great start for my first 3 hauls, I’m excited its only getting started!

  17. furthurgone says:

    Hayden (Retail1LO) pointed out I missed a bottle from his box.

    J.W. Lees Harvest 2008 Sherry

    Thanks again Hayden!


  18. normyk says:

    Y’all got beer! Or so the FedEx folk tell me.

  19. jyounger30 says:

    My box shipped last week and is on scheduled for delivery Wednesday. I’m enjoying seeing these hauls so far this month. Cheers! Jay

  20. furthurgone says:

    Two boxes came on Saturday, I got them out of the heat but didn’t have a chance to get to them until Saturday night. I was in no shape to post the hauls after a day at a Bruery Clusterfork tasting. On to the hauls…

    Wow! Thanks to NormyK for the ridiculous box he sent me, you weren’t kidding about something extra fun.

    12 oz bottles

    Founder’s Nemesis 2010 – want
    Founder’s Imperial Stout – want
    Dark Horse Plead the 5th – want
    Dark Horse BA Plead the 5th -want (first of two horizontal tastings)
    Kuhnhenn 4th D 2010 – want
    Kuhnhenn BA 4th D 2011 – want (Is the 2010 base beer what became the 2011 BA? Sweet!)
    Kuhnhenn BBA Barley Wine – pretty sure its a want

    22 oz bottle

    Jackie O’s Grand Wazoo 11

    32 oz growler

    Jackie O’s Dark Apparition Coffee – WOW! Definitely fun!

    NormyK killed it with his box of Midwest goodies. I just shared a 750ml growler of Vanilla Oil of Aphrodite at the Clusterfork I just attended, it was fantastic. I can’t wait to get into this one. Thanks again!

  21. furthurgone says:

    The second haul of the weekend was from mdfb79. There are a couple interesting beers I’m excited to try in this box. Thanks mdfb79!

    12 oz bottles

    Doggie Style Pale Ale
    Founder’s Nemesis 2010 – want
    Dark Horse Plead the 5th – want
    Founder’s Imperial Stout – want

    500ml bottle

    HaandBryggeriet Porter aged in Aquivit Barrels – really interested but I think it leaked in the box

    22 oz bottles

    Williamsburg Alewerks Grand Illumination – the BA porter I had from them was pretty good
    DuClaw Retribution – maybe a should be want
    Black Diamond BBA Grand Cru 11

    750ml bottle

    Allagash Odyssey

    Thanks mdfb79 for the great haul!


  22. normyk says:

    It’s about hilarious how much Nemesis is flying around.

  23. Brandon says:

    apologies, but my box will land the beginning of next month. Hopefully after DLD I will have some tasties for your box. I love/hate shipping to Cali. Usually its easy to hit wants, but hate shipping to Cali.

  24. Mikesgroove says:

    Box is leaving SC this Afternoon

  25. furthurgone says:

    Another box on my doorstep when I got home from running some errands! This one has a ton of beers I’ve been wanting to try.

    12 oz bottles

    Terrapin Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout – want
    Terrapin Hopzilla – want
    Terrapin W-n-B – want
    Thomas Hooker Liberator
    Founder’s Red Rye P.A.
    Red Brick Wee Heavy
    Red Brick Smoked Vanilla Gorilla – want
    The Duck rabbit Barley Wine ’10 – want

    375 ml bottle

    Geuze Mariage Parfait 2007 – want

    22 oz bottles

    Cricket Hill Reserve Ale Porter – maybe should be want
    Southern Tier Oak Aged Unearthly

    750ml bottle

    Fantome Hiver – want

    Also, 2 issues of Southern Brewing News, a poster, and a CCB Campeador label/flyer. The beers that were not wants all look very interesting to me. So many beers to choose from, I don’t know where to start.

    Thanks Jay


  26. furthurgone says:

    A great box from Mikesgroove was thrown over my fence by the Saturday FedEx delivery driver. Luckily everything made it safe and sound. Once again the box hit the nail on the head, I had been wanting to trade towards several of the beers in this box.

    12 oz bottles

    BBA Plead the 5th – want
    Dark Horse Brewing Scotty Karate – want
    Kuhnhenn 4th D – want

    22 oz bottle

    Coast Brewing Co Simcoe Red – looks interesting
    Westbrook Mexican Cake – want
    Foothills Sexual Chocolate – I’ve been wanting one for a while to try with the BA version

    750 ml bottle

    Evil Twin Biscotti Break – looks good

    Thanks to Mikesgroove for the awesome box.


    • furthurgone says:

      I forgot to mention the swag I got along with this box. Also included was a Arctic Devil t-shirt, a really cool glass from the Brewgrass festival, and a Charleston Exchange pint glass. Thanks again!


  27. urbancaver says:

    My records show you’re still waiting on boxes from:


  28. Brandon says:

    yes, I still have to send a box. Mine will be boxed up this week and promptly shipped either Thursday or next Monday (have on special beer to get). Your choice, let me know. I apologize for the delay, DLD took a lot out of me.

