East Coast Tour – BIF, LIF and lots of fun!

With BA down I feel its important to post this here!

First, targets are available for the N00B BIF (info: https://urbancaver.wordpress.com/n00b-bif/)

Secondly, I’m taking an east coast trip the first week of March and would love to meet up with folks for beers. Info is here: (https://urbancaver.wordpress.com/beer-info/east-coast/)

At Kate the Great Day I’m running a BIF! Single bottle exchange that is, bring 1 large format brewery release type bottle (run it by me first). Find me and give me your bottle and I’ll give you the bottle of whomever stopped by before you! Simple as that! Make sure you put your bottle in a paper bag or something so it remains a surprise!

Also, I’ve posted a picture of some of the beer I’m bringing with me! If you can tell me which Bruery bottle is being used as a stand-in on the left side and can meet up with me somewhere along the way, I’ll share whatever you want with you!

Cheers everyone!

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4 Responses to East Coast Tour – BIF, LIF and lots of fun!

  1. DoctorB2B says:

    Hey Buddy!

    I’ll be at Kate the Great Day … if no one has guessed what that bottle is I’m going to say BA 2 Turtle Doves.

    Am I the wheenar!!?!??!?

    Thanks for doing this man,
    Brandon (DoctorB2B)

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