Day 10 – Science is Cool LIF

Its Day 10!


The correct answer to yesterday’s picture was:

That’s cocaine! Sorry for the poor quality but the molecule was correct 🙂



The FIRST PERSON to identify WHO the famous scientist in each of these pictures is AND WHAT CITY the picture was taken gets a bonus point. Each contestant can only get 1 bonus point for being first (gotta spread the bonus points around)

Whether or not you are the first person you can earn 1 point by correctly identifying all 3 famous scientists in these pictures and a BRIEF (one sentence max) description of what they are known for.

Remember, in order to get the bonus point you also must say WHAT CITY the picture is taken (I realize this may seem impossible but there are clues in each picture).

Submit your answer HERE

I am currently out of town with limited internet access, thus, the bonus point will run indefinitely… Until I post that someone has gotten the bonus point feel free to keep digging for an answer!

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