    • furthurgone says:

      Either is fine. I’ll be gone this upcoming weekend but I have no plans after that.

  29. brian says:

    mines out tomorrow. so sorry, know its RIDICULOUSLY late. added extra to make up for the tardiness. cheers

  30. biglobo8971 says:

    fedex 302185415023808 , sorry for the tardiness. I threw in a 2nd growler to help ease the pain.

  31. furthurgone says:

    I got a box from Brian yesterday with some more new beers for me to try!

    12 oz bottles

    Blackstone Brewing St. Charles Porter
    Blackstone Brewing A.P.A.
    Blackstone Brewing Nut Brown Ale
    Yazoo Sly Rye Porter
    Yazoo Hop Project
    Yazoo Sue
    Bell’s Hopslam
    Ghost River Golden Ale
    Goose Island BCS 2011 – want

    16 oz cans

    Surly Coffee Bender – want
    Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s

    750 ml bottle

    Boulevard Smokestack Harvest Dance b1 – looks like a should be want

    This is a fun box! I like trying new beers and I’ve got a lot to try here. These are all going straight to the fridge. Thanks Brian for this box of local flavor.



  32. davesway10 says:

    1 more package to go ??? Lets get April finished.

  33. Brandon says:

    still on track to land on Saturday. Sorry for the tardiness. May’s will go out on monday/tuesday due to the fact I just found out that I HAVE TO FUCKING HAVE ANOTHER BACK SURGERY!

    • davesway10 says:

      Sorry brother, my wife has been through two back surgery’s as well. I feel your pain (in a second hand sympathetic sort of way) and hope everything works out for you. For what it’s worth I was counting your package as delivered :). which still leaves 1 delinquency.

  34. Brandon says:

    Fedex says package delivered today

  35. furthurgone says:

    I got a box today from Brandon (Biglobo8971)… I got the box and your message but didn’t want to call back too late because of the time difference. I’ll try and post the haul tomorrow but, no guarantees, its a brew day! I will say this box came right in time. I can’t wait to get into these growlers tomorrow/today.

  36. furthurgone says:

    Sorry I haven’t posted Biglobo8971’s haul yet. Brandon really outdid himself with this box! I really appreciate it, my budget for beer has dropped significantly recently. Here’s the huge haul.

    12 oz bottles

    Founders KBS ’12 – always a want
    Tyranena Brewer’s Gone Wild Devil Over a Barrel – Really excited for this
    Dark Horse Plead the 5th ’12 – want
    Bell’s Batch 10000
    2 x Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree – want

    16 oz cans

    4 pack of Surly Furious – wanted to try this for a while and these are super fresh!

    64 oz growlers

    Town Hall Masala Mama – big time want shared with my co-brewer on Sunday. Great stuff!
    Town Hall Hefe – I’m excited to try this one.

    Thanks a lot for this perfectly timed box. Expect some payback when I get more fresh IPAs!


    One more box to go I think…

  37. Brandon says:

    that Hefe is one of my faves. Enjoy that box, once again, I apologize for my tardiness.

  38. furthurgone says:

    Is AjsDad06 still in this? I haven’t seen any postings from him recently…

  39. Brad says:

    I apologize for the extreme tardiness. Your box will go out tomorrow via FedEx. After looking through the hauls, I changed a couple out to give you a bigger selection of different beers. I will be in touch tomorrow.

  40. furthurgone says:

    Sounds good, I didn’t see any posts from you so I was just curious. Thanks

  41. Brad says:

    FedEx # 642405615090048. It is due to land Friday. Sorry for the tardiness with the box. I appreciate how patient everyone has been.

  42. Brad says:

    The box looks like it has landed. I hope you enjoy.

  43. davesway10 says:

    The Haul ?

  44. furthurgone says:

    Sorry for not being able to immediately post the haul. I was out of town and I was busy after I got back until now. Last box of my birthday month came from AJsDad06 (Brad). Another box of some of my favorite beers from the other side of the country plus some new ones to try. On to the good stuff….

    12 oz bottles

    Tyranena Brewers Gone Wild Dirty Old Man – Should be want
    3 Floyds Zombie Dust – want
    Columbus Brewing IPA – pretty tasty
    Founder’s KBS ’12 – permawant
    Founder’s Nemesis ’10 – want
    Bell’s Batch 9000 – Had it before but want to try it again
    Great Lakes BA Blackout Stout – want
    Dark Horse Plead the 5th – want
    Cellar Rats Black Rat Imperial Stout – looks good

    22 oz bottles

    3 Floyd’s Live a Rich Life – been curious since I’ve been seeing it
    The Brew Kettle Four C’s APA – Very Good
    Quaff Bro. What the Wheat – Looks good

    Thank you Brad!

    I got into some already and so far they were really good!

    I’ll get a total of the month posted after the weekend.

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